CCIE Practical Studies, 1. sējums

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Cisco Press, 2001 - 1278 lappuses
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Hands-on preparation for the CCIE Lab Exams Prepare yourself for the CCIE exam through five complex lab scenario exercises designed to simulate what you will encounter on the CCIE Lab Exam Magnify your network configuration abilities with over 40 lab exercises on LAN and WAN protocols and technologies Increase your CCIE preparation abilities through creating a simulated internetwork for hands-on practice Hone your Catalystreg; switch configuration skills through practice with VLANs, VTP and trunking protocols, and Spanning-Tree Protocol Enhance your WAN skills through configuration of HDLC, PPP, Frame Relay, Voice over IP, Voice over Frame Relay, Voice over ATM, ISDN, and ATM Gain valuable insight and configuration skills on the primary interior routing protocols-RIP, IGRP, OSPF, and EIGRP Perfect your Transparent Bridging, Integrated Routing and Bridging, Source Route Bridging, Remote Source Route Bridging, and DLSw+ configuration skills Build your security knowledge with information and lab practice on configuring and applying standard, extended, named, and dynamic IP access lists CCIE certification is the most difficult and most rewarding of the Ciscoreg; certifications. Although the professional and financial benefits of a CCIE are excellent, attaining this level of certification takes years of experience, study, and effort. Serving a dual role of networking reference guide for configuring Cisco routers and preparation tool for the CCIE Lab Exams,CCIE Practical Studies, Volume I, is an ideal resource to help you achieve and earn the coveted CCIE designation. CCIE Practical Studies, Volume I, provides you with the knowledge to assemble and configure all the necessary hardware and software components required to model complex, Cisco internetworks based on the OSI reference model-from Layer 1 on up. Each chapter focuses on one or more specific technologies or protocols and follows up with a battery of CCIE exam-like labs for you to configure that challenges your understanding of the chapter topics and measures your aptitude as a CCIE candidate. The final chapter of the book provides five CCIE "Simulation Labs." These labs not only test your knowledge but your speed as well-a crucial aspect of the new one-day format of the CCIE exam. Among the many resources you will need to study for the CCIE exam, you will findCCIE Practical Studies, Volume I, to be an indispensable preparation tool. This book is part of the Cisco Press Practical Studies Series, which offers readers a means to apply the theoretical knowledge they have accumulated from other sources through hands-on lab scenarios for key networking technologies. This unique approach enables readers to practice and hone their internetworking skills while preparing for Cisco certification exams. 158720002307312003

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Modeling LANs
Connecting LANs with WideArea Networks WANs
Routing Protocols
Transporting NonRoutable Protocols
Controlling Networks and Network Access
Enhanced Network Protocols
CCIE Preparation and SelfAssessment
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Par autoru (2001)

Karl Solie, CCIE #4599, is a Principal Network Engineer for Comdisco Inc. Karl has over 13 years experience in the field, designing and implementing LAN/WAN-based networks internally and externally for McDonnell Douglas, Unisys, and Comdisco. Over the past 13 years, Karl has worked on a vast array of internetworks, including some of the largest commercial- and government-based IP and SNA networks in the United States. He has performed LAN/WAN design and implementation on networks ranging from his community school district in Hudson, Wisconsin, to large government networks in Atlanta and Los Angeles. Karl holds a B.A. degree in law from the University of California, Irvine and concentrated in mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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