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H. ROESSING, 1314 Sedgwich St., CHICAGO, ILL.



Eagle Brand Lamp Black

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THE L. MARTIN CO., 81 Fulton St., New York


Painter and Decorator



The Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators
and Paperhangers of America

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An Economic Conference

An international economic conference should follow the conference on limitation of armament, taking full advantage of the tremendous impetus which it has given to international thinking.

At bottom the major immediate troubles of the world today are economic.

The world is not living normally. Over large portions of the world the machinery of production is practically at a standstill. In some places it is even in a state of decay.

Work is disjointed, production crippled.

I venture to assert that thousands of skilled workmen have lost much of their skill and much of their will to work, because of the long continued absence of opportunity to work. The world is losing both immediate and potential production.

This jeopardizes progress.

However much exploitation may interfere with the process, it is inescapably true that human progress, the improvement of standards of living, the broader ng of human horizon, rests upon our aggregate ability to produce and distribute wealth.

We cannot suffer a great break-down in production without paying a penalty. It may not be immediately obvious, but society pays, nevertheless.

An economic conference, rightly conceived, going about its work in the spirit of the conference now being held, determined to achieve, having our best possible contribution of mind and thought and unselfish constructive ability, could accomplish much toward a restoration of economic stability.

It must be clear that a purely financial conference would be inadequate. More than finance must be considered. Finance may be discussed, but it is essentially secondary to commerce and production. Production is primary; finance is important, but secondary.

The root of the trouble is in the fact that factory wheels are idle, that human hands are idle, that human beings are in need. It is the basic needs of life that must be considered. Commodities must be studied. A comprehensive dealing with necessities and fundamentals is the prime requirement of the hour.

We have been given such hope, such audacity to hope, by what we have been witnessing that it is possible to go beyond hope and to expect that we shall have the great statesmanship to bring about such a conference and to carry the great project to success.

The first essential on this globe is the proper sustenance of human life. The response already manifested indicates the broad desire for a conference that will consider human life. It will be noted that European leaders already are manifesting keen interest and curiosity. American idealism again has an opportunity to function for the salvation of the world. I trust that those who are charged with the responsibilities of government may see and seize this great opportunity.-Samuel Gompers.


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