Cooperative Strategies: European Perspectives

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Lexington Books, 1997 - 448 lappuses
Three geographically targeted volumes comprised in the Cooperative Strategies series--the most ambitious effort to date to explore the extent, nature, operations, and environment of cross-border cooperative linkages in North American, European, and Asian Pacific regions. The scholars who contributed to the Cooperative Strategies series include top experts in international strategy and management. Consolidating cutting-edge scholarship and forecasting of future trends, they focus on a wide variety of new cooperative business arrangements and offer the most up-to-date assessment of them. They present the most current research on topics such as: advances in theories of cooperative strategies; the formation of cooperative alliances; the dynamics of partner relationships; and the strategy and performance of cooperative alliances. Blending conceptual insights with empirical analyses, the contributors highlight commonalities and differences across national, cultural, and trade zones. The chapters in this volume are anchored in a wide set of theoretical approaches, conceptual frameworks, and models, illustrating how rich the area of cooperative strategies is for scholarly inquiry. The Cooperative Strategies Series represents an invaluable resource for serious academic study and for business practitioners who wish to improve not only their understanding but also the performances of their joint ventures and alliances.

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An Economic Model of International Joint Venture Strategy
A KnowledgeBased View of Cooperative Interorganizational Relationships
BlackBox Protection of Your Core Competencies in Strategic Alliances
Managing International Joint Ventures An Institutional Approach
Formation of Cooperative Alliances
Improving Joint Venture Performance Through Congruent Measures of Success
An Eclectic Model of the Choice Between Wholly Owned Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures as Modes of Foreign Entry
Stability and Satisfaction in Cooperative FDI Partnerships in Turkey
Veracity and Commitment Cooperative Behavior in FirstTime Collaborative Ventures
Business Networks and Cooperation in International Business Relationships
Cooperative Approaches to Strategic Competitiveness Through MNE Subsidiaries Insiders and Outsiders in the European Market
Legitimacy An Analysis of Three HungarianWestern European Collaboration
The Role of Information and Knowledge in Cooperative Alliances
Knowledge Acquisition from Foreign Parents in International Joint Ventures An Empirical Examination in the Hungarian Context
Can MarketBased Contracts Substitute for Alliances in HighTechnology Markets?
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Strategic and Organizational Issues in International Joint Ventures in Moscow
Dynamics of Partner Relationships

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Paul W. Beamish is a professor at Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, is editor-in-chief of the Journal of International Business Studies.

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