Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences, 8. sējums

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Sept. issue 1970- contains directory of members.

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156. lappuse - The fire was produced in a few seconds : but to a person who does not understand the art, it requires, as I found, the greatest exertion ; but at last, to my great pride, I succeeded in igniting the dust.
208. lappuse - ... stated manner becomes imperative. A consideration of the method whereby accumulation of plagioclase crystals might take place leads to the conclusion that the most promising is the separation by gravity of the femic constituents from gabbroid magma, while the plagioclase crystals, which are basic bytownite, remain practically suspended. Then, at a later stage, when the liquid has become distinctly lighter, having attained diorite-syenite composition, the plagioclase crystals, which are now labradorite,...
354. lappuse - Every one of the visceral changes that have been noted — the cessation of processes hi the alimentary canal (thus freeing the energy supply for other parts); the shifting of blood from the abdominal organs...
518. lappuse - Prodromus, and claimed to exhibit " a list of all the plants which have as yet been collected," though now rare, and long out of print, is still to be found in a few botanical libraries.
224. lappuse - By joint action the Secretaries of War and Navy, with the approval of the Council of National Defense, have authorized and approved the organization, through the National Research Council, of a Research Information Committee in Washington with Branch Committees in Paris and London, which are intended to work in close cooperation with the offices of the Military and Naval Intelligence, and whose function shall be the securing, classifying, and disseminating of scientific, technical, and industrial...
224. lappuse - Intelligence. 3. The initial organization of the committee in London is — (a) The scientific attache representing the Research Information Committee; Dr. HA Bumstead, attache. (b) The military attache, or an officer deputed to act for him. (c) The naval attache, or an officer deputed to act for him.
260. lappuse - Asia, give plausibility to the fourth theory. the seat of an ancient civilization as .old as 8250 BC Great climatic changes have there converted what was once a moist and fertile land into an arid desert and caused the inhabitants to migrate to other parts of the world. It was this perhaps that drove the Sumerians into the Euphrates valley and that forced other peoples down upon the TibetoBurmans and caused the movements of population in China. The earliest Sumerian monuments show that people to...
224. lappuse - To serve as centers of distribution to the American expeditionary forces in France and to the American naval forces in European waters of scientific and technical research information, originating in the United States and transmitted through the Research Information Committee in Washington.
55. lappuse - The case is different with gas shells. The gas shells are the most important of all methods of using gas on the Western Front, and are still in course of development. The enemy started using them soon after the first cloud attack. He began with the celebrated "tear
20. lappuse - Cuyuna district which have been found up to the present time can all be grouped under three classes, (1) metamorphosed sedimentary and igneous rocks interlayered with each other in beds and lenses, usually with steep dip due to extensive folding, (2) igneous rocks intruded into the metamorphosed rocks subsequent to their metamorphism and deformation, and (3) younger rocks which lie horizontally on the eroded surfaces of the older rocks.

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