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Public Information and Zeccative activities

This is an important supporting fractice to the
total mediation effort. Typical activities
include mediator participation is laor rela
tions conferences oz forans, semisars so-sponsored
with universities, speeches before professional
groups, press relations, and other activities re-
lated to the collective bargaining and mediation


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This is a commonly accepted procedure used by
labor and management to solve problems that arise
out of the interpretation and implementation of
an existing agreement. It is usually the termi-
nal point of the grievance procedere contained
in the agreement; the acceptance by the parties
results in settlement of grievances and other
disputes without resort to work stoppages. The
Service contributes to better labor-management
relations by making available to the parties
panels of skilled arbitrators from which selec-
tions of individuals can be made by the parties
to hear and decide the issues in dispute. The
parties pay the arbitrator's fee and other re-
lated expenses. The service has implemented an
automated arbitrator selection and reporting
system in Fiscal Year 1972.

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