State Charities Aid Association Annual Report

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State Charities Aid Association, 1873
Reports for 1909/10-1920/21 include the association's 18th-29th Annual report to the State Hospital Commission ( varies slightly)

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11. lappuse - ... shall cause a record to be kept of the name, age, birthplace, occupation, previous commitments, if any, and for what offenses ; the last place of residence of such female, and the particulars of the offense for which she is committed.
6. lappuse - States shall designate one of the members of the board to serve for a term of two years, one for three years, one for four years, one for five years, and one for six years...
71. lappuse - The officers of the Association shall be a president, a first vice-president, a second vice-president, a third vice-president, a treasurer, a...
12. lappuse - ... any such child is committed to an institution, it shall when practicable, be committed to an institution governed by persons of the same religious faith as the parents of such child.
18. lappuse - Overseers of the poor, who receive and expend money for the relief and support of the poor in their respective towns and cities, shall keep books to be procured at town or city expense, in which they shall enter the name, age, sex and native country of every poor person who shall be relieved or supported by them, together with a statement of the causes, either direct or indirect, which shall have operated to render such relief necessary, so far as the same can be ascertained.
11. lappuse - ... women) so committed by them together with the particulars of the offense charged. A copy of said record shall be transmitted with the warrant of commitment to the superintendent of said...
12. lappuse - From and after the passage of this act it shall be the duty of the county superintendents of the poor, or other proper officers charged with the support and relief of indigent persons of the several counties of this state in which there are county poor-houses to cause the removal of all children between the ages of three and sixteen years (not exempted by the first section of this act) from their respective poor-houses...
12. lappuse - January, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, and also to cause the removal of those who may hereafter come under the care and control, or hereafter be born in such poor-houses, before they shall have arrived at the age of three years, and provide for their support and care in families, orphan asylums or other appropriate institutions...
55. lappuse - The same want is felt with regard to charity. On all sides we hear of people willing to give their time if only they could be sure of doing good. They are dissatisfied, they say, with district visiting, which creates so much discontent and poverty, and does so little lasting good ; they want to know of some way in which their efforts may fit in with more organised work.
18. lappuse - ... notice thereof, at any adjourned or special meeting of such board or council, together with a just, true and verified itemized account, of 'all moneys received and expended by them for the use of the poor since the last preceding...

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