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motive power


Street railroads - Continued. ,

PAGE. acts for the relief of ...

283, 312 consent of property owners and local authorities

179 consent of local authorities, how procured ...

181 conditions upon which consent shall be given, etc.

182 value of property in matter of consents, how arrived at.

180 proceedings if property owners do not consent

188 percentage of gross receipts to be paid in certain cities and vil. lages

189, 397 crossing canals

407 use of tracks of other roads ..

192 within what time road to be built

193, 417

194 leasing ...

172 consolidation of

165 construction over bridges authorizing use of track of, by other companies for compensation... 192 construction of, on county roads ....

263 construction of, on State improved roads

354 corporate rights and powers of certain companies saved that have failed to complete road

199 franchise for, must be sold at public auction

182 sale of franchise, how conducted

182 fare, right to reduce, reserved by Legislature

195 rate of fare ...

195 construction of, in street where other road is built

196 abandonment of part of route

197 contracting corporation to carry for one fare

198 effect of dissolution of charter as to consents

198 when corporate rights saved in case of failure to construct, etc...... 199 not to be constructed upon ground occupied by public buildings, etc.. 202 center-bearing rails prohibited

202 not to be constructed in cemetery, etc.

243 policemen and firemen in cities and villages to ride free on...... 315, 360 hours of labor upon, limited

285 repairs of streets; removal of snow and ice

193 repairs of streets in cities of second class

362 rate of speed; how regulated .....

193 obstructing, hindering or delaying cars

563 no parade or procession to obstruct cars

248 authorizing use of sand upon tracks in cities of 500,000 population or more .....

201 extensions

114, 177, 189 wages of employees payable only in cash

350 wages payable weekly

351 act to validate and confirm certain consents, etc., in cities of first and second class

323 protection at crossings of steam railroads

132 unclaimed property left in cars

372 vestibules on street surface railroad cars

203, 204 508 Attorney-General to bring action for sequestration

PAGE Subpæna

545 Sunday labor. when allowed

554 Switches. kind to be used

144 Taxation of railroad corporations. see General Tax Laws, this report

466 Taxes. Tax Law

.... 468 et seq. Court of Claims to adjust alleged claims

538 general acts, relating to railroads ....

466, 467 et seq. assessment of property of new corporation

470 property liable to taxation

470 place of taxation of property of corporations

471 taxation of corporate stock

472 corporations, how assessed

475 payment of taxes by railroad and certain other corporations.

487 license tax on foreign corporations

489 franchise tax on corporations

490 certain corporations exempt from tax on capital stock.

492 additional franchise tax

493 special franchise tax not to affect other tax

486 franchise tax on elevated or surface railroads

493 deduction from special franchise tax for local purpose

485 reports of corporations

473, 494 value of stock to be appraised ...

495 notice of statement of tax; interest

497 hearing on special franchise assessment

482 payment of tax and penalty for failure

497 review of determination of Comptroller by certiorari

498, 499 information of delinquents

501 action for recovery of; forfeiture of charter of delinquent corporation. 502 reports to be made by the Secretary of State...

.. 503 exemptions from other State taxation

503 application of

504 allowance of writ of certiorari, to review, etc..

505 appeals

507 report to State Board of Tax Commissioners

481 refund of tax paid upon illegal, erroneous or unequal assessment.... 507 supplementary proceedings to collect

509 act relative to commutations of labor on highways

266 certiorari to review assessment

483 amount to be paid for privilege of organizing corporation

483 incorporation tax must be paid before articles can be filed.... 488 Comptroller to settle and adjust all accounts against corporations for taxos, etc.

... 182, 499

Taxes - Continued.

PAGE. Comptroller may issue warrant for collection after thirty days...... 501 act to facilitate payment of school taxes, payment of, by railroad corporations

467 act in relation to valuation of property of railroad corporations in school districts

468 municipal taxes of railroad payable to the county treasurer.

533 act relating to liquor tax, etc.

317 penalty for omission to make statement

474 assessment for special franchise

478 on transfers of stock

524 on mortgages

515 Terminus. change of

... 115 Thistles. Canada, to be cut

148 Tickets. sale of, by authorized agent, how restricted

576 unauthorized persons forbidden to sell

577 fraud in the sale of ......

578 offices kept for unlawful sale of tickets declared disorderly houses... 579 station-masters and conductors allowed to sell same.

579 extra fare may be exacted when none purchased

.. 263 to immigrants, how regulated

214, 580 forging of

567 value of passenger ticket

568 over connecting railroads

131 railroads to furnish, to steamboat companies whose lines connect with road ....

.... 141 steamboat companies may furnish same to railroad companies whose lines connect with railroads

141 conspiring to sell in violation of law

578 Anti-Scalpers Law (Penal Code, 88 615, 616).

575 Time. for commencing and finishing steam road

107 surface street roads ....

193, 312 act extending time for commencement or completion of other than street surface road

312 Time tables

130 Tools. to be kept in cars

144 Town, bonding acts

530 Tracks. injuries to

.. 582 walking along


Tracks - Continued.

Pack of other roads, use of ....

192 sand, when may be used on

201 center-bearing rails prohibited

202 Tramps. provisions in regard to

256 defined

648 Trespass. how punished.

563 walking along track

148 Tunnel railroads

118 Tunnels. to be lighted and ventilated ..

281 Uniforms. inducing employecs not to wear, a misdemeanor...

... 563 Vestibules on street surface railroad cars

203, 204 Villages

346 Wages.

act to provide for payment of employees of bankrupt corporation.... 350 to be paid in cash only

350 payable weekly

351 Walking on track. prohibited, except by employees of railroad...

148 Warehouse charges

322 Water. drinking, to be kept on cars

144 Water Commission Acts

433, 455, 463 Weeds. noxious weeds in highways

274 Weight. of rails

127 of rails on grades

127 of rails on narrow-gauge roads

127 Whistles. to be blown or bells rung at crossing3

561 Winter. certain railroads may cease operations in

125, 149 Wire. barbed, not to be used in division fences

129 Witnesses

235 Wrecking

184, 682

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