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Select Cases in

Chancery. In

trod. pp. 12–29. 1 L. Q. R. 162-174.

Early Chancery Jur

isdiction and Pro

Early English

Common Law and

Conscience in the
Ancient Chancery

The Origin of Equity


1 L. Q. R. 443–454.

Treatise on Equity

Jurisprudence, Vol. I, 3d ed. 142 (41 pp.).


2 H. L. R. 1-18, 53-69,

377-380. 8 H. L. R. 252-264.

History of Assump

Parole Contracts

Prior to Assumpsit.
History of the Bene-

ficiary Third Per-
son's Right to Sue

in Assumpsit.
Doctrine of Consider-


43 Amer. L. R. N.

S. 764-779.
44 Amer. L. R. N.

S. 112-127.
Chs. III, IV, pp.

161-225 (Early
History and His-
torical Sum.

mary). 39 Canada L. J.


History of the Com

mon Law Theory

of Contract. History of Contract.

3 L. Q. R. 166–179.


History of Trover.

11 H. L. R. 277

289, 374-386. 18 L. Q. R. 254-273,


Early History of the

Action for Defam-
ation in the Spir-
itual, Common
Law and Other

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COMMERCIAL LAW. (including Insurance, Patents and Negotiable Instruments.) 1901. S. Brodhurst.

Merchants of the 17 L. Q. R. 56.

Staple. 1901. A. T. Carter.

Early History of the 17 L. Q. R. 232.

Law Merchant. 1890. H. Hall.

The Guilds.

Court Life under

the Plantagenets, Ch. III, pp. 39–

46. 1893. Edward Jenks. Early History of Ne- 9 L. Q. R. 70–85.

gotiable Instru

ments. 1896-1900. E. W. Hulme. History of the Patent 12 L. Q. R. 145–

System in the 154; 16 L. Q. R. 1500s.

44–56. 1902. E. W. Hulme. History of Patent 18 L. Q. R. 280

Law in 1600s and 288.

1700s. 1897. J. A. Joyce.

History of the Differ- J. A. Joyce on Inent Kinds of Insur- surance, Vol. I,

Chs. II-VIII (23

pp.). 1876. F. Martin.

History of Marine Chapters on "Steel-

yard Merchants,"
pp. 1-16; "Lom-
bard St.,” pp. 17-

Early Marine Insurance and Companies," pp. 33-51, 86-103, 121, 144.


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COMMERCIAL LAW.-Continued. (Including Insurance, Patents and Negotiable Instruments.) YEAR. AUTHOR.


CITATION. 1885. T. E. Scrutton. Roman Law in the Influence of Roman

Law Merchant and Law on the Law
Law of Contracts. of England, Chs.

XIV, XV, pp.

177-195. 1904. W. R. Vance. Historical Origin of Handbook of the


Law of Insurance,

Ch. 1, pp. 2–16. MARITIME LAW. 1889. E. L. de Hart. History of the Lia- 5 L. Q. R. 15–28.

bility of Ship Own-
ers at Common

Law. 1903. J. L. Mears.

History of the Ad- Admiralty Jurisdic

miralty Jurisdic- tion and Practice, tion.

3d ed., pp. 1-60 (25 pp., omitting notes), by E. S.

Roscoe. 1896. J. B. C. Stephen. The History of the 12 L. Q. R. 116-140.

Water Carrier and

His Responsibility. 1885. T. E. Scrutton. Roman Law in the Influence of the Ro


man Law on the Law of England, Ch. XIII, pp.

170-176. 1871. Anon.

History of Admiralty 5 Amer. L. Rev.

Jurisdiction in the 581-619.
U. S. Supreme

1890. C. Gross.

History of Later

Mercantile Com-

The Gild Merchant,

Vol. I, Ch. 1
(part), VIII, pp.
1-8, 127-147.
16 L. Q. R. 335-354.
A Century of Law

Reforms, Ch.
XII, pp. 379-415.

1900. F. W. Maitland. 1901. T. B. Napier.

The Corporation Sole.
History of Joint

Stock Companies.

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