Knowledge Management & Intelligent Enterprises

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Joseph Fong
World Scientific, 2001 - 221 lappuses
This book provides an up-to-date study of the fundamental facets of supporting information technologies: organisation and people, data and information, presentation of information, and process. To improve the effective use of human resources, it is necessary to capture the structure of an organisation and the knowledge of people within the organisation. Data can be processed to produce new information by either inferring hidden implications or summarising a large volume of information into more manageable information units. Information may also be required to be presented using different perspectives so as to meet individual needs and at the same time reinforce policy on data access rights. Routing of information and job tasks is paramount in ensuring that all necessary steps are taken for a given job. These complementary aspects are explored throughout the volume.The book is a selection of papers presented at the Industrial Session of the 9th IFIP 2.6 Working Conference on Database Semantics. It will be of significant value to researchers, teachers, students and practitioners. The scope embraces design methodology, implementation techniques, and applications development. Specific topics include knowledge management, intelligent enterprises, query transformation, information sharing and retrieval, data warehousing, and knowledge discovery.

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The Executive Information Portal keynote paper
Beyond Data Warehousing Data Logistics invited paper
Organisation Modelling using LDAP
A Decision Support System for the assisted design
Office Workflow System Based on the OAR Office Model
Towards Query Translation from XQL to SQL
Rewriting Rules for Semantic Query Transformation
An XMLbased Mechanism for Internet Data
Information Retrieval by Semantically Correlated Filamentous
Mining IsPartof Association Patterns from Semistructured Data
A Web Hypertext Associated Trail Mining System
Author Index 221

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