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Woman's Work in English Fiction," by Clara H. Whitmore, is announced by G. P. Putnam's Sons.

"The Letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley,edited in two volumes by Roger Ingpen, just published by Charles Scribner's Sons, include about 480 letters, of which thirty-eight have not been printed before.

Professor C. W. Wallace, the American who has been discovering in London some records explanatory of the life and business of Shakspere in that great city, has been writing various articles on his finds" for Harper's Magazine. They are to be published therein under the general title of “ Shakspere the Man in His Everyday Life.”

VIrs. Anna Robeson Burr has just published (Houghton Mifflin Company ) critical and comparative study of “The Autobiography.” For more than four years she has been engaged on the work, in the course of which she has read some 800 separate autobiographies in several languages. She has tabulated and arranged those deemed worthy, and studied them both his torically and psychologically.

The Houghton Mifflin Company publishes " Commercialism and Journalism,” by Hamilton Holt, editor of the Independent; an analysis of the methods of present-day journalism, with discussion of the influence of advertising on the independence and policy of the press.

'The Putnams say that A. Clutton-Brock's “Shelley, the Man and the Poet," which they. publish, is written with singular impartiality.

G. M. Godden has written a new book on Henry Fielding, which will soon be published in England.

A new magazine for girls and boys entitled Everyland is published by the Everyland Publishing Company, West Medford, Vass.

The first number of the Forerunner, a magazine edited and published by Mrs. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and also written entirely by her, has been published in New York.

The twice-a-month policy introduced experimentally in October by the Popular Magazine has been successful, and the publishers announce that the Popular will continue to be issued every two weeks. The stories in this magazine, which now prints only fiction, are the stirring kind-detective stories, adventure stories, mystery stories, football stories, sea stories — but no love stories! There is love interest in many of the yarns, but it is kept in the background.

The Burr McIntosh Monthly will be greatly enlarged, beginning with the January number, and will print special and general articles, and some fiction.

The size of the pages of Harper's Bazar has been increased to that of Collier's Weekly. A new department has been added dealing with the “woman movement” on both sides of the Atlantic.

Gardner Teall has been made the associate editor of House and Garden, under the management of the magazine's new owners, McBride, Winston, & Co., who now publish it in New York.

The editors of the Technical World ( Chicago ) invite submission of photographs and articles. The magazine is a popular illustrated record of progress in science, invention, and industry.

The promised “Japanese Correspondence of Lafcadio Hearn" begins in the December Atlantic.

James G. Blaine spent a year in getting the material and dictating the first volume of his “Twenty Years," and then sat down and re-wrote it with his own hand in order to perfect the literary style.

Dr. William Torrey Harris died at Providence, R. I., November 5, aged seventy-four.

Richard Watson Gilder died in New York November 18, aged sixty-five.

William M. Laffan died in New York November 19, aged sixty-one.

John Bannister Tabb died at Ellicott City, Md., November 19, aged sixty-four.

William Dexter Smith died in Boston November 28, aged seventy years.

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