Senate Bills of Regular and Extra Sessions ...

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719. lappuse - That the President of the United States and the Congress of the United States...
726. lappuse - To furnish all local public services; to purchase, hire, construct, own, maintain and operate or lease local public utilities; to acquire, by condemnation or otherwise, within or without the corporate limits, property necessary for any such purposes, subject to restrictions imposed by general law for the protection of other communities; and to grant local public utility franchises and regulate the exercise thereof.
188. lappuse - Nothing contained in the antitrust laws shall be construed to forbid the existence and operation of labor, agricultural, or horticultural organizations, instituted for the purposes of mutual help, and not having capital stock or conducted for profit, or to forbid or restrain individual members of such organizations from lawfully carrying out the legitimate objects thereof; nor shall such organizations, or the members thereof, be held or construed to be illegal combinations or conspiracies in restraint...
360. lappuse - A disposition of any child under this act, or any evidence given in such cause, shall not in any civil, criminal or other cause or proceeding whatever in any court be lawful or proper evidence against such child for any purpose whatever, excepting in subsequent cases against the same child under this act. The word "child
421. lappuse - That the terra agricultural seeds or agricultural seed, as used in this act, shall be defined as the seeds of Canada -Blue Grass, Kentucky Blue Grass, Brome Grass, fescues...
431. lappuse - The successor of any officer so removed shall hold office during the unexpired term of his predecessor. Any person sought to be removed may be a candidate to succeed himself, and unless he requests otherwise in writing, the clerk shall place his name on the official ballot without nomination.
725. lappuse - Shall a commission be chosen to frame a charter?" The ordinance providing for the submission of such question shall require that it be submitted to the electors at the next regular municipal election if one shall occur not less than sixty nor more than one hundred and twenty days after its passage; otherwise it shall provide for the submission of the...
290. lappuse - Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the average weekly wages of the injured employee at the time of the injury shall be taken as the basis upon which to compute compensation or death benefits, and shall be determined as follows: 1.
387. lappuse - At every mine where fifty men are employed underground it shall be the duty of the operator thereof to keep always on hand, and at some readily accessible place, a properly constructed stretcher, a woolen and waterproof blanket, and a roll of bandages in good condition and ready for immediate use for binding, covering and carrying any one who may be injured at the mine.
370. lappuse - ... to maintain an agent of such institution, whose duty it shall be to examine the homes of children paroled from such institution, for the purpose of ascertaining and reporting to said...

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