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Answering his defense or apology for the existence of the Building Trades Department-letter appearing in Painters' Journal, July issue, 1912. Orange, N. J., August, 1912. Mr. Samuel Gompers, Washington, D. C.

Dear Sir: Replying to your appeal or letter in the July issue of the Painter and Decorator, in which you attempt to influence th members of our Brotherhood in favor of the Building Trades Department, we desire to advise you first of all that we fail to find reference whatsoever to this subject in the "official" proceedings of the Executive Council's meeting in May and reported upon by you as President of the A. F. of L. in the American Federationist.

These "official" proceedings referred to and reported by you and published by you as the Federation's Executive head in the July Federationist, pages 566 to and including page 571, the proceedings of which you speak, fail to mention a word concerning the communication of Local Union No. 242, of Orange, N. J., which according to your own statement written over your own signature had been received by you and the Executive Council; and which you say, had so "astonished" you and every member of the Executive Council.

In spite of the fact that you as you state were so completely "astonished," and the attitude of local union No. 242, was discussed, you suppressed every word of it including whatever action was taken, from the "official" proceedings, and this too on top of declarations made by you repeatedly that the A. F. of L., has no secrets.

We deny that the Building Trades Department ever rendered any service to the organized workers which the local unions couldn't have rendered themselves without aid, interference or advice from the Building Trades Department.

We agree with you that the Brother.


hood occupies, or did occupy a "conspicuous and influential position" in the Building Trades Department. We assume, however, that you refer to the fact that the painters paid more per capita tax (being the largest organization affiliated to it) than any other International Union, or as much and more than a half a dozen International Unions.

You state or rather make the threat that the constitution of the Federation provides, "that organizations to be and remain in affiliation with the A. F. of L. must be part of and affiliated with the Building Trades Department, affiliation in one depending on the other."

Strange isn't it that you should make this veiled threat, which you yourself know is purely a bluff. Why this grand stand play and bombast? Why resort to such a delusion and a snare, which you know better than anyone else is simply deceit, and why lower yourself and the Executive Council as heads of the labor movement of America by "bluffing" and by "threatening" to do things you have no intention of doing, and which you couldn't carry out perhaps if you and the Executive Council wishe or tried to do it. Let us make or state just one example:

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners have been out of the Building Trades Department since November 1910. Mr. William Huber, their General Prtsident is a member of the Executive Council of the A. F. of L., he sat with you and the Executive Council sat with him. You made no move to oust him or the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners.

The Executive Council and yourself you say were shocked because one "lone" local union of the Brotherhood of Painters sent out a letter which urged withdrawal from a useless concern.

Secretary Spencer of the B. T. D. (page 568 official proceedings Executive Council A. F. of L., see July issue Federationist) appeared before the Executive Council in May, we quote verbatim: "Secretary Spen

cer:-Protest against the refusal of the Operative Plasterers International Union (Association) to pay per capita tax to the Building Trades Department." No action taken. Or if any action was taken it was suppressed or kept secret. What is the secret. We have been led to believe, continuously, that there are no secrets or "star chamber sessions" at the A. F. of L. office, at least you have said so as President .

In conclusion we say to you as the official head of the A. F. of L., in all candor, earnestness and sincerity, don't deal in glittering generalities, vague expressions, high sounding phrases or statements. Pray Sir. tell us what on earth has the Building Trades Department accomplished? Tell us as the superviser of labor matters in America what has been done? Tell us of the benefits derived from it by the painters and paperhangers. Give it to us in detail. Don't speak of tomorrow or the day following, because we fear that the members of the Brotherhood will not take your predictions and prophesies seriously. They will prefer to have you tell them what has been accomplished that warrants the Brotherhood squandering thousands of dollars in keeping in office men whose only practical functions are to draw their salaries and look wise. If the Brotherhood of Painters maintains such a commanding position, perhaps they may do like the Plasterers, they too 1 aintain a commanding position, the difference is we pay per capita, they don't.

Again we say that the Building Trades Department is a useless institution, that it is a drain on the resources of the building trades unions, that it has not accomplished a single thing, that it does not accomplish a single thing which the organized workers united locally couldn't do themselves, and do it as well, yes do it better without any outside interference; and that is proven, because fully 85 per cent of the very best and most active Building Trades Councils withdrew from the Building Trades Department and are independent today, because the Department was actually a hindrance to progress.

We inwardly believe but dislike to make the statement that you would feel "relieved" if the Building Trades Department was dissolved. Being associated and in close touch with the officials, almost in the same office it is necessary of course for you for appearance sake to make a "grand stand play" or a bluff to save official scalps. For that reason L. U. No. 242 looks upon your interference with the affairs of

the Brotherhood as a sort of a charitable act, sort of a Samaritan to Mr. Spencer and his colleagues, an act of fellowship to help maintain and if possible keep in official positions certain people and to keep up the "system," even though they cannot accomplish a thing and fail to make good. Fraternally and respectfully submitted, SAM WISHART, Wм. H. MEARS, JACOB TAZELAAR. Committee.

By order of Local Union No. 242, Orange, N. J.,



Bro. Chas. Hanson, 3638 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago, held the winning number (667) in the raffle for a watch held for the benefit of Bro. Chas. Hanson, 4237 N. Albany Ave., Chicago, a member of L. U. No. 194, but no relative of his namesake, the winner.

Bro. F. Hartigan held the lucky number (3578) in the raffle of a watch held on July 25th by D. C. No. 10, Essex County, N. J.

At the drawing for the gold watch held for the benefit of sick brothers of Local No. 195, Providence, R. I., ticket No. 2344, held by Local No. 234, of Ossining, N. Y., was the lucky number.

At the raffle held on July 18th by Local Union No. 907, of Hinsdale, Ill., for the benefit of Bro. Hainz, the watch was won by the holder of ticket No. 438, Series B. The local wishes to thank all members who purchased tickets. The total receipts of the raffle were $87.10.


Will our children sing this song And stir each joyful breast, Sing in chorus millions strong

From sunrise to the west? Hill and valley shall resound

This song invade the sea, "Selfishness is firmly bound,

Man from its snares set free.

Monarchs' thrones have passed away,

Blood no more shall flow, Hungry beggars no more stray

'Midst idle pomp and show. The humble shepherd shall be king,

And neighborly neighbors reign."
This the song that men will sing

When conscience knows no stain. RUSSEL R. DOTY. Local 41, 294 Barney St., Wilkes Barre, Pa.

Made up to a Standard, not down to a price"


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"The Paint that Lasts



District Councils, Local Unions,
Organizers and Business. Agents

NOTE-Recording Secretary's name appears first, followed by Financial Secretary's name. Go through list and ascertain if the name and address of the secretaries of your local are listed correctly. If not, notify this office. Where address is not given, the Secretary should send in the same.


25 Albany and Rensselaer Counties, N. Y.-P. J. Guerin 222 4th st., Troy, N. Y. Bus. Agt. T. Shepard, 63 Lancaster st.

.38 Atlanta, Ga.-Jno. W. Forrester, 198 Magnolia st. Bus. Agt. O. A. Cone, 141⁄2 N. Forsythe st. Meets second and fourth Wednesday nights, Atlanta Labor Temple, 112 Trinity ave.

23 Baltimore, Md.-Geo. W. Fehle, 500 E. Fayette st. Bus. Agts. Jas. H. Sullivan, Gilmer st. (1); Chas. H. Mettee, 1837 Biddle st. (295). Meets first Sunday in each month, 3 p. m., Building Trades Hall, 500 E. Fayette st.

32 Berkshire Co., Williamstown,

Mass.-Jos. A. McDonough, 21 Atwood ave., Pittsfield, Mass. Bus.

Agt. Jos. A. McDonough, 21 Atwood ave. Meets second Sundays, alternating to different cities in council.

41 Boston, Mass.-Ed. A. Fitzgerald, 396 Harrison ave. Bus. Agts. John T. Cashman, (D. C.), 39 E. Third st.. S. Boston; J. F. Welch, (D. C.). 89 E. Brookline st. Meets Thursdays at 386 Harrison Boston.


4 Buffalo, N. Y.-W. C. Roderick, 57 Palace Arcade. Bus. Agt. Henry Streifler, 57 Palace Arcade. Meets every first and third Thursdays, 57 Palace Arcade.

15 Birmingham, Ala.-R. W. Wardell, E. Lake, Ala. Bus. Agt. Lee Wilson, 415 N. 50th st.



12 Cincinnati, Ohio.-Oscar Matthews, 921 W. Ninth Bus. Agts. Sam Kelly, 237 E. 18th st, Covington, Ky.; E. H. Mendenhall, 29 E. Twelfth st. Meets Trades Union Hall, 114 E. Court st. 6 Cleveland, Ohio.-Wm. Schmitt, 7931 Cory Bus. Agt. F. D. Miller. 310 Prospect ave., East. 16 Columbia, S. C.-A. J. Royal, Box 194. 14 Chicago, Ill.-L. P. Lindelof, 309-11 W. Madison st. Meets Thursdays, 309-11 W. Madison st. Bus. Agts. H. H. Campbell, (265), 11502 Michigan ave.; W. E. Nestor, (180), 18 Seeley ave., Oak Park, Ill.; Henry Wagener. (275), 3338 N. Hoyne ave.; N. Pekelsma, (184), 7730 May st.; R. Langner, (194), 1456 N. Springfield ave.: Tom Maloy, (191). 5557 Shields ave.; G. R. Smith, (54), 1838 Ashland ave., Evanston, Ill.; Peter Olsen, (101), 2934 Johnson ave.; E. J. Flynn, (147), 1225 S. Harding ave.


17 Dallas, Texas.-Aug. W. Schulz, 1505 Mays ave. Agt. G. W. Penn, 605 Browder st.

3 Denver, Colo.-J. C. Barrett. 425 23rd st. Bus. Agts. C. W. Weimer, 207 S. Lincoln st. (800); Henry Levoe, 1756 Champa st. (79).

10 Essex County, N. J.-Wm. J. Bing, 253 Grove St.,

Irvington, N. J. Bus. Agts. Wm. Wylie, 48 Wil-
liam st. Newark: A. Slutzky, 48 William st.
Meets Thursday eve,
48 Williams st., Newark,

[blocks in formation]

lyn, N. Y. Meets Friday evening, 67 Myrtle ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

13 Knoxville, Tenn.-Chas. Clark, (Pres.), R. F. D. 9. 36 Los Angeles, Calif.-H. C. Bricker, 356 Parke st., Pasadena, Cal. Bus. Agts. Gus Uhl, 87 Bellevue Drive, Pasadena; Mark Elliott, Labor Temple. Meets Friday nights, Labor Temple.

42 Louisville, Ky.-H. H. Timmering, 1624 Prentice st. Meets every first and third Friday of each month, Germania Hall.

11 Mississippi Valley-H. Jessen, 1228 Sturdevant St., Davenport, Ia.

35 New Orleans, La.-J. L. Schulz, 1830 Terpsichore st. Bus. Agt. J. L. Schulz, 1830 Terpsichore st. 9 New York City, N. Y.-John J. Garvin, 1648 Broadway. Bus. Agts. Arthur Weissman; J. C. Schultz; H. Marks; J. Barry. Meets Thursday evening, 1648 Broadway.

19 Paterson, N. J.-W. T. Gardiner, 78 Washington Pl. Passaic, N. J. Bus. Agt. A. J. Callahan, 384 E. 21st st. Meets every second and fourth Wednesday, Labor Lyceum.

21 Philadelphia, Pa.-R.

A. Newman, 1311 Arch st.
Bus. Agts. R. A. Newman, 1311 Arch st.; Wm.
Ambrose Dunleavy; John
1429 S. 17th st. Meets Monday evening, 232 N.
Ninth st.

1 Pittsburg and Vicinity.-Edw. M. Adams, 135 S. 15th st., Pittsburg, Pa. Bus. Agts. Geo. A. Watt, 209 Whitfield st., Pittsburg; E. M. Clark, 18 Harlan ave., N. S., Pittsburg. Meets Friday evening, Labor Temple, Pittsburg, Pa.

24 Portland, Ore.-Bert Bigelow, 1700 Hurst st. Meets every Thursday night at Labor Temple, 270 Alder st.

40 Poughkeepsie, N. Y.-Chas. A. Meyers, 384 Main st. Meets Bus. Agt. L. E. Smith, 167 Morrison St. first Sunday in each month, 129 N. Clinton st. 28 Queens and Nassau Counties, N. Y.-Aug. Roefer, 704 Palmetto st., Brooklyn, N. Y. Meets every Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Lincoln Hall, 33 Fulton st., Jamaica, L. I. Bus. Agts. C. F. O'Neal, 1343 Fulton st.; Henry Seiter, 44 44th st., Corona, L. I.

18 Rochester, N. Y.-Wm. K. Harrington, 20 Fountain st. Meets every second Friday evening, 42 Exchange st.

39 San Antonio, Texas.-Jas. F. Young, 409 Hood st. Bus. Agt. John Stennett, 1910 Matamoros st., Sta. A. Meets every Friday night, 114% S. Alamo St.

8 San Francisco, Calif.-W. L. Reed, 55 Holly Park ave. Bus. Agts. N. F. Smith; W J. Burchell, 2551 8th ave, (510), John Kelley, 200 Guerrero st. (19); Lawrence Everett, 200 Guerrero st., (19). Meets Wednesdava, Building Trades Temple, 14th and Guerrero sus.

2 St. Louis, Mo.-Chas. J. Lammert, 2651-53 Locust St. Bus. Agts. Chas. J. Lammert, 2651-53 Locust st. (137); Wm. Kemp. 1414 Clinton st. (115); Chas. J. Eisenring, 2651-53 Locust st. (341): E. P. Downey, 1927 Newhouse ave. (46); C. Pfiffer, 1025 S. 13th st. (513).

26 Savannah, Ga.-B. E. Ellerkamp, 212 W. State st. Bus. Agt. Geo. Strongman, 250 Montgomery st. Meets every second and fourth Thursdays.

31 Seattle, Wash.-C. E. Olds, Labor Temple. Bus. Agts. Ernest Wilson, 1164 Thomas st.; R. E. Orchard, Labor Temple. Meets every Monday. Headquarters, Labor Temple.

30 Toronto, Ont., Can.-Chas. Watson, Labor Temple. Bus. Agt., Chas. Watson, Labor Temple. Meets fourth Fridays, Labor Temple.

22 Twin City, Minn.-E. P. Lee, 708 Broadway st., St. Paul, Minn. Bus. Agts. A. G. Bainbridge, 38 Sixth st., S. (186); C. T. Frye, 3516 S. Oldrich ave.;

[blocks in formation]

S. W.

20 Westchester Co., N. Y.-Edw. Ackerley, 10 Depot Sq., Tarrytown, N. Y.


Connecticut State Conference-Jas. J. Dunne, Box 897, Hartford, Conn.

Connect.cut Valley Conference-F. W. Wenzel, 86 Congress ave., Holyoke, Mass.

Mass. North Shore District Conference.-Alexander Tay-
lor, 23 Federal st., Salem, Mass.
Massachusetts State Conference.-P.
Walnut st., Springfield, Mass.
Northwest Painters Conference.-Sam
27th ave., Seattle, Wash.
New Jersey State Conference.-R. P. Nielsen, 103 Grant
ave., Jersey City, N. J.

H. Triggs, 218
W. Kohler, 202

Ontario and Western New York Painters Conference.-
R. Sparling, 1842 Cleveland ave., Niagara Falls,
N. Y.
Rhode Island State Conference Board-Ernest Peters,
165 Newell ave., Pawtucket, R. I.
Rock River Valley District Conference.-C. A. Downes,
955 Marshall st., Lake Geneva, Wis.

St. Joe Valley Conference.-J. G. Schrock, 231 Aspen-
wald ave., Elkhart, Ind.
Tri-County Conference Board.-Thos. Wright, 746 Coney
Island ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
The Kansas Southeastern Conference.-O. A. Mattingly,
607 N. Pine st., Pitts., Ins.
Tri-State Conference.-H. S. 1.elgeson, 1610 McGhee st.,
Kansas City, Mo.
Worcester Co. Conference.-J. E. Heffron, 168 Front st.,
Worcester, Mass.

Joint Ex. Committee of Montreal.-Jos. Nelson, 179
Drolet St.



L. Jones, 407 Kate Birmingham 57-W. ave. Meets ThursGlover McClain, 1025 N. 11th st. days, Fraternal Hall, 3rd ave., N. Birmingham 58-C. M. Holroyd, 702 S. 25th st. Meets C. G. Wetzel, 171 Davis st., Woodlawn. Monday nights, 19181⁄2 4th ave. Birmingham 884-Geo. Lyndahl, care of Southern Ad. Co. Meets Thursdays, 1216 N. 24th st. Bus. Agt. Lee Wilson, 415 N. 50th st. Montgomery 432-Albert Schmidt, Box 201.


A. Ransom, 208 Jefferson st. Meets every Friday, Madison ave. Mobile 779-H. R. Boullemette, 128 New and Francis st. J. B. Wimpe, Box 818 or 18 S. Monterey st. Meets every Tuesday, C. T. C. Hall.

[blocks in formation]

ARKANSAS. Fayetteville 244-C. L. Morgan, 328 St. Charles st. Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday nights of each month, Elliott Hall.

Fort Smith 381-Robt.

Pruett, Gen Del. H. H. Housel, 1712 Kelly Highway. Meets every Monday night, Labor Temple. Helena 642-Edward Morrow, Room 5, First Nat'l Bank Bldg. Meets Fridays, Odd Fellows' Hall, Ohio st.

C. M. Hot Springs 401-D. G. Sleeper, Box 96. Meets at Redmen's Bohnen, 14 W. Brook ave.


A. Little Rock 424-S. O. Harris, 1419 Allis st. Meets Mondays, C. Myers, 514 Schiller


Labor Temple. Little Rock 751-F. A. Hercher, 1507 Allen st., Argenta. F. O. Saxe, 3007 Pulaski st.


second and fourth Mondays, Heibach's Hall, 7th and Ring sts. Paragould 835-J. M. Alexander. C. A. Threlkeld, 628 E. Poplar st. Meets Tuesday nights, Wilson Advertising Studio. Bus. Agt. J. N. Butler, Gen Del.

Pine Bluff 665-R. A. Poole.
Texarkana 459-J. D. Farmer, 1421 W. 4th st.
J. R. Stegall, 2205 Wood st. Meets first and
third Fridays.


Bakersfield 314-C. E. Smith, Box 313. J. C.
Pascoe, Box 313. Meets every Wednesday, I. O.
O. F. Hall, Chester ave. between 18th and 19th


446-T. J. Vincent. Fred Cushman, 162 W. st. Meets Wednesdays, Union Hall. Eureka 1034-Rudolph Kropp, P. O. Box 599. O. Nelson, Box 290. Meets first and third Friday nights, Union Hall, 1139 I. st. Fresno 294-J. W. Gorrell, 184 Coast ave. A. G. Bartlett, 356 Clark st. Meets Thursday nights, Union Hall, 1139 I. st. Bus. Agt. F. W. S. Usher, 707 Raisina st.

Hanford 594-E. M. Vail, 1211 N. Harris st.

R. H.

Vail, 301 E. Myrtle st. Meets first and third Saturdays, Dewey's Hall. Bus. Agt. J. W. Vail. Los Angeles 267-C. F. Yount, 1346 E. 23rd st. Meets every Ben Anderson, 224 E. 66th st.

Tuesday night.

H. S.

Los Angeles 350-E. Bost, 319 E. 7th st.
Marshall, 5025 Compton ave. Meets Mondays,
Labor Temple, 538 Maple ave.


Los Angeles 831-Tom J. Mitchell, 752 S. Spring
st. Joe C. Voight, 1023 Mignonette st.
every Tuesday, Labor Temple, Room 402.
Agt. Mark Elliott, 1000 E. 14th st.
Lodi 896-D. E. Warren, 410 E. Elm st.
every Wednesday, 304 E. Pine st.
Long Beach 256-R. N. Morgan, 954 Pine
A. E. Billings, Route 2, Box 123a. Meets Wed-
nesdays, 244 Pine ave.



Los Gatos 271-G. H. Colbath, F. M. Derrickson. Meets first and third Friday nigths, Kyle's Hall. Meets Marysvile 146-A. E. Zwanck, 205 C. st.

Meets Thurs




every Tuesday, B. T. C. Hall. Merced 932-Floyd Keyes, 728 14th st. days, Garibaldi Hall. Modesto 317-A. S. Vischer, Eureka House. T. Carpenter, 322 Oak st. Meets Wednesdays, Labor Temple, 606 10th st. S. C. Monterey 272-J. Graham, 406 Madison st. Meets and second Wilson, 319 Van Buren st. fourth Fridays, T. A. Work Hall. Napa 262-H. Miller, 12 Grigsby court. every Wednesday 47 1st st. Oakland 127-J. F. Walmsley, 622 E. 18th st. Meets every ThursE. Jones, 5265 Broadway. day night, Building Trades Hdcts. 763 12th st. Bus. Agt. C. D. Lavin, 525 21st st. Oakland (Alameda Co.) 878-H. Betts, 902 Meets Franklin st. F. V. Bloom, 919 24th st. Friday nights, Deit's Hall, Webster and 12th sts. Petaluma 293-Ed. Tunstall, 23 Webster st. WalMain st. Meets Friday ter L. Carlson, 800 night, at Socialist Halı. Palo Alto 388-A. E. Partridge, 640 Homer ave. Meets first and third Tuesdays, Simpson's Hall. Pasadena 92-A. R. Clarke, 885 N. Los Robles Meets W. G. Pesnecker, 705 Locust st. Wednesday nights, Labor Temple Hall. Richmond 560-S. Lorenzana, Box 821. Mondays, Bldg. Trades Hall. Redlands 662-H. Stine, 808 E. Colton ave. Meets second and fourth Wednesdays, McGinnis Hall. 780-W. Riverside W. Crawford, 160 Brockton ave. H. J. Gerhardt, 1615 Park ave. Thursdays, Mechanic's Hall. F. Sacramento 487-F. W. Seelye, 20111⁄2 O. st. Meets A. Haedrick, R. F. D. No. 1, Box 335. Monday nights, Labor Temple. Bus. Agt. Geo. Duffey, 1019 J. st. Sacramento 828-Frank B. Kleinsorge, 9 Masonic Meets Blvd. E. A. Stiegler, Labor Temple. second and fourth Mondays, Labor Temple. Sacramento 767-L. A. Biguereau, 3112 Cypress R. Gillies, ave., Oak Park, Sacramento, Cal.




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