Code of Federal Regulations: Containing a Codification of Documents of General Applicability and Future Effect as of December 31, 1948, with Ancillaries and Index

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Division of the Federal Register, the National Archives, 2001

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10. lappuse - ... because of its toxicity or other potentiality for harmful effect, or the method of its use, or the collateral measures necessary to its use...
156. lappuse - ... drug, based on a fair evaluation of all material facts, is false or misleading in any particular and was not corrected within a reasonable time after receipt of written notice from the Secretary specifying the matter complained of. Any order under this subsection shall state the findings upon which it is based.
149. lappuse - ... consisting of adequate and well-controlled investigations, including clinical investigations, by experts qualified by scientific training and experience to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug involved, on the basis of which it could fairly and responsibly be concluded by such experts that the drug will have the effect it purports or is represented to have under the conditions of use prescribed, recommended, or suggested in the labeling or proposed labeling thereof.
327. lappuse - Indian Relocation (Parts 700—799) V Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior, and Indian Health Service, Department of Health and Human Services (Part 900) VI Office of the Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior (Parts...
320. lappuse - Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Part 6801) LIX National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Part 6901) LX United States Postal Service (Part 7001) LXI National Labor Relations Board (Part 7101...
321. lappuse - Department of Agriculture (Parts 2900—2999) XXX Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Department of Agriculture (Parts 3000—3099) XXXI Office of Environmental Quality, Department of Agriculture (Parts 3100—3199) XXXII Office of Procurement and Property Management, Department of Agriculture (Parts 3200—3299) Chap.
334. lappuse - V National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Department of Transportation (Parts 500—599) VI Federal Transit Administration, Department of Transportation (Parts 600—699) VII National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK) (Parts 700—799...
332. lappuse - Arctic Research Commission (Part 2301) XXIV James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation (Parts 2400 — 2499) XXV Corporation for National and Community Service (Parts 2500 — 2599) Title...
66. lappuse - Such information should include identification of the person who conducted each investigation; identification and qualifications of the individuals who evaluated the results and concluded that it is reasonably safe to initiate clinical...
298. lappuse - Act. (b) References in this part to regulatory sections of the Code of Federal Regulations are to Chapter I of Title 21, unless otherwise noted.

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