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.Pages 161-192

210. Beginning of the history of re- 224. Great importance of the ques-



211. First statute providing for re- 225. The text-writer's opinion of

issues, 1832.

the true answer.

212. Reissues under the Patert Act 226. The doctrine of the case of

of 1836.

Miller o. Brass Co.

213. Amendments made in the re- 227. The length of the delay con-

issue law, by the Patent Act of templated by the doctrine of


Miller v. Brass Co.

214. Reissues under the Patent Act 228. Effect of delay in other cases

of 1870.

than those of broadened claims.

215. Reissues under the Revised 229. The statute relevant to two


years' prior use or sale, has no

216. Subjects of reissues.

application to reissues as such.

217. The words specification," 230. Surrender of patent.

“ defective,”and insuflicient" 231. Effect of surrender with, and


also without, reissue.

218. Faults which justify reissues. 232. Reissues of reissued patents and

219. Faults in claims which justify of extended patents, but not


of expired patents, are proper.

220. Inadvertence, accident, and 233. Same invention.


239. Where there is neither model

221. Question of the conclusiveness nor drawing

of the Commissioner's decision 240. New matter.

relevant to existence of reissua. 242. Reissues must be for same in-

ble faults, and relevant to the vention as prior reissues, and

existence of inadvertence, acci. also for same invention as orig-

dent, or mistake.


222. The question of the last sec- 243. Legal presumption of same-

tion discussed and supported ness of invention.

in the affirmative.

244. Omission, as it affects same.

223. The same question discussed ness of invention.

and supported in the negative. 245. Reissues for sub-combinations.



methods of their acquisition.

273. Title by occupancy.

274. Title by assignment.

275. Characteristics, authentication,

and effect of assignments.

276. Dormant assignments.

277. Assignments of rights of action

for past infringements.

Pages 205-228

278. Construction of assignments.

279. Reformation of assignments.

280. Assignments of extensions.

281. Recording and notice.

282. Warranty of title.

283. No implied warranty of validity.

284. Express warranties of validity.

285. Equitable titles, how created.

286. Equitable titles, how treated.

tion as illustrated by the case of

the Cawood patent.

343. As illustrated by the Driven-

in equivalents, stated and con-

sidered in the light of the

views of Justice CLIFFORD.

355. The same question considered

in the light of the cases of Mason

o. Graham and Clough v. Mfg.


356. The same question considered

in the light of sundry Circuit

Court cases.

357. The same question considered

in the light of the case of Potter

o. Stewart.



344. As illustrated by Blanchard's

patent for turning irregular


345. As illustrated by Hayden's

Brass-Kettle machine.

346. As illustrated by the case of

Burr o. Duryee.

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