Queer in Europe: Contemporary Case Studies

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Mr Robert Gillett, Professor Lisa Downing
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2012. gada 28. dec. - 232 lappuses
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Queer in Europe takes stock of the intellectual and social status and treatment of queer in the New Europe of the twenty-first century, addressing the ways in which the Anglo-American term and concept 'queer' is adapted in different national contexts, where it takes on subtly different overtones, determined by local political specificities and intellectual traditions. Bringing together contributions by carefully chosen experts, this book explores key aspects of queer in a range of European national contexts, namely: Belgium, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, The Nordic Region, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Spain.

Rather than prescribing a universalizing definition, the book engages with a wide spectrum of what is meant by 'queer', as each chapter negotiates the contested border between direct queer activist action based on identity categories, and more plural queer strategies that call these categories into question. The first volume in English devoted to the exploration of queer in Europe, this book makes an important intervention in contemporary queer studies.

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Par autoru (2012)

Lisa Downing is Professor of French Discourses of Sexuality, University of Exeter, UK and Robert Gillett is Senior Lecturer in German at Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Lisa Downing, Robert Gillett, Bart Eeckhout, Nayia Kamenou, David Nixon, Nick Givens, James N. Agar, Ute Kalender, Erzsébet Barát, Anne Mulhall, Luca Malici, Gert Hekma, Ulrika Dahl, Lukasz Szulc, Brian James Baer, Santiago Fouz-Hernandez.

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