Lapas attēli

Glens Falls 466-Frank Cusson, 27 West st., Box 407.
Fred Belter, Jr., 23 Orvil st. Meets first and second
Tuesdays, Jacobson Hall.
Gloversville 793-Newell Van Valkenburgh, 10 Grove st.
Chas. Sharp, 70 North st. Meets first and third
Mondays, 24 N. Main st.
Hempstead 862-Herbert L. Cummings, 80 Newton
blvd., Freeport, N. Y. Richard Hayes, 71 Franklin
Meets Thursdays, Weinstein's Hall. Bus. Agt.
D. O. Keefe, Sr., Mineola.
Hoosick Falls 463-Wallace Rising, 83 Elm st. John
Greelish, 20 4th st. Meets first and third Thursdays,
Molders' Hall.

Hornell 503-N. Wilcox, 55 Bennett st. E. A. Knee-
shaw, 28 Albion st. Meets second and fourth Thurs-
day nights, B. of R. T. Hall. Bus. Agt. Nelson Wil-
Cox, 48 E. Washington st.
Hudson 829-Dewitt Miller, 554 State st. Meets first
Tuesdays, Cor. Warren and 6th sts.
Huntington, L. I., 843-Barzillai D. Riggs, Box 254.
Patrick Lynch. Nassau ave.

Irvington 143-Frank Gilligan. Wm. Sweetman, 56 Main st.

Islip, L. I., 276-Meets every second Friday, Mechanics'

Ithaca 178-George A. Harrington, care City Post
Office. M. E. Miller, 6 Sprague Bldk., E. State st.
Meets second and fourth Thursdays, Red Men's
Hall, Cor. State and Cayuga sts. Bus. Agt. J.
Larnard, 206 Farm st.
Jamaica. L. I., 1035-Wm. Warren, 45 Norris ave.
Edw. Moore, 185 Sheridan ave.. Brooklyn. Meets
first and third Tuesdays. 230 Fulton st.
Jamestown 498-M. M. Gifford, 34 W. 8th st. A. E.
Olson, 134 Hedges ave. Meets every Tuesday, C. L.
U. Hall. Bus. Agt. M. M. Gifford, 34 W. 8th st.
Kingston 255-Henry C. Dolson, 32 Hoffman st. Harry
S. Gage. 444 Hasbrouck ave. Meets first and third
Wednesdays. Measter's Hall, 625 Broadway.
Lake Placid 852-Allen H. Davis, Newman, N. Y. Wm.
Jabob. Newman, N. Y. Meets Saturdays. Town Hall.
Liberty 212-G. M. Hill, Liberty, Sull Co., N. Y. Meets
second and fourth Mondays, G. A. R. Hall.
Lockport 133-W. W. Williams, 178 Prince st. W. H.
Pollen, 34 Pound st. Meets every Thursday night,
Carpenters' Hall.

Long Island City 121-Jacob Zeigler, 419 4th ave. Fred
Wolff. 253 8th ave. Meets every Monday night,
Morrisse Hall, Steinway and Grand aves. Bus. Agt.
Frank Allen. 240 Skillman ave.
Mamaroneck 291-F. Steigerwald, Box 267, Harrison,
N. Y. Meets first and third Thursdays, Parish
School Hall, Poste Road.
Mechanicsville 975-Wm. H. Hinman, 37 S. Main st.
Wm. Shook, 229 S. 3rd ave. Meets first and third
Wednesdays. K. of P. Hall, Orcutt Bldg., Park ave.
Middletown 207-A. M. Phillips, 21 Grand ave. E. Ed-
wards, 8 Harding st. Meets first and third Wednes-
days, Grange Hall. Bus. Agt. E. P. Kelder, 94 Wa-
wayanda ave.
Middletown 397-Edw. S. Nutley, 169 Wickham ave.
A. L. Ward, 286 North st. Meets first Thursdays,
Gunther's Hall, 56 North st. Bus. Agt. E. P. Kel-
der. 94 Wawayanda ave.

Mt. Vernon 52-George Mears, 31 S. High st.

Jas. Neave, 452 S. 6th ave. Meets every Tuesdav, Labor Lyceum, 51 S. 4th ave.

Newburgh 122-John J. Swain, 38 Spring st. Fred Kirk, 117 Water st. Meets first and third Mondays, Cochran's Hall, 117 Broadway.

New Rochelle 73-A. J. Bennett. 5 John st. G. Thomsen, 33 Rail Road ave. Meets Tuesdays, Irish Benevolent Hall, Lawton st.

New York City 51-Henry Hallam, 516 W. 177th st. Fred Gaa, 312 E. 120th st. Meets Mondays, 1648 Broadway.

New York City 261-Bert Kan, 681 Belmont ave.. Brooklyn. Ph. H. Schmitt, 311 E. 88th st. Meets Wednesdays, 214 E. 41st st.

New York City 442-Martin Delz, 512 E. 146th st., Bronx. And. Miller, 83 Perry ave., Maspeth, L. I. Meets Mondays, Schnetzen, Hall, 12 St. Marks pl. New York City 454-Arthur E. Bach, 635 E. 135th st. Frank Hayes, 1326 Southern blvd., Bronx. Meets at 705 Courtlandt ave.

New York City 490-Louis Cohn, 136 E. 48th st. F. J. Davis, Cos. Cobb, Conn. Meets every Monday, 106 W. 31st st.

New York City 499-Adolph Benditt, 503 N. 176th st. Al. Noack, 1481 Ave. A. Meets Wednesdays, Labor Temple, 243 E. 84th st.

New York City 803-N. P. Hourigan, 415 E. 160th st.
Edw. J. Ziegler, 638 E. 138th st. Meets first and third
Tuesdays, Gramercy Hall, 326 E. 21st st.
New York City 848-Thos. A. Jones, 200 E. 103rd st.
John J. Jamour, 503 W. 147th st. Meets Mondays,
1452 3rd ave.

New York City 892-John J. Connell, 201 E. 60th st.
Chas. E. Holmes, 1037 3rd ave. Meets Mondays.
Day Rooms, 926 3rd ave.

New York City (Bronx) 905-Edw. O. Wolfe, Ebling's
Casino, 156th st. and St. Ann's ave. Chas. Donner,
Ebling's Casino. Meets every Wednesday night, Eb-
ling's Casino, 156th st. and St. Ann's ave.
New York City 1011-S. Oelbaum, 303 Bedford ave.,
Brooklyn. Soloman Jonath, 509 E. 136th st.
Meets every Friday night, Grand American Hall,
195 Christie st.

Nyack 664-Frank Zwahlen, 238 N. Broadway, Upper
Nyack, N. Y. R. Wooten, Jr., 112 Main st. Meets
second and fourth Thursdays, Thos. Kane's Hall.
Cor. Main and Franklin sts. Bus. Agt. Albert
Swartout, Upper Nyack.

Niagara Falls 65-C. Schacht, 910 Buffalo ave. Wesley A. Lewis, 8 Cricks Ct. Meets Fridays, Lynd's Hall, Fall st.

Olean 415 Jesse Sheldon, 206 S. 3rd st. H. R. Turner, 427 4th ave. Meets Wednesday nights, Trades and Labor Council Hall, N. Union st. Oneida 707-G. W. Snow, 37 Spring st. A. B. Curtis, 5 Loucks st. Meets first and third Mondays, Trades Assembly Hall, James st. Bus. Agt. Wm. Snyder, 25 Warner st. Ossining 234-M. E. Goble, 11 LaFayette ave. E. S. Katzenberger, 22 Orchard st. Meets second and fourth Tuesdays, C. B. L. Rooms, Main st. Bus. Agt. Harold Tuttle, 42 Broadway. Oswego 38-Vincent Maloney, 178 E. 2nd st. Gavin, 20 E. Utica st. Meets Wednesdays, B. I. Hall, 3rd floor, City Savings Bank Bldg. Peekskill 148-Elmer E. Heady, 925 South st. B. A Deitz, 145 Fremont st. Meets first and third Fridays, Labor Hall. Bus. Agt. B. A. Dietz, 145 Fre mont st. Plattsburg 489-J. McCadden, 4 Bridge st. J. R Morrill, 145 Broad st. Meets Monday nights, Trades Assembly Hall. Bus. Agt. O. E. Morrison. Pleasantville 366-Jas. Baron, Rebecca ave. Meets first and third Fridays, Mechanics' Hall.


Port Chester 497-Jas. Frost, care C. A. Thompson, Adee st. B. C. Klingenberg, 6 Leonard st. Meets Tuesday nights, Washington Hall. Bus. Agt. Howard Merritt, Box 396.

Port Jefferson, L. I., 340-Wm. F. McCaffrey, Box 16. Everett Fowler. Meets first and third Tuesdays, Good Templars' Hall.

Port Jervis 713-F. W. White, 34 Franklin st. Harry Cramer, Box 45. Meets second and fourth Fridays, Masons' Hall. Bus. Agt. Geo. Startup.

Poughkeepsie 155-F. A. Monell, 139 N. Clinton st. Augustus H. Coakley, 8 Virginia ave. Meets first and third Wednesdays, 255 Main st. Bus. Agt. L. E. Smith, 405 Main st.

Richmond Borough 472-0. W. Dixon, Rosebank, S. L. Wm. Schuld, Jr., 664 Richmond Rd., Stapleton. Rochester 150-C. A. Tracy, 176 Caroline st. Ed. Decker, 558 Seward st. Meets every Monday night, Painters' Hall. Bus. Agt. J. H. Baker, 215 Flint st. Rochester 235-F. C. Anderson, 72 Flint st. Edw. J. Spahn, 813 Maple st. Meets first and third Thursdays, 42 Exchange st.

Rochester 609-Frank Huber, 624 Smith st. Wm. Sehm, 1063 E. Ma'n st. Meets first Wednesdays, 42 Exchange st.

Rochester 286-C. H. Elliott, 467 S. Olinton ave. W. P. Lyon, 17 Crawford st. Meets Tuesdays, 42 Exchange st.

Rome 285-W. M. Whiting, 720 N. Madison st. Grant Reid, 723 N. Jay st. Meets second and fourth Tuesdays, Bangor Bond Hall.

Saranac Lake 765-Ed. Britt, Gen. Del. P. Perkett.
4 Marshall st. Meets Saturdays, Start Block,
Broadway. Bus. Agt. Ed. Britt, Gen. Del.
Saratoga 580-Delmer I. Paine, 12 Catherine st. John
S. Davis, 97 Ash st. Meets first and third Tuesdays,
Trades Assembly Hall, 24 Phila. st.
Schenectady 62-B. T. Weber, 69 Broadway. Mark
W. Collins, 112 Wall st. Meets first and third Fri-

密 day nights, Trades Assembly Hall, 269 State st. Bus. Agt. Alex. Golden, 2 Elbert st. Seneca Falls 593-R. C. Russell.

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Suffern 818-Richard Burnard, Box 753. Fred J. Babcock. Meets every Monday night, Salyer's Hall. Syracuse 31-Robt. P. Elliott, Painters' Hall, N. Salina and Willow sts. Wm. B. Fox, 619 E. Genesee st. Meets every Friday night, Painters' Hall. Bus. Agt. J. B. Bucklin, Painters' Hall. Syracuse 468-John A. Tholens, 1201 E. Genessee st. Meets first Tuesday, 233 Genessee st. Tarrytown 531-John S. Dennis, Elmsford, N. Y., Box 2. I. Conklin, 19 Main st. Meets first and third Wednesdays, Opera House.

Troy 12-William H. Lee, 40 Andrewville st., Watervliet. Carl Tinney, 256 4th st. Meets first and third Wednesdays, Federation Hall, 3rd and Congress sts. Bus. Agt. P. G. Guerin, 222 4th st. Utica 69 Geo. P. Lee, 34 Albany st. Fred H. Evans, 269 Rutger st. Meets second and fourth Mondays, Labor Temple, Hotel st.

Utica 484-W. J. Roberts, 171 Dudley ave. F. G.
Hammond, 21 1.eeds st. Meets Fridays, Labor
Temple, Hotel st. Bus. Agt. Wm. Roach, 9
Broad st.

704-Geo. W.
Frederick Schlegel.
Meets first and third Fridays, Forresters' Hall.
Watertown 173-Wm. L. Wiese, 350 Brainard st. Meets
first Tuesday, Trades Assembly Hall, Bingham Blk,
Court st.
Waterford 993-Wm. Van Norden. E. L. Fredenburg.
Meets first and third Tuesdays, Labor Union Hall.
Watervliet 511-Jas. McMahon, 17 7th st. Timothy
W. Mahoney, 1927 7th ave. Meets first and third
Tuesdays, G. A. R. Hall, 16th st.

Westbury and Hicksville, L. I., 671-Michael Mahoney,
Westbury. Frank Breen, Roslyn, L. I., Box 80.
Meets Friday nights, Fire Hall, Westbury.
White Plains 250-J. J. Murphy, 39 Lake st. D. F.
Austin, 17 Hunt Pl. Meets Tuesdays, Union Hotel.
Bus. Agt. Chas. Urquhart, 60 R. R. ave.
Yonkers 187-Wilfred Wyborn, 95 Jefferson st. J. J.
Potter, 24 Poplar st. Meets every Friday night,
Hibernian Hall, Palisade st. Bus. Agt. John Cron-
himer, 266 New Main st.

[blocks in formation]

Canton 206-Harry Conrad, 1201 W. 7th st. Alfred
Bray, 1219 W. Tuscarawas st. Meets second and last
Monday nights, Exponet Hall, 116 S. Market st.
Cincinnati 13-Chas. Hellmuth, 29 Davies st., Ludlow,
Ky. J. B. Schroeder, 1044 Linn st. Meets first
and third Saturdays, 1322 Vine st.
Cincinnati 50-F. G. Hummel, 917 Gest st. Joel Hern-
don, 1311 John st. Meets every Thursday night, 114
E. Court st., Trades Union Hall.
Cincinnati 224-Frank Gardner, 1061 Celestial st.

F. Meagher, 222 Pike st. Meets fourth Wednesdays,
Odd Fellows' Hall, Cor. 7th and Elm sts.
Cincinnati 308 J. F. Stark, 2214 Calumet st. James
M. Smith, 1504 Elm st. Meets every Friday night,
Central Turner Hall, 1002 Wilstack st.
Cincinnati 553-Oscar Matthews, 921 W. 9th ave. J. P.
Winstel, 1515 Gorman st. Meets Friday nights, 802
Main st.

Cincinnati 836-C. W. Strauttamp, 2725 Hackberry st. E. Hammond, 1015 Linn st. Meets Tuesdays. Cleveland 102-M. E. Cox, 2408 Selzer ave. P. Hassenpflue, 3434 W. 44th st. Meets every Monday, 46 Public Square. Cleveland 123-A. B. Spector, 2393 E. 38th st. Isadore Shapiro, 2677 E. 47th Pl. Meets every Tuesday, Belmont Hall. Cleveland 128 Chas. Rummel, 7308 Wade Park_ave. S. J. Kirtchner, 7201 Dell ave. Meets at 310 Prospect ave.

Cleveland 129-Paul Brown, 3140 W. 32nd st. Wm.
Schmitt, 7931 Cory ave. Meets second and fourth
Wednesdays, Arch Hall, 2356 Ontario st.
Columbus 248-F. H. Sipe, 333 S. 3rd st. Lon Rowe.
188 Jackson st. Meets Wednesdays, Cor. Town and
Third sts. Bus. Agt. Lon Rowe, 188 Jackson st.
Conneaut 389-Jas. Gilliland, 422 Main st. E. H. Mar-
tin, 419 Mill st. Meets Wednesdays, Machinists' Hall.
Bus. Agt. C. Z. Hathaway, Box 295.
Coshocton 621-Sam Felver, Locust st. G. A. Wright.
Meets second Tuesdays, Central Labor Hall.
Dayton 249-H. W. Buzzard, 211 Park st. O. B. Chap.
man, R. R. No. 4. Meets first and third Fridays,
Trades Council Hall.

East Liverpool 165-Geo. Mulligan, 1058 St. George st. B. L. Stockdale, 519 College st. Meets second and fourth Thursdays, Golden Bldg., Cor. Washington and 5th sts.

Elyria 841-F. Overholt, 405 E. Broad st. B. Hummelbaugh, 69 Chestnut st. Meets G. A. R. Hall. Fostoria 264-A. J. Starn, 152 E. R. R. st. C. M. Vosburg, 517 College ave. Meets every other Friday at Bartenders' Hall, E. Tiffin st. Fremont 838-H. Ibbotson. L. H. LaPoint, 125 Ohio ave. and Holland st. Meets second and fourth Wednesdays, National Bank, Crogan st. Hamilton 135-W. W. Finfrock, 120 N. 2nd st. Edw. Foth, 535 Maple ave. Meets every Tuesday, Painters' Hall, 18 2nd st. Bus. Agt. W. W. Finfrock, 120 N. 2nd st.

Lima 785-Robt. Rogers, 948 W. Kibby st. Fred Norris, Sherman House. Meets Thursday nights, Fisk Hall, N. Main st.

Lorain 240-W. H. Ronk, 2047 Lexington ave. Meets Mondays, Owl Hall, 639 Broadway. Bus. Agt. W. H. Ronk, 2047 Lexington ave.

Mansfield 406-W. J. Thornton, 49 E. 6th st. E. S. Nagle, 98% N. Main st. Meets first and third Thursdays, Trades Council Hall, N. Main st. Marietta 93-H. Gafken, 147 Frederick st. C. W. No8set, 511 Wooster st. Meets first and last Wednesdays, Labor Hall, Front st.

Martins Ferry 158-Thos. Larkin. Harry Majors, 4625 Harrison st., Bellaire, 0. Meets every Thursday night, Shreeve-Hervey Hall. Bus. Agt. Isaiah Mc


Mt. Vernon 556-H. S. Keck, Gen. Del. A. E. Woodford, 220 N. Jefferson st. Meets first and third Thursdays, G. A. R. Hall.

Newark 356-Louis Bieber, 152 Orchard st. J. L. Bald-
win, 50 Mill st. Meets second and fourth Tuesdays,
Central Labor Hall, Carr Bldg.
Portsmouth 555-Charles Grice, W. 9th st.

E. Cunningham, 565 E. 18th st. Meets first and third Tuesdays, Carr Hall. Bus. Agt. V. E. Martin. Salem 722-Phil Irey, 68 Ellsworth ave. A. R. Talbot, 212 Wilson st. Meets every other Thursday, F. M. O. Hall. Bus. Agt. W. G. Rich, 217 E. High st. Sandusky 788-Max Grulich, 212 Prospect st. Emil Brogly, 301 Pearl st. Meets first and third Tuesdays, Trades and Labor Council Hall, 125 Columbia ave. Springfield 533-D. S. Arbogast, 111 N. Fountain ave. Herbert Sanders, 122 Walnut st. Meets every Monday, Johnson Bldg., W. Main st.

Steubenville 438-0. D. Halley, 223 Adams st., Box 418. Meets first and third Wednesdays, Carpenters' Hall, N. 4th st. Bus. Agt. George Conley, 251 Washing

ton st.

Toledo 7-S. G. Page, 393 Pinewood ave. J. J. Kutsch, 814 Stickney ave. Meets every Friday night, Liberty Hall Cherry st. Bus. Agt. G. Zillian, 510 Locust st. Youngstown 476-S. J. Harmon, 325 W. Fed. st. E. B. Patterson, 15 Howard ct. Meets Wednesday nights, Resch Hall, W. Federal st. Bus. Agt. S. J. Harmon, 325 W. Federal st. Zanesville 189--Chas. J. Cochran, 101 W. Main st. Casper Dittmar, Fox and Eastman sts. Meets every Friday night, Druid's Hall, Main st.


Altus 1061-Chas. Withers. Meets Thursdays. Ardmore 606-John Elliott. W. A. Lathrop, 225 A. st., S. W. Meets second and fourth Wednesdays, Union Hall.

Bartlesville 695-L. C. Burkett, Box 1163. Guy F.
Shipley, 614 Dewey ave. Meets Tuesday nights,
Room 3, Michelis Bldg. Bus. Agt. L. C. Burkett.
Chickasha 1005-A. W. Bennett, 828 Minn. ave. Meets
every Monday, Elks Bldg.
Durant 729-J. B. Aker, Box 331. Meets every Mon-
day night, Carpenters' Hall.

El Reno 717-H. D. Farris, 601 S. Foster st. W. E.
Malone, 515 E. Wade st. Meets first and third
Thursdays, Red Men's Hall.
Henryetta 203--S. C. Brisco.
Art Wall Paper Store.
Holdenville 607-S. M. Skirvin.
at Skirvin's Shop.
Lawton 233-L. J. Cummons, 808 Park ave. W. L.
Pantier, 112 Arlington ave. Meets every Monday
night, Harris Bldg.
McAlester 478-J. A.

Carnes, 318 E. Cherokee ave.
W. S. Denty, Box 425. Meets every Wednesday, 19
E. Grand ave.
Muskogee 856-John B. Jury, 211 E. Okmulgee ave.
Jas. H. Briggs, 106 E. Callahan st. Meets Fridays,
Painters' Hall, 201-202 Scales Bldg.
Oklahoma City 807-L. A. Echols, 923 W. 10th st. F.
C. Warren, 1925 N. McKinley st. Meets Friday
nights, 131⁄2 S. Robinson st.

Oklahoma City 755-A. L. Bauers, care Thos. Cusack
Co., 14 E. 5th st. T. F. Applegate, 221 W. 5th st.
Meets every Friday, 304 W. Main st.
Okmulgee 443-Carl H. Moran, Box 764. Meets
Wednesdays, Central Labor Hall.
Sapulpa 877-Simpson Dewey. F. H. Hewitt, 315 E.
Dewey. Meets first and third Thursdays, Carpen-
ters' Hall.

Shawnee 581-F. S., E. J. Smith, 224 S. Oklahoma st.
Meets first and third Mondays, Trades Assembly

Shawnee 990-J. W. Pearch, Box 2. M. E. Turner, 327 N. Phila. st. Meets Wednesdays, Trades Assembly Hall.

Meets Friday nights,

F. C. Sutton. Meets

Tulsa 935-L. A. Lanier, Gen. Del. S. C. Walker, Gen. Del. Meets Monday nights, Labor Hall.


H. A.

Astoria 684-Wm. Beck, 232 Lexington ave.
Goodell, Allen Paint Co. Meets second and fourth

Thursdays, Longshoremen's Hall.

Meets Bus.

Baker City 1008-Ed. Phillips, 2134 4th st.

every Thursday, Lyndale Block, Room 17. Agt. Ben Klebenstine, Gen. Del. Medford 643-H. M. Tuttle, Box 597. Meets every Thursday, Smith's Hall. Bus. Agt. C. W. Harrington, 304 N. Front st.

A. J. Portland 10-E. A. Cheyne, 924 E. 38th st. Waech, 184 E. 69th st., N. Meets Wednesday nights, Labor Temple, 2701⁄2 Algers st. Bus. Agt. O. R. Hartwig. Portland 428-J. Auterson, 1073 27th st. A. C. Montgomery, 1664 Terrace st. Meets first and third Fri

day nights, Labor Temple. Portland 740

Salem 724-A. A. Haskell, 1166 Broadway st.


G. Burrell, 12th and D. sts. Meets first and third Thursdays, Union Hall, State st. The Dalles 859-C. A. Nichols. L. H. MacQueen, 206 W. 11th st. Meets every Thursday, Schanno Hall.

PUERTO RICO. Caguas 786-Felipe Gonzalez Palacio. Ramon Lopez Lozano.


Juan 550--Jose M. Torres Cortes, Box 807. Ramon Martorell, Box 807. Bus. Agt. J. M. Torres Cortes, P. O. Box 807.



Allegheny 100-E. M. Clark, 18 Harlan ave., N.
Pittsburg, Pa. E. A. Eisel, 1006 Tweed st., Pitts-
burg, Pa. Meets Wednesdays, 7 S. Diamond st..
3rd floor.
Braddock 458-Wm. S. Dillinger, 118 Patison st., Ran-
kin, Pa. H. L. Stagg, 562 Hawkins ave. Meets
first and third Thursdays, Edmund's Hall, 611
Braddock ave. Bus. Agts. Geo. Watt and Ed.

Bradford 110-F. E. Putnam,
H. Bunke, 22 Chambers st.
A. R. Hall, Corydon st.
Bryn Mawr 658 J. R. Stuart. Jas. C. McDowell, 20
N. Roberts Rd. Meets first and third Thursdays,
Bryn Mawr Trust Co. Hall.

100 Halley ave. Paul Meets Wednesdays, G.

Butler 360-Harry Bussard, 713 W. Penn st. W. J. Berger, Gen. Del. Meets second and fourth Thursdays, United Labor Hall. Bus. Agt. H. Bussard,

713 W. Penn. st. Carbondale 1048 Chas. E. Alexander,

10 McGarry

ave. C. J. Rechstimer, 22 Park st. Meets every Friday night, Cor. Main st. and Salem ave., Watt's Bldg.

Carnegie 457-S. K. Meadows, 2 Moffat st. Meets second and fourth Tuesdays, Martin's Hall, Main and Broadway, 2nd floor. Charleroi 327-Purman Keys, 111 Lincoln ave. Wm. Pelzer, 1009 3rd st. Meets first and third Wednesdays, Labor Temple.

Chester 943-F. Elliott, 2021 West 7th st. Geo. Smith, 701 W. 6th st. Meets Monday nights, Carpenters' Hall.

Clearfield 879 John Cuitara, 304 Pine st. H. C. Me-
Ilvain. Meets Mondays, Wolridge Hall.
Connellsville 370-Lou Boyd, 115 S. Potts st. Harry
C. Wilson, 419 Baldwin ave. Meets first and third
Fridays, C. M. B. A. Hall, 124 W. Main st.
Du Bois 281-G. E. Coleman, 426 Burt st. E. Whitney
Royer, 110 South ave. Meets Thursday nights,
Eagles' Hall. Bus. Agt. W. B. Boring, 35 E. Long


Easton 56-Floyd Brinker, 215 N. 2nd st. Manford Lantz, 1000 Dock st. Meets Wednesday nights, Shrope's Hall, Church st.

Erie 549-J. B. Clark, 1621 Peach st. A. J. McCollum, 419 Wilson st. Meets Thursdays, Labor Temple. Franklin 236-A. B. Gregory, R. F. D. No. 1. H. H. Campbell, 1218 Otter st. Meets first and third Mondays, 1246 Liberty st., C. L. U. Hall. Harrisburg 411-H. M. Brooks, 226 S. 15th st. H. B. Weand, 212 Reilly st. Meets second Thursday nights.

Hazelton 309-Wm. Rothacker, rear 524 N. Laurel st. Wm. H. Boyer, 232 E. Holly st. Meets every Friday night, Brill's Hall, Broad st. Johnstown 310-H. A. Stough, 811 Sherman st. Kane 405-D. A. Cease, 12 Chestnut st. Nels Anderson, 512 Haines st. Meets Monday nights, Dolan's Hall.

Kittanning 657-C. L. Cunningham, Box 301. Geo. P. Kohl, Box 301. Meets every Friday night, K. of P. Hall, P. O. Bldg.

Lancaster 380-Chas. H. Moore, 545 Palm st. Fred Beppler, 520 W. Vine st. Meets Wednesdays, Labor Hall, 22 S. Queen st.

Lancaster 908-J. M. Hammond, 541 N. Mary st. Adam C. Diller, 612 Olive st. Meets first and third Fridays, Labor Hall, 22 S. Queen st. Latrobe 131--M. J. Horner, Wagner st. Wm. Walters, 325 Welden st. Meets first and third Thursdays, Trades Council Hall, Ligonier st. Bus. Agt. R. F. Edsell, 430 Fairmount st. Lebanon 278-Taylor Snavely, 39 N. 5th st. F. P. Zimmerman, 512 Guilford st. Meets second and fourth Fridays, Ross Hall, Cumberland st. McKeesport 417-Chas. Salyards, 3410 Stockholm st A. M. Young, E .McKeesport, Pa. Meets first and third Mondays, Bartenders' Hall. Meadville 654-Geo. H. Sook. L. M. Brown, 760 Stewart st. Meets every other Tuesday, Central Labor Hall.. Bus. Agt. Philip Schisler. Nanticoke 354-D. B. Vanhorn, 111 E. Green st. Meets first and third Wednesdays, Green st. Hall, Cor. Maple and Green sts.

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New Brighton 530-J. L. Tintsman, 1117 4th ave. W. Barrett, 511 2nd ave. Meets Wednesdays, I. O. U. A. M. Hall. Bus. Agt. C. H. Milnes, 825 7th ave., Beaver Falls, Pa.

New Castle 24-A. I. Broadhead, 9 Craig st. Meets Monday nights, Trades Assembly Hall, Room 3. Norristown 641-W. T. Shambaugh, 110 W. Wood st. E. E. Shearer, 1209 Arch st. Meets first and third Fridays, Bricklayers' Hall. Philadelphia 345-Eugene J. Kelley, 625 W. Tusculum st. Alexander Paul, 1543 S. 19th st. Meets Wednesday nights, 232 N. 9th st., United Trades Hall. Philadelphia 426-W. A. Hartzel, 2204 Coral st. John Geo. May, 2126 N. 11th st. Meets every Friday, 25-27 N. 13th st. Philadelphia 587-David N. Ruth, 1312 Filbert st. Harry Connor, 1344 S. 46th st. Meets every Tuesday. Philadelphia 608-Clarence A. Cole, 2148 N. Park ave. Frank Ghiselin, 1612 S. Isenminger st. Meets second and fourth Fridays, 232 N. 9th st. Philadelphia 618-Stephen Law, Labor Lyceum Hall, 6th and Brown. Lewis T. Martindale, 817 Cameron st. Meets every Friday night, Labor Lyceum, 809 E. 6th st. Philadelphia (Kensington) 680-Martin Graham, 2529 N. Hutchinson st. Henry Grady, 2619 E. Adam st. Meets Wednesday nights, Kensington ave. and York st., Straubmuller Hall. Philadelphia 703-Leonard Kraft, 250 N. Hobart st. Otto C. Schlegel, 2362 E. Clearfield st. Meets Thursdays, Chevalier Hall, 1105 Ridge ave. Philadelphia 725-Geo. Paxon, Jr., 6135 Pine st. fred G. Painter, 445 E. Allegheny ave. Meets every second and fourth Sundays, 2109 Columbia st. Philadelphia 813-Geo. P. Andrews, 3019 Colona st. C. A. Borrie, 1456 N. 60th st. Meets first Thursdays, 132 N. 4th st.


Pittsburg 6-Harry Hunt, 1713 Forbes st.

A. E. Knowles, 1517 Coal st., Wilkinsburg, Pa. Meets Mondays, Labor Temple.

Pittsburg 72-Edw. M. Adams, 1843 Colwell st. Alfred
Firth, 3219 Ward st., Oakland. Meets every Tues-
day at Washington Bank Bldg.
Pittsburg 84-Guy J. Yeckel, 1709 Tustin st.
Meets first and
Neiser, 313 Marena st., 20th Ward.
third Thursdays, Washington National Bank Bldg.,
Cor. Washington and 5th aves.
Pittsburg 282-Geo. L. Frasch, 627 2nd st., N. S. L. W.
Ashley, 39 Chess st. Meets every Thursday
night, Labor Temple.

Pittsburg 551-Stewart Moorehead, 314 Taylor st. Wm.
E. Bryson, 166 Pearl st. Meets Tuesday night, 4503
Liberty ave.
Pittsburg 699-John Riesbeck, 1925 Jane st., S. S. Pitts-
burg. Meets Tuesdays, 105 Southern ave., Mt. Oliver,

Pittston 488-Chas. Phelps, 19 Giddings st. Wm. Borer,
804 Luzerne ave., W. Pittston. Meets second and
fourth Thursdays, Labor Temple Hall, S. Main st.
Reading 55-C. H. Loy, 1136 Muhlenberg st.
Thursdays, 521 Court st.
Emil W.
Ridgeway 482-Frank Rhnies, 329 Little ave.
Anderson, 903 Hill ave. Meets first and third Tues-
days, G. A. R. Hall, Main st.
Royersford and Phoenixville 674-Alfred Young, 220 S.
Main st., Phoenixville, Pa. Jacob Irey, 151 Prospect
st., Phoenixville, Pa. Meets second Mondays, Spring
City, Diemer's Hall, Main st.

Scranton 218-J. J. McDonough, 9 Warden pl. Lloyd
Dailey, 218 W. Atherton st., Taylor, Pa. Meets every
Tuesday night, 426 Lackawana ave.
Shamokin 689-H. C. Payne, 50% E. Sunbury st. Ray-
mond Drumheiser, 12 S. Shamokin st. Meets Tues-
days, Seiler Zimmerman's Hall, Independence st.
Sharon 508-David Niven, 12 Porter st. B. F. Burk,
26 N. Irvin ave. Meets Thursdays, Fitzpatrick Hall,
E. State st. Bus. Agt. B. F. Burk, 26 N. Irvin ave.
Summit Hill 650- Geo. D. Nothstein. Geo. A. Reid,
Box 62. Meets second and fourth Wednesdays,
Scott's Hall. Bus. Agt. C. H. Stockley.
Tamaqua 541-I. S. Leiby, Route 1.
Turtle Creek 860-M. H. Thompson. Meets second and
fourth Tuesdays, Wild's Hall, Penn st.
Warren 347-Chris Borne, Prospect st.

Meets second
and fourth Thursdays, O. L. U. Hall. Bus. Agt.
Frank McManus, 1108 Pa. ave., W.
Washington 208-H. T. Meyer, 123 Church st. J. H.
Meets Fridays, First
Hemingway, 180 N. Main st.
National Bank Building.

West Chester 809-Jas. J. Leonard, Jr., 233 N. Darlington st. Geo. E. Heatherington, 118 E. Muler st. Meets Wednesdays, Assembly Bldg., third floor

West Philadelphia 632-H. Hey, 4964 Master st. Meets Fridays, 37th and Market sts.

Wilkes Barre 41-E. B. Fritz, 86 Oak st. A. R. Melhuish, 29 Goodwin st., West Moor, Wilkes Barre. Meets Wednesday nights, 88 E. Market st. Wilkinsburg 462-C. O. Schindel, 508 Hay st. Meets every Tuesday night, Room 211, Colhoell and Graham Bldg. Williamsport 461-A. E. Householder, 117 E. Front st. Meets last Thursdays, S. of V. Hall, E. 3rd st. York 332-E. Ramsey Kilgore, 323 E. Cottage Pl. Alexander McDonald, 923 W. College ave. Meets every Monday, Federation Hall, fourth floor.


Artic Center 741-Michael Lee. John H. Gillo, Box 375, Phenix, R. I. Meets first and third Tuesdays. Newport 534-G. A. Spooner, 18 White st. B. A. Helgeson, 16 Sherman st. Meets every Monday night, 176 Thames st. Olneyville 692-Dennis P. Flynn, 33 Pope st., Providence. John J. Flannagan, 73 Curtis st. Meets Mondays I. C. B. U. Hall, 1935 Westminster st., Providence, R. I.

Pawtucket 15-Samuel Parfitt, 455 Lonsdale ave. Jos. Whitman, 13 Park Place. Meets Tuesday nights, Labor Hall. Bus. Agt. John Kelly, 114 Carna

tion st. Providence 195-E. Tomlinson, 58 Seaman st. J. B. Allen, 20 Frost st. Meets Wednesdays, Labor Temple. Bus. Agt. E. D. Cullen, Room 10, Labor Tem

ple. Woonsocket 682-Conrad Bambonmen, 216 Rear Main st. Chas. Lefebere, 82 Pond st. Meets second and fourth Mondays, Maccabees' Hall, Market st.


Charleston 139-H. E. Rollerson, 45 Reid st. W. S. Gaillard, 102 Coming st. Meets first and third Mondays, South st.

Columbia 916-F. A. Leighton, Sta. A., Olympia. J. A. Brown, 700 Lumber st. Meets first and third Wednesdays, Federation of Labor, 1619 Main st.


Sioux Falls 857-J. O. Johnson, Box 488. H. W. Simons, 617 W. 11th st.


Chattanooga 116-D. N. Hope, 403 Morgan ave., Highland Park, Tenn. W. R. Seymour, 415 Whiteside st. Meets first and fourth Thursdays, 107 6th st. Bus. Agt. Leo Bachman, 1817 Cephas ave. Chattanooga 226-Wm. Monger, 811 Dodson ave. J. M. McKinney, Box 5, Sta. A. Meets every Wednesday night, O. L. U. Hall. Bus. Agt. J. M. McKinney, Box 5, Sta. A.

Clarksville 718-John H. Rosser, 123 Spring st. R. L. Morrison, 127 Marion st.

Jackson 965-J. R. Price, 128 Lindsey ave. Henry
Haynes, 415 S. Market st. Meets second and fourth
Wednesdays, K. of P. Hall, Main and Liberty sts.
Knoxville 141-J. N. Pierce, 1609 Forest ave. O. J.
Moore, 405 Hiawassee ave. Meets second and fourth
Thursdays, Independence Hall, Gray st.
Knoxville 437-D. C. Rhodes, 500 W. University ave.
A. G. Hill, 521 University ave. Meets Friday
nights, Borches Bldg., Wall ave. and Prince st.
Knoxville 898-R. A. Harrison, 220 State st.

Evrard, 808 Atlantic ave., Lincoln Park, Knoxville.
Meets second and fourth Saturdays, Ry. Y. M. C.
A. Room, Depot st.
Memphis 49-W. F. King, Sta. C., Box 31. John E.
Currie, 47 Victor ave. Meets Mondays, Italian
Hall. Bus. Agt. O. A. Larsen, 932 Blythe ave.
Memphis 1063-M. D. Compton, 1268 S. Willington st.
W. J. Gilligan, Station F. Meets Wednesday nights,
Strikers' Hdqts., 989 Barton ave.

Nashville 268-Frank Orndorff, 2008 14th ave., N. Leo W. Bachmann, 1817 Cephas ave. Meets Wednesdays, Carpenters' Hall, 4th ave., N. Bus. Agt. Leo W. Bachman, 1817 Cephas ave. Nashville 456-H. B. Park, 1610 18th ave., N. W. L. Edwards, 2014 14th ave., N. Meets Tuesday nights, 2101⁄2 Union st.


Amarillo 544-P. W. Myers, Box 741. O. E. McPher-
son, 1003 Madison st. Meets 204 W. 6th st.
Austin 221-E. Hopkins, 201 W. 7th st. Chas. T.
Clark, 4012 Speedway. Meets second and fourth
Thursdays, 501 Congress ave.
Bastrop 416-A. A. Schilling. Meets Saturday nights,
Painters' Hall.

Beaumont 243-0. R. Carter, Box 266. Ben Brown,
Box 266. Meets every Monday night, Labor Hall,

Main st. Childress 882-Joe J. Martin, Box 483. Emil Lassen, Box 213. Meets first and third Mondays, Labor Hall. Bus. Agt. W. B. Stripling.

Corpus Christi 917-J. R. Jordan, 205 Hughes st. Peter C. Anderson, 308 Twigg st. Meets Tuesday nights, 112 Chaparral st.

Corsicana 107-J. R. Jordan, Box 109. P. O. Anderson, P. O. Box 109. Meets first and third Mondays, Labor Hall.

Dallas 53-J. R. Welsh, 2226 Washington ave., N. C. A. Prevost, 1612 S. Harwood st. Meets Tuesday nights, 17071⁄2 Main st. Bus. Agt. G. W. Penn, 605 Browder st.

Dallas 756-John P. Bounds, 12101⁄2 Main st.

E. B. Lacomba, 412 Exposition ave. Meets first and third Tuesday nights, 17071⁄2 Main st. Dallas 873-M. E. George, 316 S. Harwood st. A. W. Schulz, 1505 Mays ave. Meets Fridays, 16011⁄2 Com

merce st.

Denison 536-W. H. Taber, 919 W. Owen st. Meets every Friday night, Labor Hall. Bus. Agt. A. J. Brown, 1529 W. 1 lm st.

El Paso 902-A. L. Coomes, 519 Myrtle ave. H. S. Schofield, 811 Aurora st. Meets Wednesday nights, Union Labor Hall

Ft. Worth 34-Ed. Renno, 616 Kentucky ave. Howard Thain, 915 Cherry st. Meets every first Monday, Labor Temple.

Ft. Worth 318-W. B. Keisel, 725 Porter st. E. C.
Hardcastle, 1900 St. Louis ave. Meets Tuesdays,
Labor Temple. Bus. Agt. J. L. Pengilly, 1901
Granger st.

Gainesville 764-W. F. Sandifer, Lock Box 188.
Allred, Lock Box 188 or 403 N. Morris st.
Friday nights, Union Hall.

Galveston 585-0. J. Reynolds, 2008 Ave M.
Burgess, 3902 Ave. M2. Meets first and
Thursdays, Cooks' and Waiters' Hall.
Greenville 546-Geo. A. Wilson, Box 77. R. E. Chaney,
3921 Burchard st. Meets Friday nights, Painters'
Hall, West Side Square.

Houston 130-Geo. W. Murphy, 313 Hamilton st. T.
P. Carnes, Box 361. Meets Wednesdays, 3051⁄2 Main
st. Bus. Agt. W. B. Gleason, 1010 Hutchins st.
Kingsville 358-J. L. Baker. A. S. Chaney, Box 135.
Meets Fridays.

Longview 998-J. E. Johnson, 208 Fredonia st.
Marlin 230--F. S., W. B. Donaldson.

Marshall 436-J. A. Schnorbus, 406 N. LaFayette st.
Meets first and third Fridays, Union Labor Hall.
Mineral Wells 542-B. A. McGowan, Box 386. Meets
Wednesdays, City Fire Hall.

Palestine 782-Joe Preston, 206 N. Jackson st.
Palestine 984-R. H. Deathe, 415 Conrad st. Meets
second and fourth Tuesdays, Maccabee Hall.
Paris 429 S. N. Brown, Cor. Clarksville and 22nd sts.
Chas. Moore, 812 N. Bennett st.
Port Arthur 328-J. T. McBurnett, 922 7th st. O. T.
Feray, 100 (Block) 5th st., Box 54. Meets first and
third Wednesdays, W. O. W. Hall.

D. O. Meets

A. M. third

San Angelo 329-Robt. L. Wisdom, Gen. Del. J. W. Strong, 201 N. Adams st. Meets every Thursday night, Union Hall.

San Antonio 736-Pete F. Deleo, 420 Delgado st.


L. Fitch, 1901 Virginia st. Meets every Monday, Trades Council Hall.


San Antonio 172-James F. Young, 409 Hood st.
D. Henderson, 118 Broad st. Meets every Monday
night, Trades Council Hall, 1141⁄2 S. Alamo st. Bus.
Agt. W. A. Simpson.

San Marcos 968-Meets first and third Mondays.
Sherman 492-Phil S. Colton, 231 N. Cemetry st. R.
N. Allen, 210 S. Elm st. Meets every Saturday,
Labor Hall.
Teague 761-G. B. Hendon. Meets Saturday nights,

R. R. Carmen Hall. Bus. Agt. Jack Prather.
Terrell 599-Allen Palmer, Box 181.

Tyler 855 J. R. Beard, 527 N. Bois d'Arc ave. Meets second and fourth Mondays, Labor Hall. Waco 673-J. B. Strother, 2105 Cleveland st. Taz. W. McClellan, Box 1002. Meets every Monday night at Labor Hall. Bus. Agt. T. W. McClellan, Lock Box 1002.

Wichita Falls 393-F. E. Peace, 1412 13th st. Meets every Tuesday night, 710% Ohio ave., upstairs, Labor Hall.

Yoakum 730-E. R. Robins. R. E. Lovelady, P. 0. Box 105. Meets first and third Wednesday nights, Trainmen's Hall.


Salt Lake City 911-L. W. Kramer, 565 Pugsley st. Meets Fridays, 222 S. W. Temple st.

Salt Lake City 77-H. H. Matthews, 938 S. 8th East st. Sidney Chalker, 379 K. st. Meets at Labor Temple Bldg.

VIRGINIA. Alexandria 1058-J. W. Bartlett, 410 Wilkes st. Frank Hall, 348 Commerce st. Meets first and third Wednesdays, Trades Council Hall. Bus Agt. J. A. Pagett, 1404 Duke st. Hampton 714-G. M. Joynes, 324 Chapel st. R. F. Walker, 247 Victoria ave. Meets Tuesday nights, Eagles' Hall, South King st.

Newport News 519-F. M. Atkins, 351 26th st. Wm. James, 228 45th st. Meets Thursdays, 32nd and Wash. ave.

Norfolk 82-C. G. Meister, 233 Brewer st. R. H. Moses,

113 Willoughby ave. Meets O. L. U. Hall, 342 Main st., Thursdays. Bus. Agt. W. A. Davis, Box 511. Portsmouth 413-F. T. McClosky, Cor. Virginia ave. and County st. J. W. Howard, 1629 Spratley st. Meets first and third Mondays, C. L. U. Hall. Richmond 1018-Chester A. Arthur 501 N. 10th st. Harry L. Bew, R. F. D. No. 3. Meets Wednesday nights, M. Faden's Hall, 7th st. Roanoke 440-W. J. Cummings, 419 7th ave., N. E. T. M. Potterfield, 423 7th ave., S. E. Meets first and third Saturdays, Labor Home.


Barre 185-A. M. Stafford, Box 212. H. T. Colby, 168 Washington st. Meets every Tuesday night, Paint

ers' Hall.
Bennington 493-Chas. Robson, 202 Depot st. Wm.
Gibney, 216 Park st. Meets first and third Mondays,
Union Hall. Bus. Agt. John Cole, Valentine st.
Brattleboro 321-S. E. Miner, 16 Vine st. Meets first
and third Wednesdays, Union Hall.
Burlington 613-R. M. Williams, 8 Haswell st. J. P.
Mason, 19 Monroe st. Meets every Wednesday,
Painters' Hall, Church st.

Hardwick 434-G. L. Booth. H. J. Randall. Meets
first Friday nights, I. O. O. F. Hall.
Montpelier 311-L. K. Marcott, 17 E. State st. T. E.
Wynne, 8 Hillside ave. Meets Mondays, White's Hall,
Elm st.

Rutland 28-W. A. Mayer, 39 Morse place. E. E. Smith, 10 Clover st. Meets second and last Tuesdays, Apollo Hall.

St. Johnsbury 789-C. O. Darrell, Sheldon Hotel. Aug.
A. Morency, 19 School st. Meets first and third
Thursdays, Republican Bldg.

White River Jct. 22-H. S. Wilder. J. A. Bradshaw.
Meets first Monday nights, American House.
Agt. D. E. Huse.

[blocks in formation]
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