Arnold of Brescia: A Tragedy

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Longman, Brown, Green, and Longman, 1846 - 228 lappuses

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219. lappuse - Rex venit ante fores , jurans prius urbis honores : « Post homo fit papae, sumit quo dante coronam.
212. lappuse - ... dici possent efflagitabant : dicentes quidem verborum superfluam esse prolationem, quam intelligentia non sequeretur, nee credi posse aliquid nisi primitus intellectum, et ridiculosum esse aliquem aliis praedicare, quod nee ipse, nee illi quos doceret, intellectu capere possent : Domino ipso arguente quod caeci essent duces caecorum.
223. lappuse - My Caesar, why dost thou desert my side ? " Come, and behold what love among thy people: And if no pity touches thee for us, Come, and blush for thine own report. For me...
222. lappuse - ... to take the crown from the altar, and place it on his head, thus manifesting, as is stated in the chronicle, that he held his power from God alone.
212. lappuse - God. one passage it were said, ' There is one God,' and in another passage, ' There are three Gods ;' for it appears from Scripture that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are but one and the same God. IV. Still, though Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are but one God ; there is plain evidence from Scripture, that the Father is not the Son, nor is either of them the Holy Ghost ; but that they are clearly distinguished from one another, and distinguished too as Personal Agents, not merely as modes...
209. lappuse - Gospel and of classic enthusiasm, he exhorted the Romans to assert the inalienable rights of men and Christians ; to restore the laws and magistrates of the republic ; to respect the name of the emperor; but to confine their shepherd to the spiritual government of his flock.
i. lappuse - FATHER NEWMAN, DD MY DEAR DR. NEWMAN, IT is with a special gladness that I avail myself of your kind permission to dedicate to you, who love the natural world so keenly, the following chapters on Nature considered as one whole whereof rational man forms a part. A tribute of respectful gratitude is indeed due from one so indebted as I am. Among the many obligations I owe to you, is the ability to unite in one the Theistic and the...
xi. lappuse - Helvelicis, lib. 3. c. 5. p. 108.) by a mixture of important and beneficial truths. In his theological studies, he had been the disciple of the famous and unfortunate Abelard," who was likewise involved in the suspicion of heresy; but the lover of Eloisa was of a soft and flexible nature ; and his ecclesiastical judges were edified and disarmed by the humility of his repentance. From this master, Arnold most probably imbibed some metaphysical definitions of the Trinity, repugnant to the taste of...
215. lappuse - No one dreamt of opposing the lawful succession of Trajan. He belonged to a good old Roman family long settled in Spain, in which country he had been born. As a soldier and a provincial, he might be disposed to content himself with the command of the legions at a distance, and to leave the government of the city in the hands of the senate. So, doubtless, hoped the nobles, and so it proved to be. Trajan, in the full...
53. lappuse - The people and their tyrants, ever shows Harsh to the weak, and cringing to the strong: And till this day, man hath been pressed to death, I' th* stern embrace Cesars and priests exchange.

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