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No resolution complimentary to an officer or member for any service performed, paper read or address delivered shall be considered by the Conference.

Sec. 16. The terms of office of all officers elected at any annual meeting shall commence with their election.

SEC. 17. The President shall appoint all committees, within thirty days after the annual meeting, and shall announce them to the Secretary, and the Secretary shall promptly give notice to the persons appointed.

SEC. 18. The Treasurer's report shall be examined and audited annually, before its presentation to the Conference, by two members to be appointed by the President of the Conference.

Erecutive Committee.

Sec. 19. The Executive Committee shall meet on the day preceding each annual meeting, at the place where the same is to be held, at such hour as the Chairman shall appoint.

If, at any annual meeting of the Conference, any member of the committee shall be absent, the vacancy may be filled by the members of the committee present.

It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to make all arrangements for the annual meeting of the Conference, and to endeavor to secure the attendance at each annual Conference of the Commissioners from the states represented in the Conference; to communicate with the Chairman of each standing committee and each special committee at least thirty days before the meeting of the Annual Conference with the view of securing a statement of the work of such committee since the preceding Annual Conference, and to attend to such other matters as may be from time to time referred to the committee by the Conference.

Sec. 20. Special meetings of any committee shall be held at such times and places as the Chairman thereof may appoint. Reasonable notice shall be given by him to each member by SEC. 21. The traveling and other necessary expenses incurred by any committee, standing or special, for meetings of such committee during the interval between the annual meetings of the Conference, shall be paid by the Treasurer on the approval and by the order of the Executive Committee out of such appropriation as to the Executive Committee may seem necessary in such case on previous application in advance of its expenditure.

Sec. 22. All reports of committees containing any recommendation for action on the part of the Conference shall be printed, together with a draft of bill embodying the views of the committee, whenever legislation shall be proposed. No legislation shall be recommended or approved except upon the report of a committee.

Sec. 23. It shall be the duty of the Commissioners from each state to endeavor to procure the enactment by the legislature of their state of each and every law recommended by the Conference, and the Secretary shall furnish them with copies of each and every recommendation and draft of bill when there shall be such draft; and whenever this Conference shall by resolution recommend the enactment of any laws, the Secretary shall, as soon as possible, furnish a copy of the resolution to the President of each State Bar Association with the request of this Conference that such State Bar Association shall co-operate with the Commissioners of that state in having a bill introduced in the legislature of their state containing the subject matter recommended by such resolution, and use proper means to procure the enactment of the same into law. In every state where there is no State Bar Association, a copy of such resolution, with a similar request, shall be sent to the President of the Bar Association of the principal city in such state; and in every instance where the form of bill has been recommended with the resolution, a copy of such form of bill shall also be sent with the resolution.

SEC. 24. These By-Laws may be amended at any Conference of the Commissioners by a majority vote of the Commissioners present at such Conference.

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