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Anson 18. Woodbury (interlocutory appeal)...
Anson vs. Woodbury et al. (interlocutory appeal)
Arkell, James, (appeal).
Bierce, W. W., (appeal)..
Chambers and Mendham vs. Tucker et al. (interlocutory appeal)...
Coggin, Kidder & Co. (trade-mark).
Cook, Horatio N., (appeal)..
Cornwall et al. (trade-mark; appeal).
Cornwall & Brothers (trade-mark)
Cutting, Lewis, (appeal)...
Decision of the Secretary of the Interior
Dieckerhoff, A., (interlocutory appeal)....
Dieterich, C. F., (interlocutory appeal)
Dolo Brothers, (trade-mark)..
Doten, Charles C., (appeal).
Elbers, A. D., (interlocutory appeal).
Fassett, N. B., (reissue; motion)...
Freund 28. King (interference).
Geraun, Julius, (appeal)......
Gillen, Wm. S., (petition to reopen interference).
Goodyear Rubber Co. (interlocutory appeal)
Gordon, Jacob, (trade-mark).
Gottstein, Peter R., (reissue)
Gray, G. A., (caveat) ...
Gray, J. J., (interlocutory appeal).
Greaves, James, (appeal) ...
Gross, Henry, (motion for a rehearing).
Gross vs. Sargent, (interference)....
Hallidie, Andrew S., and Wm. H. Paine (appeal).....
Hardy, P. J., (niotion)...
Howland, E. O., (interlocutory appeal)....
Junker, A., and F. W. Wolf (interlocutory appeal)
Kimball, Wm. S., (interlocutory appeal)......
Law, Henry, (interlocutory appeal)..
Little rs. Sargent (appeal)....
Martin vs. Bogle, Runyan and Patric (interference)..
Merrill and Merrill v8. Glidden (interference)..
Miller, A., v8. Purches Miles (interference)
Millward vs. Barnes and Barnes (interference)
Murray, John D., (appeal)...
Mygatt, Jobu P., (inotion)
Park, Jno. D., (label)......
Phillips, Thomas, (appeal)......
Pintsch, Richard, (division of application)
Practice in interference cases (reference).


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Adams and Westlake Manufacturing Co. vs. Saint Louis Wire Goods Co....

Adams. Henry A., v8. The Joliet Manufacturing Co

Albright, Andrew, vs. The Celluloid Harness Trimming Co......

American Shoe Tip Co. vs. The National Shoe Toe Protector Co

Ashcroft, Charles E., v8. William Hollings...

Atlantic Giant Powder Co. vs. George W. Mowbray et al..

Birdsell, John C., v8. The Hagerstown Agricultural Implement Co.

Birdsell, John C., v8. The Hagerstown Agricultural Implement Co......

Black, C. N., and E. W. Fitzgerald, administrators, vs. J. B. Hubbard et al..

Bruff, Richard P., trustee, v8. William A. Ives

Buerk, Jacob E., r8. William Iinbautser et al

Cammeyer, William H., et al. vs. John Newton et al

Clark, William J., v8. The Kennedy Manufacturing Co. et al.

Cochrane, William F, et al., appellants, vs, Josiah W. Deener et al.

Cohn, Moritz, r8. The United States Corset Co. et al......

Cornell, George B., v8. The Downer and Bemis Brewing Co. et al. ; Saioe vs.

American Bush Co. et al .....

Cornely, Emile, vs. Norbert J. Henderickx.

Crouch, George, v8. William Roemer

Dalton, Joseph, 18. Abraham G. Jennings

Dayton, George E., v8. George Wright et al

Dennis, Paul, vs. Walden Eddy et al....

Detroit Stove Works, complainant, v8. The Michigan Stove Co., defondant..

Dunbar, John, et al. vs. Margaret Myers, executrix, &c. et al

Eppinger, Isaac, vs. Henry A. Richey et al....

Faller, Henry W., et al. vg. Enoch S. Yentzer et al...

Fuller, Houry W., et al. 08. Enoch S. Yentzer et al.; Same v8. Herman B. Good-


Goodyear Dental Vulcauite Co.-v8. Charles G. Davis; Samo vs. Defendants in

sixty-seven other cases

Gould's Manufacturing Co. vs. John P. Cowing et al.

Halsey, Eliza G., vs. Alfred S. Garlick et al...

Harrington vs. Libby..





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