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The General Executive Board believes that the Brotherhood should purchase a lot and erect a suitable building as a permanent home, preferably in the outskirts of some city in which reasonable competition upon our printing can be had. This matter should be given thought so that it may be dealt with intelligently and satisfactorily at the General Assembly to be held in Rochester, N. Y., in 1913, or, if no Convention be held, by the membership, through the referendum. If we continue to rent, no change can be made advantageously unless the Constitution be amended to provide that Headquarters shall remain for a specified period in the city selected. The expense of removal and of fitting up new offices to meet our needs forbids frequent changes.


3855 Of Brother Fred Fierke, of L. U. No. 27, Chi cago, Ill., against the action of L. U. No. 8, Gary, Ind., fining him.

G. E. B. considers fine excessive, therefore reduces it to $50.00.

3856 Of Brother John Smith, of L. U. No. 253, Holyoke, Mass., against fine imposed by L. U. No. 257, Springfield, Mass., alleging violation of Section 56 of the constitution.

(1) Fine for failing to register while working in jurisdiction of L. U. No. 257 was legally and properly imposed.

(2) L. U. No. 257 instructed to file written charges and give appellant trial in regular manner in alleged violation of working rules by working in unfair shop.

3917 Of L. U. No. 187, Yonkers, against the action of D. C. No. 20, Westchester County granting members permission to work Saturday after



Sustained. If D. C. desires to grant such permission in special cases its by-laws must be amended to cover such contingencies.

Of Brother Frank Thornton, of L. U. No. 147, against the action of D. C. No. 14, Chicago, Ill., fining and expelling him.

Referred back to D. C. for reconsideration and revision. Under Section 143 of the constitution a member cannot be fined and expelled. 3956 Of Brother M. H. Lawson against the action of D. C. No. 14, Chicago, refusing to accept his clearance card.


3966 Of L. U. No. 368, Washington, D. C., against alleged overcharge for per capita tax to D. C. No. 37, Washington.


3985 Of Brother Harry Bule, Washington, D. C., against the action of D. C. No. 37 sustaining L. U. No. 368 in extending time for payments of certain fines.


3986 Of Brother Albert Cook, et al., Albany, N. Y.,
against fine imposed by L. U. No. 201, Albany.
Referred to G. V.-P. Chas. A. Cullen.
3996 Of various members of L. U. No. 527, Norwalk,
Conn., against the action of L. U. No. 808,
Ridgefield, Conn., alleging irregular admission


of applicants for membership.
Not sustained.

4004 Of Brother Wm. Kropp, et al., New York City,
against the action of D. C. No. 9 fining them.
Not sustained.

4014 Of Brother John J. Wilton, of L. U. No. 26, Newark, N. J., against the action of D. O. No. 10, Essex County, N. J., regarding members who contract work.

Not sustained.

4016 Of Brother R. C. Nicholson, of L. U. No. 191, Chicago, against fine imposed by L. U. No. 452, West Palm Beach, Fla.

G. E. B. deems fine excessive and instructs L. U. No. 452 to reduce the amount to $10.00. 4017 Of Brother O. W. Poston, of L. U. No. 184, Chicago, against fine imposed by L .U. No. 452, West Palm Beach, Fla.

G. E. B. deems the fine excessive and instructs L. U. No. 452 to reduce amount to $10.00. 4018 Of Brother Arthur K. Hunter against the manner in which his trial was conducted by D. C. No. 28, Queens and Nassau Counties.

Not sustained.

4019 Of Brothers B. Lipman and Val. Duswalt against the action of D. C. No. 29, Kings County, N. Y., accepting report of trial committee which dismissed charges but required them to pay costs of trial.

Sustained. Any moneys paid to D. C. as costs must be refunded to appellants. 4025 Of Brother T. P. Sturtevant against the alleged actions of L. U. No. 395, Webster, Mass. (1) In preventing him from serving as financial secretary; (2) irregular election of financial secretary; (3) his being issued withdrawal card without making application for same.

Referred to G. V.-P. Chas. A. Cullen.

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Not sustained.

4103 Of Brother John H. Fowler against fine imposed by L. U. No. 171, Colorado Springs, Colo. Not sustained.

4104 Of Brother W. S. Newcomb against refusal by L. U. No. 9, Raleigh, N. C., of application of Jake Wiley without referring same to investigating committee.

Sustained. Application must pass through regular course. (Sections 22 to 24, inclusive, of the General Constitution.)

4115 Of Brother A. C. Hanswright against the action of L. U. No. 318, Ft. Worth, Tex., in amending violation of its by-laws, alleging Article 5, Section 31, of said by-laws.

Not sustained.

4116 Of Brothers Ed. McAfee, L. T. Brown and A. Engstrom, Little Rock, Ark., against the action of L. U. No. 424 imposing fines on them. Not sustained.

4117 Of Brother Charles Husser, of Valhalla, N. Y., against fine imposed by D. C. 20, of Westchester County, N. Y.

Not considered. Time allowed had expired before appeal was made.

4139 Of L. U. No. 490, New York City, against decision rendered by D. C. No. 9 on resolutions submitted.

The G. E. B. rules:

"That paperhangers have the right to make their own wage scale, but working rules must be made and enforced by the D. C. subject to a referendum vote of its affiliated local unions. "That all men working at paperhanging must get the paperhangers' wage scale and be governed by the D. C. working rules.

"That a member may work at any branch of our trade but must hold or transfer his membership to a local union of the branch at which he works the major portion of his time.

Regarding resolutions mentioned in appeal, the G. E. B. rules them constitutional provided they were passed according to the by-laws of the D. C.

4142 Of Brother 0. A. Lindboe against alleged excessive fine imposed upon him by D. C. No. 14, Chicago.

Not sustained.

4147 Of Brother W. A. Cross against collection of assessment levied by L. U. No. 368, Washington, D. C., in alleged violation of section 9 of the constitution.


4149 Of Brother Meyer Solomon, of L. U. No. 1011. against the officers of D. C. No. 9, New York City, alleging discrimination in treatment of unemployed members.

4159 Of Brother Charles B. Von Eschenbach against the action of L. U. No. 703, of Philadelphia, alleging, (1) that in referendum election for general officers and for delegates to conventions, he was only member who voted as provided in constitution of Brotherhood; (2) that ballots were taken from the hall by the secretary, in violation of provisions of constitution; (3) asking that said election be declared void.

Not sustained.

4164 Of Brother Charles B. Von Eschenbach against the action of D. C. No. 21, Philadelphia and vicinity. alleging violation of constitution of D. C. in election of Business Agents and asking that election of same by individual unions be declared void.


Not sustained. If injustice has been done, the members who are affected should make the appeal.

Not sustained.

Of Brother G. Henry Hunter againts fine imposed by D. C. No. 12, Cincinnati, alleging irregularity of trial.

Sustained. D. C. Instructed to give appellant new trial as provided in the constitution. 4171 Of L. U. No. 679, Brooklyn, N. Y., against the action of L. U. No. 927, Brooklyn, in initiating applicant whom they allege is under age limit and not qualified to become a member of the Brotherhood.

Not sustained.

4176 Of D. C. No. 34, Kansas City, Mo., against failure of L. U. No. 4 to take part in referendum vote on matters submitted to membership of affiliated unions.

Failure of L. U. No. 4 to vote upon the proposition does not affect the validity of the result.



Requests for Financial Assistance.


Of L. U. No. 101, Chicago, Ill. $200.00 granted. 3997 Of L. U. No. 928, Grand Rapids.

$600.00 granted.

Of L. U. No. 253, Holyoke, Mass.
$100.00 granted.

Of L. U. No. 800, Denver, Colo., for loan of

Not granted.

Of L. U. No. 696, McComb, Miss.



4040 Of L. U. No. 712, Water Valley, Miss.

$100.00 granted.


Of L. U. No. 688 (Burnside), Chicago, Ill. $300.00 granted. 4042 Of D. C: No. 12, Cincinnati, Ohio.

$100.00 granted.

4048 Of D. C. No. 28, Queens and Nassau Counties.

$350.00 granted.

$150.00 granted.

Of L. U. No. 528, Paducah, Ky. $100.00 granted.


4044 Of L. U. No. 989, Newark, N. J.
$150.00 granted.
4049 Of L. U. No. 661, Cambridge, Mass.
Not granted.

4050 Of L. U. No. 4, Kansas City, Mo.

Not granted.


Of L. U. No. 657, Kittanning, Pa.

Granted. (Amount to be determined later.) 4052 Of L. U. No. 480, Chicago, Ill. $150.00 granted.

4053 Of L. U. No. 584, Chicago, Ill. $75.00 granted.

4062 Of L. U. No. 391, Boston, Mass.

Granted. (Amount to be determined later.) 4070 Of L. U. No. 712, Water Valley, Miss. $75.00 granted.

4071 Of L. U. No. 1063, Memphis, Tenn.

$75.00 granted.

4074 Of L. U. No. 807, Oklahoma Otiy, Okla.

$150.00 granted.

4077 Of D. O. No. 30, Toronto, Ont., Can. $150.00 granted.

4082 Of L. U. No. 769, Vicksburg, Miss.

$75.00 granted.

4083 Of L. U. No. 688 (Burnside), Chicago, Ill.

$250.00 granted.

4084 Of L. U. No. 528, Paducah, Ky.

$75.00 granted

4086 Of D. O. No. 21, Philadelphia, Pa.

$200.00 granted.

4088 Of L. U. No. 79, Denver, Colo.

$250.00 granted.

4089 Of L. U. No. 287, Jackson, Mich.

Granted. (Amount to be determined later.) 4092 Di L. U. No. 612, Waterloo, Ia., on strike.

$30.00 granted.

4098 Of L. U. No. 712, Water Valley, Miss.

$75.00 granted.

4099 Of L. U. No. 796, McComb, Miss.

$150.00 granted..

4105 Of L. U. No. 226, Chattanooga, Tenn. $100.00 granted.

4106 Of L. U. No. 702, Kansas City, Mo.

Not granted. 4107 Of L. U. No. 77, Salt Lake City, Utah. $50.00 granted.

4108 Of L. U. No. 229, Kansas City, Kan. Not granted.

4111 Of L. U. No. 138, Vancouver, B. C., Can. Granted. (Amount to be determined later.) 4112 Of L. U. No. 200, Ottawa, Ont., Can.

$100.00 granted.

4118 Of L. U. No. 269, Spokane, Wash. Not granted.

4119 Of L. U. No. 282, Pittsburg, Pa.

$100.00 granted.

4120 Of L. U. No. 82, Norfolk, Va.

Not granted.

4121 Of L. U. No. 693, Dubuque, Ia., on strike. $150.00 granted.

4122 Of L. U. No. 2, North Adams, Mass.

Not granted. 4126 Of Connecticut Valley Conference.

Not granted.

4132 Of D. O. No. 1, Pittsburg, Pa. Not granted.

4134 Of Massachusetts State Conference.

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4024 Of D. C. No. 36, Los Angeles, Cal., for appointment of Brother Uhl as organizer for the Pacific Coast district.


4030 Of D. C. No. 41, Boston, Mass., for permission to refuse clearance cards for an indefinite period. Not granted.

4033 Of D. O. No. 17, Dallas, Tex., for permission to issue appeal for funds with which to establish cooperative shop.

Not granted. Constitution does not permit submission of request of this nature.

4035 Of L. U. No. 26, Newark, N. J., for decision of G. E. B. regarding legality of L. U. No. 26 returning strike assessments collected from various members.

Action of L. U. was illegal.

4047 Of L. U. No. 98, St. Joseph, Mo., endorsed by various locals for the services of Organizer Bay



4048 Of D. C. No. 12, Cincinnati, Ohio, that a district organizer be kept in the field indefinitely. Not granted.

4049 Of L. U. No. 661, Cambridge, Mass., for permission to reduce initiation fee to $5.00 during period ending March 31, 1912.


4058 Of D. O. No. 7, Hudson County, N. J., for decision regarding application of Frank Clark for membership.

A former member making application for readmission to membership is not compelled to join

the local to which he previously belonged, but the consent of that local must be obtained before he can be initiated in any other. Money paid upon initiation fee must be returned if the application is rejected.

4064 Of L. U. No. 908, Lancaster, Pa., for services of an organizer.

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Referred to G. V.-P. Kelley.

4068 Of L. U. No. 314, Bakersfield, Cal., that suspension of T. J. Smith be set aside.

Not granted.

4087 Of L. U. No. 44, Lawrence, Mass., for (1) jurisdiction over villages of North and South Andover; (2) assignment or organizer to work in upper New England States and in Nova Scotia. Referred to G. V.-P. Chas. A. Cullen. 4096 Of Organizer Siekmann, submitting bill for organizing services.

Bill referred to D. C. No. 12, Cincinnati, as donation was made the D. C. to cover expense of work in question.

4100 Of L. U. No. 449, New York, N. Y., and Secretary Aug. Tobler that the Brotherhood affiliate with the International Trade Secretariate.

G. E. B. is without authority to act in premises without instructions from Brotherhood. 4109 Of L. U. No. 820, Kansas City, Mo., for ruling relative to appointment of business agent.

When the membership of affiliated unions by referendum vote delegate this power to a D. C. its affiliated locals must abide by the action taken.

4110 Of L. U. No. 126, Joplin, Mo., for services of an organizer.

Referred to G. V.-P. Finan.

4125 Of Worcester County Conference, Worcester, Mass., for services of organizer to work in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and northern Massachusetts.

Referred to G. V.-P. Chas. A. Cullen.

4127 Of D.. No. 10, Essex County, N. J., for ruling regarding bronzing of radiators.

Where this work is taken by the square foot, it must be classed as contracting.

4128 Of L. U. No. 367, Springfield, Mo., for services of an organizer.

Referred to G. V. P. John M. Finan. 4129 Of L. U. No. 521, Chicago, Ill., for ruling as to legality of recent election of local officers.

The members elected at the meeting of December 29, 1911, are the legal officers of the local. The rulings of the president were proper and the election of Brother Arnold, in his absence, was justified under the circumstances. 4130 Of paperhangers of Terre Haute, Ind., for separate charter.

Granted, provided section 5 of general constitution is complied with.

4131 Of L. U. No. 191, Chicago, Ill., that suspension of Brother Ernest Sanger be set aside. Granted.

4135 Of D. C. No. 28, Queens and Nassau Counties, for permission to sign an agreement with the Brunswick-Balke-Collander Co.

Advised not to sign agreement unless all departments are included.

4148 Of D. C. No. 21, Philadelphia, Pa., that its affiliated locals be required to pay per capita tax. Locals to be notified to pay up indebtedness at once or charters will be revoked.

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4013 Of L. U. No. 442, New York, N. Y., against the action of D. C. No. 9 continuing payment of salary to business agent charged with extortion. No action taken, as member is no longer employed as business agent.

4076 Of Brother Samuel Koegel, of L. U. No. 51, against alleged failure of D. C. No. 9, of New York, N. Y., to give him proper protection. Not sustained.

4101 Of L. U. No. 111, Lynn, Mass., against alleged refusal of D. C. No. 41, of Boston, Mass. to accept clearance cards.

Sustained. Provisions of section 59 of constitution must be observed.

4114 Of L. U. No. 584 against refusal of D. C. No. 14, of Chicago, Ill., to endorse its wage scale and against provisions of Rule 20 of D. C.'s working rules.

Referred to G. V.-P. John M. Finan. 4133 Of Brother M. Leander, of L. U. No. 267, Los Angeles, Cal., against L. U. No. 267 making donations to sick members.


4136 Of Brother Sheridan and other members of L. U. No. 53 against refusal of L. U.'s 53 and 873, of Dallas, Tex., to abide by decision of Organizer Vance.

Referred to G. V.-P. Clarence E. Swick. 4167 Of Brother J. B. Adams against the action of L. U. No. 447 alleging irregularity in amendment of by-laws of local union and against rulings of its officers.

Not sustained. Amendments to by-laws approved.

WHY NOT SAVE TIME AND LABOR Monarch Egg Shell Enamel Gives a Perfect Rubbed Effect Without Rubbing.


Jersey City, N. J.

the Brotherhood, as L. U. No. 260, of Great Falls, Mont., (in whose jurisdiction the alleged offenses were supposed to have been committed) emphatically denies the charges, under seal of the local, as the evidence in the case was presented to the membership during the recent election by circular letter to all local unions of the Brotherhood, and as G. V.-P. Hunt was returned to office by an overwhelming plurality, thus completely exonerating him, the Board can do nothing but dismiss the case.


4170 Of L. U. No. 454, New York, N. Y., against L. U. No. 905 waiving arrangement entered into with D. C. No. 9 that said locals should elect Bronx business agent, and against action of D. C. No. 9 in sending L. U. No. 454 regular Council ballots instead of providing special ballots for election of business agent for Bronx district.

Not sustained. Resolution 212 under which arrangement was made has been declared unconstitutional by the G. E. B.


4102 From Alteration Painters and Paperhangers' union regarding admission of its members to membership in the Brotherhood.

Referred to D. C.No. 9, of New York City. 4072 Of Gabriel Hanson submitting statement of alleged account against Brotherhood.

Referred to G. V.-P.'s Finan, Cullen and Hunt with instructions to investigate and adjust claim. Miscellaneous.

4061 Charges against 4th G. V.-P. Hunt, preferred by D. C. No. 31, of Seattle; endorsements of L. U.'s No. 194, Chicago, and No. 477, Boise, Idaho, submitted in conjunction with letter from L. U. No. 260, Great Falls, Mont., (published in December "Painter and Decorator.")

G. E. B. rules: There were no charges against Fourth G. V.-P. Hunt, inasmuch as there were not a sufficient number of seconds (section 254 of the Constitution of the Brotherhood). As no evidence was presented by a single member of


25 Albany and Rensselaer Cos.-R. S., E. Lamoreaux, 127 Central Ave., Cohoes, N. Y.

14 Chicago, Ill.-Bus. Agts., Chas. Cameron, (147), 2028 Rice st.; Albert Jaax, (265), 10104 Eggleston ave.; E. L. Hitt, (191), 4618 Indiana ave.; C. G. Foster, (184), 6921 Normal ave.; E. B. Thompson, (521), 533 Root st.; Geo. Tuckbreiter, (180), 1905 Madison st., Chicago; A. C. Anderson, (194), 1759 W. Huron st.; John C. Cooper, (54), 1581 Maple ave., Evanston, Ill.; Wm. Kretschmar, (275), 4505 Drake ave.; D. A. McCauley, (27), 149 W. 57th place; Hugo Hahn, (27), 5064 N. Winchester ave.; Walter Lathrope, (830), 3531 Melrose st.

5 Milwaukee, Wis.-Bus. Agt., Chas. Voeltz, Brisbane Hall.

39 San Antonio, Tex.-R. S., Jas. F. Young, 409 Hood st.

CONFERENCES. 'Rhode Island State Conference Board-Sec'y, Ernest Peters, 165 Jewell ave., Pawtucket, R. I.

Birmingham 58-R. S., C. M. Holroyd, 901 S. 23rd st.
Birmingham 884-Sec'y, Geo. Lyndahl, care Southern
Ad. Co.
Tucson 596-Sec'y, Cruz S. Peralta, 208 S. Main st., or
Box 1084.
Texarkana 459-R. S., J. D. Farmer, 1421 W. 4th st.

Lethbridge Alta 384-Sec'y, J. Davison, Box 1919.
Napa 262-Sec'y, G. H. Sherman, 133 Caymus st.
Riverside 780-R. S., R. L. Pugh, 1495 Victoria ave.
Santa Barbara 715-Sec'y, W. S. Fultz, Box 309.
Santa Rosa 364-Sec'y, Dunton P. Wells, 301 South E.


4079 Briefs and opinion submitted by Attorneys
Grauer and Rathkopf on behalf of L. U. No. 1011,
New York City, regarding constitutionality of
Resolution 212, adopted by Cincinnati General


Upon the advice of the attorneys for the Brotherhood the G. E. B. rules that Resolution 212 adopted by the G. A. in Cincinnati, Ohio, December, 1909, is unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

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