The London Journal of Arts and Sciences, and Repertory of Patent Inventions, 11. sējums

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William Newton
Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, 1838

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116. lappuse - The speed of these boats, as compared with that of the boats in this country, is not to be wondered at, when it is remembered that the boats are built simply and expressly for speed.
164. lappuse - I would have it understood that I do not confine myself to the...
108. lappuse - ... to hold by virtue of the patent or assignment, stating therein the extent of his interest in such patent.
108. lappuse - Whenever, through inadvertence, accident, or mistake. and without any fraudulent or deceptive intention, a patentee has claimed more than that of which he was the original or first inventor or discoverer, his patent shall be valid for all that part which is truly and justly his...
108. lappuse - But no such disclaimer shall affect any action pending at the time of its being filed, except so far as may relate to the question of unreasonable neglect or delay in filing the same.
79. lappuse - ... communicated to him, by Christian William Schonherr, of Schnceberg, Saxony. Frederick Burt Zincke, the younger, of Crauford-street Marylebone, esq., for the preparing, or manufacturing of the leaf of a certain plant, so as to produce a fibrous substance, not hitherto used in manufactures, and its application to various useful purposes.
226. lappuse - Having now described the nature of my invention, and in what manner the same is to be performed, I wish it to be understood that I do not claim...
290. lappuse - ... 16. To Thomas Searle of Coleman Street, in the city of London, merchant, in consequence of a communication made to him by a certain foreigner residing abroad, for an invention of " certain improvements in boilers for generating steam.
110. lappuse - ... section of the act to which this is additional, the certificate thereof of the Commissioner shall be a sufficient warrant to the treasurer to pay back to such applicant twothirds of the duty he shall have paid into the treasury on account of such application. SECTION 13. And be it further enacted...
93. lappuse - Middlesex, printer, in consequence of a communication made to him by a certain foreigner residing abroad, for a machine or apparatus for drawing, and for copying and reducing drawings and other objects or subjects, and for taking panoramas...

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