Pension Laws

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1966 - 174 lappuses

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165. lappuse - Suitable housing, independently selected, designed and located with reference to special needs and available at costs which older citizens can afford. 4. Full restorative services for those who require institutional care. 5. Opportunity for employment with no discriminatory personnel practices because of age. 6. Retirement in health, honor, dignity - after years of contribution to the economy. 7. Pursuit of meaningful activity within the widest range of civic, cultural, and recreational opportunities.
89. lappuse - ... returned by the President of the United States with his objections, to the House of Representatives, in which it originated, it was Resolved, That the said bill pass, two-thirds of the House of Representatives agreeing to pass the same. Attest : JOHN ANDREWS Clerk.
91. lappuse - Act the $60 monthly rate of pension payable for total disability to veterans of the War with Spain, the Philippine Insurrection, or the China Relief Expedition under section 1 of the Act of June 2, 1930 (46 Stat.
165. lappuse - Nation are entitled to, and it is the joint and several duty and responsibility of the governments of the United States and of the several States and their political subdivisions to assist our older people to secure equal opportunity to the full and free enjoyment of the following objectives : (1) An adequate income in retirement in accordance with the American standard of living.
52. lappuse - All public laws granting medical or hospital treatment, domiciliary care, compensation and other allowances, pensions, disability allowance, or retirement pay to veterans and the dependents of veterans of the Spanish-American War, including the Boxer Rebellion and the Philippine Insurrection, and...

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