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NOTE-The total receipts, with the exception of $10,000 applied to the Building Fund, receipts from special funds, which are applied direct, from sale of supplies, which are applied to the Supply Fund, or making good protested checks, which are credited to the General Fund, are divided among the remaining funds as follows: General Fund, 12% per cent.; Journal Fund, 12% per cent.; Organizing Fund, 10 per cent.; Defense Fund, 15 per cent.; Death and Disability Fund, 50 per cent.

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SILVER BOND SILICA is used by Paint Manufacturers in highest grade Paints and Wood Fillers for all purposes. Nearly every Railroad specifies Silica (350 mesh fine) to be used in making their paints. This fact alone demonstrates the value of Silica.

SILVER BOND SILICA mixes easily with Lead and Oil on account of its structure and fineness.

Twenty-five per cent added to Pure White Lead makes a better paint at a lower cost. SILVER BOND SILICA should be used in all Priming Coats-old or new work-especially on new work. It prevents scaling and blistering.

If you make your own Paints order a barrel of Silver Bond Silica for test. Now used by thousands of large Contracting Painters in U. S.

(In 350 lb. Barrels) Per Pound-5 Bbl. Lots.. Per Pound-1 Bbl. Lots..

F. O. B. Tamms, Ill.

120. 2 C.

Write for our "SILICA CATECHISM” giving valuable information regarding uses of Silica and VALUABLE FORMULAS.


$16,889.59 3,561.30

-$ 13,328.29

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will be a winter resort will expect a little more than what is right. Because he may happen to locate in a town of that kind is no reason why he should advise or almost demand a brother painter to stay away, giving the inferior open shop as an excuse. The major part of our country has the same trouble, the southern states more than any other section, and the Brotherhood has been fighting the same issue since it has been organized only under a different name (non-union shop). What locals want and must do is to fight intelligently and use their staying quality. Get the non-union element in a body and talk and reason with them; get them in our ranks. In our early day of organization we had far worse trouble than the present to contend with, and we succeeded. Try an advertisement for non-union painters, best of wages paid, etc. They will answer by the score. Then address them in a brotherly manner; show them what you have done and what you are going to do. Make your initiation as low as possible; get amongst them and encourage them to become union men; that's all that is needed; they are only human, they will know a good thing when they see it in the right light. It may be possible that if the brothers you want to stay away were in your town, when they would leave the inferior shop would be a thing of the past.




"Save the surface and
you save all-Paint & Varnish

Give Your Arm a Square Deal

SE the paint that brushes out easily, smoothly, evenly, thoroughly-old reliable Dutch Boy White-Lead and Linseed Oil-you won't be bothered by that 3 p. m. tired feeling.

Lots of satisfaction, too, in doing a job with Dutch Boy, because you know it's going to be a good job, a satisfactory job, when it's done.

Paint made with Dutch Boy can be mixed to suit any condition of surface, season, locality or exposure. Because it is ground to a wonderful fineness, Dutch Boy White-Lead mixes easily and thoroughly with the oil.

Mixed with Dutch Boy Flatting Oil, Dutch Boy White-Lead produces a beautiful, soft, sanitary finish for interior walls and woodwork. Any color-any tint of any color-that you or your customer may desire.

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