A treatise on practical geometry, mensuration, conic sections, gauging, and land-surveying, with an essay on the specific gravity of bodies [&c.] for the use of the Irish national schools [issued by the Commissioners of national education in Ireland].

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257. lappuse - ... find how much each loses in water by subtracting its weight in water from its weight in air ; and subtract the less of these remainders from the greater; then...
268. lappuse - ... subtracting three-fifths of the breadth, the remainder shall be esteemed the just length of the keel to find the tonnage; and the breadth shall be taken from the outside of the outside plank in the broadest...
331. lappuse - ... it. For in these cases, any small errors will be so multiplied, as to render it very much distorted. 1. Walk over the estate two or three times, in order to get a perfect idea of it, and till you can carry the map of it tolerably well in your head.
216. lappuse - Rule. Set 12 on B to the breadth in inches on A ; then against the length in feet on B, is the content on A> in feet and fractional parts.
242. lappuse - PLASTERERS' WORK. Plasterers' work is of two kinds, viz. ceiling, which is plastering upon laths ; and rendering, which is plastering upon walls. These are measured separately. The content is sometimes estimated by the foot, sometimes by the yard, and sometimes by the square of 100 feet. Enriched mouldings are calculated by the running foot or yard. Deductions are made for chimneys, doors, windows, &c. In...
243. lappuse - Required the quantity of plastering in a room, the length being 14 feet 5 inches, breadth 13 feet 2 inches, and height 9 feet 3 inches to the under side of the cornice, which...
337. lappuse - A ladder, 40 feet long, may be so placed as to reach a window 33 feet from the ground on one side of the street; and by only turning it over, without moving the foot out of its place, it will do the same by a window 21 feet high on the other side. Required the breadth of the street?
202. lappuse - The Slant height of a regular pyramid is the distance from the vertex to the middle of one of the sides of the base, or, if it be a cone, to the circumference of the base.
157. lappuse - To find the solidity of a cylinder. RULE. — Multiply the area of the base by the altitude, and the product will be the solidity.
8. lappuse - To divide a straight line AB into any number of equal parts.

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