Child Support Enforcement: A Framework for Evaluating Costs, Benefits, and Effects : Report to the Assistant Secretary for Family Support Administration, Department of Health and Human Services

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The Office, 1991 - 72 lappuses

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42. lappuse - Procedures under which — (A) liens arise by operation of law against real and personal property for amounts of overdue support owed by a noncustodial parent who resides or owns property in the State...
64. lappuse - Child Support: A Father's View," in Alfred J. Kahn and Sheila B. Kamerman, eds., Child Support: From Debt Collection to Social Policy (Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, 1988), pp.
55. lappuse - If any money is left, and it is considered an arrearage, the State decides whether the arrears will be paid to the family or State first. If the arrears are paid to the State, they are distributed between the Federal and State Governments as reimbursement for past AFDC benefits. Third, if there are no arrears, the collection is forwarded to the family and is credited toward future CSE payments.
54. lappuse - AFDC, the mother or caretaker relative regains her right to collect current support, but if there are arrears, the State may claim those arrears up to the amount paid out as AFDC benefits. Child support payments made on behalf of a child receiving AFDC are supposed to be paid to the CSE agency rather than directly to the family. If the child support collection is insufficient to disqualify the family from receiving AFDC payments, the family receives its full monthly...
65. lappuse - A National Profile of Young Unwed Fathers: Who Are They and How Are They Parenting?
65. lappuse - Lowell H. Lima and Robert C. Harris, "The Child Support Enforcement Program in the United States," in Child Support: From Debt Collection to Social Policy, eds.
5. lappuse - Specifically, members of the Senate Finance Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, the House...
2. lappuse - IV-D program was on providing a range of assistance, including enforcement, to families receiving cash assistance from the Aid to Families With Dependent Children (AFDC) program, in...
14. lappuse - Paternities are established in either of two ways: (1) through a voluntary acknowledgment by the father or (2) if the case is contested, through a determination based on scientific and testimonial evidence.
42. lappuse - A lien prevents transfer of affected property either directly (by prohibiting a recording agency from issuing a new title or deed) or indirectly (by providing that all subsequent interests in the property will be subject to the lien). The lien may grow automatically, as an arrearage increases, and it may last as long as the underlying judgment survives.

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