Literary Paris: A Guide

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New York Review of Books, 2006 - 188 lappuses
For centuries Paris was the destination of writers from the provinces and from across the ocean, and the city swiftly became an integral part of the lives and work of those who went there.Literary Paris profiles thirty writers and the apartments, cafes, bistros, theaters, museums, and other places central to their daily lives and featured in their work.

Literary Paris opens with Moliere, whose farces lampooning man's vanity and hypocrisy delighted the royal courts. In the next century, we glimpse the destitute Zola, so hungry that he ate sparrows caught on his windowsill, and the perpetually bankrupt Balzac who, hoping to evade creditors, required friends to give a secret phrase–“Apple season has arrived” or “I come with lace from Belgium”–to gain admittance into his quarters.

Among the twentieth-century writers profiled are Georges Simenon, creator of wildly popular detective novels, who in Paris began an affair with the sensational Josephine Baker; F. Scott Fitzgerald, who, instead of finding the “new rhythm” he sought, burned through his money and talent in the City of Light; as well as Henry Miller, George Orwell, James Baldwin.

Women writers include the scandalous Colette; George Sand, friend of Lizst and lover of Chopin; and the sophisticatedNew Yorker correspondent Janet Flanner.

Great city landmarks are here, including Notre Dame Cathedral, where Quasimodo imprisoned Esmerelda in Victor Hugo's masterpiece, and the Louvre, where in 1911 theMona Lisa vanished in a scandal that ruined the poet Guillame Apollinaire. Also featured are the beloved cafes integral to the city's culture, such as Café Flore, where Simone de Beauvoir claimed a spot by the stove each morning to write while her lover, Jean-Paul Sartre, was off at war.

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Short biographical sketches of various authors and their links to Paris, followed by very short capsule summaries of several Paris sites and their relevance to the authors. Surprisingly uninteresting, and very poorly designed. Lasīt pilnu pārskatu

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Voltaire 16941778
The Marquis de Sade 17401814
Honoré de Balzac 17991850
Alexandre Dumas 18021870
Victor Hugo 18021885
Charles Baudelaire 18211867
Gustave Flaubert 18211880
Mark Twain 18351910
Colette 18731954
Gertrude Stein 18741946
Henry Miller 18911980
F Scott Fitzgerald 18961940
George Orwell 19031950
Simone de Beauvoir 19081986 and JeanPaul Sartre 19051980
Albert Camus 19131960
James Baldwin 19241987

Émile Zola 18401902

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JESSICA POWELL has worked as a reporter, editor and translator in New York, Spain, Portugal, and Tokyo, and was most recently Director of Communications for the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC) in Paris. She now lives in London.

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