Report[s] to the Congress, 3. sējums

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45. lappuse - Congress hereby declares that it is the continuing policy and responsibility of the Federal Government to use all practicable means consistent with its needs and obligations and other essential considerations of national policy, with the assistance and cooperation of industry, agriculture, labor, and State and local governments, to coordinate and utilize all its plans, functions, and resources for the purpose of creating and maintaining, in a manner calculated to foster and promote free competitive...
117. lappuse - for the purpose of enabling the United States, through the Children's Bureau, to cooperate with State public welfare agencies in establishing, extending, and strengthening, especially in predominantly rural areas, public welfare services for the protection and care of homeless, dependent and neglected children and children in danger of becoming delinquent.
122. lappuse - ... as are found by the Secretary to be necessary for the proper and efficient operation of the plan...
303. lappuse - The governor may remove any commissioner for inefficiency, neglect of duty or misconduct in office, giving to him a copy of the charges against him, and an opportunity of being publicly heard in person or by counsel in his own defense, upon not less than ten days notice.
170. lappuse - Commission, the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and each Senator and Representative from California in the Congress of the United States.
10. lappuse - ... performing on public or private lands protective and other work essential for the preservation of life and property, clearing debris and wreckage, making emergency repairs to and temporary replacements of public facilities of local governments damaged or destroyed in such major disaster...
24. lappuse - In carrying out the provisions of this Act the director is authorized and directed to provide for the giving of notice of strikes or lockouts to applicants before they are referred to employment.
185. lappuse - ... exempt from all taxation now or hereafter imposed by the United States, by any Territory, dependency, or possession thereof, or by any State, county, municipality, or local taxing authority, except that any real property of the Corporation shall be subject to State, Territorial, county, municipal or local taxation to the same extent according to its value as other real property is taxed.
81. lappuse - Administration or his representative and a medical officer designated by the Secretary of Defense, who shall be ex officio members; and twelve members appointed without regard to the civil service laws by the Surgeon General with the approval of the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare.
57. lappuse - ... to, amend or repeal the same. (4) Naming highways. — To give suitable names to State highways and change the names of any highways forming a part of the State Highway System, except such roads as have been or may hereafter be named by the General Assembly. (5) Compliance with federal acts. — To comply fully with the provisions of the present or future federal aid acts.