Applications of Reference Materials in Analytical Chemistry

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Royal Society of Chemistry, 2007. gada 31. okt. - 160 lappuses
Reference materials play an important role in analytical chemistry, where they are used by analysts for a variety of purposes, including: checking and calibrating instruments; validating methods and estimating the uncertainty of analytical measurements; checking laboratory and analyst performance; and internal quality control. This book provides guidance and information for the users of certified reference materials (CRMs), explaining how they can best be used to achieve valid analytical measurements and improve quality in the analytical laboratory. General information on CRMs and how they are produced sets the scene for readers. The statistics relating to CRM use are then explained in an easy-to-understand manner, and this is followed by sections covering the main uses of CRMs. Detailed worked examples are used throughout. Structured and comprehensive in coverage, this book will be welcomed by all users of certified reference materials.

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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 CRM Production
Chapter 3 Simple Statistics for Users of CRMs
Chapter 4 The Use of CRMs for Instrument Calibration
Chapter 5 Use of CRMs for Assessing the Accuracy of Analytical Data
Chapter 6 Use of CRMs in Method Validation and Assessing Measurement Uncertainty
Annex A List of Reference Material Producers
Annex B Statistical Tables
Subject Index

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