International Implications of Dumping Poisonous Gas and Waste Into Oceans: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on International Organizations and Movements... 91-1, May 8, 13-15, 1969

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94. lappuse - The high seas being open to all nations, no State may validly purport to subject any part of them to its sovereignty.
94. lappuse - Freedom of the high seas is exercised under the conditions laid down by these articles and by the other rules of international law. It comprises, inter alia both for coastal and non-coastal States — (1) Freedom of navigation; (2) Freedom of fishing; (3) Freedom to lay submarine cables and pipelines; (4) Freedom to fly over the high seas.
8. lappuse - Any nuclear explosions in Antarctica and the disposal there of radioactive waste material shall be prohibited. 2. In the event of the conclusion of international agreements concerning the use of nuclear energy, including nuclear explosions and the disposal of radioactive waste material, to which all of the Contracting Parties whose...
8. lappuse - The coastal State is obliged to undertake, in the safety zones, all appropriate measures for the protection of the living resources of the sea from harmful agents.
9. lappuse - Treaty between the United States of America and the United Mexican States, signed in Washington on February 3, 1944, relating to the utilization of the waters of the Colorado and Tijuana Rivers and of the Rio Grande...
74. lappuse - Every State shall draw up regulations to prevent pollution of the seas by the discharge of oil from ships or pipelines or resulting from the exploitation and exploration of the seabed and its subsoil, taking account of existing treaty provisions on the subject.
9. lappuse - It is further agreed that the waters herein defined as boundary waters and waters flowing across the boundary shall not be polluted on either side to the injury of health or property on the other.
9. lappuse - ... 1. Domestic and municipal uses. 2. Agriculture and stock-raising. 3. Electric power. 4. Other industrial uses. 5. Navigation. 6. Fishing and hunting. 7. Any other beneficial uses which may be determined by the Commission.
9. lappuse - CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICO. Concluded at Washington, March 1, 1889; ratifications exchanged December 24, 1890. The United States of America and the United States of Mexico, desiring to facilitate the carrying out of the principles contained in the treaty of November 12, 1884...
9. lappuse - All of the foregoing uses shall be subject to any sanitary measures or works which may be mutually agreed upon by the two Governments, which hereby agree to give preferential attention to the solution of all border sanitation problems.

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