Facing Fascism: The Threat to American Democracy in the 21St Century

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AuthorHouse, 2006. gada 21. aug. - 460 lappuses

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Coming off his unsuccessful 2004 New Hampshire state Senate campaign, Jerry Sorlucco realized something was fundamentally wrong in America. Across the country people had voted against their own best interest. The Republican far rightnow the party of our modern robber baronswaving the bloody shirt, and using the war on terrorism to instill fear, in league with the Christian evangelical movement, had won both houses of Congress and the White House. President George W. Bush, who had lost the popular vote in 2000 and won the election in a five to four vote by U.S. Supreme Court, had the power to put in motion an agenda that rewarded Americas rich elitists and systematically set about destroying the nations social safety net.

Thoroughly researched and annotated, Facing Fascism takes the reader through the 2004 election, the manipulation of Americas worldview, the mismanagement of the major issues facing the nation, and offers some solutions. It is a serious work, but essential reading for anyone who wants to understand what is happening in America. The book shows conclusively that the threat to America in the 21st century has all the characteristics of fascism, replete with class warfare, militarism, and religious nationalism.


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Two Nourishing the Grassroots
Three Party Politics
Four Lobbyist and Stealth Parties
Five Following the Money
Six Tuning Out on Democracy
Wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross
Nine The Roots of the Republic
Part Three
Thirteen A Nation in Hock
Fourteen The High Cost of Poor Government
Fifteen Owning Our Own Poverty
Sixteen Retooling for a Global Economy
Seventeen Avoiding the Energy Meltdown
Eighteen Bushs Foreign Policy Fiasco
Part Four

Ten The Power of Prejudice
Eleven Birth and Demise of the Middle Class

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Par autoru (2006)

Jerry Sorlucco was a commercial airline captain for nearly forty years, until federal regulations forced him to retire at age 60 in 1997. During his career, he served in various capacities as a representative of the Airline Pilots Association and as a check airman. A serious history student and prolific reader, he was drawn to public service after retirement, serves as a director on several community boards, and as a leader of the Democratic Party in the North Country of New Hampshire. In a heavily Republican district, he ran unsuccessfully for the state Senate in 2002 and 2004, and as this is published is a candidate for the NH House in 2006. His platform is that of a social progressive and fiscal conservative. He believes government should meet its responsibilities and pay its bills.

His memoir, A Good Stick, also published by AuthorHouse, tells the story of his life and career framed in the historical context of the wider world surrounding his personal journey. Jerry, his wife Sue, Airedales Spencer and Tracy, and Bengal kitties Tiger and Lilly live in Littleton, New Hampshire.

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