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Statement of-Continued

Bellew, Chellis E., commerce counsel, Transportation Bureau, Rock-

ford Chamber of Commerce, 815 East Street, Rockford, Ill., on

behalf of the Illinois Territory Industrial Traffic League, Chicago,

Bixler, Herbert E., chairman, Transportation Committee, Greater

Boston Chamber of Commerce, 125 High Street, Boston, Mass............

Bresnahan, William A., assistant managing director, American Truck-

ing Associations, Inc., 1616 P Street NW., Washington, D.C............--

Brosnan, D. W., president, Southern Railway System, 15th and K

Streets NW., Washington, D.C......---

Brothers, J. David, president, the New Dixie Lines, Inc., Box 5032,

Richmond, Va., for American Trucking Associations, Inc.; accom-

panied by Edward V. Kiley, director of research, American Truck-

ing Associations, Inc..

Buchanan, C. A., executive secretary, National Agricultural Trans-

portation League, 321 West Ianthe Street, Tavares, Fla...

Cabot, Walter K., general traffic manager, Johnson & Johnson, New

Brunswick, N.J., on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of the

United States, accompanied by Verne Sullivan, secretary, Trans-

portation Subcommittee, U.S. Chamber of Commerce...

Cannon, John D., president, Morton Manufacturing Co., 5125 West

Lake Street, Chicago, Ill., on behalf of Railway Progress Institute,

Chicago, Ill....

Carr, Braxton B., president, American Waterways Operators, Inc.,

1025 Connecticut Avenue NW., Washington, D.C.

Caruthers, N. L., vice president, Chotin Towing Corp., Oil and Gas

Building, New Orleans, La.; accompanied by Clark Reed, president,

Republic Towing Co., of Greenville, Miss.; Jesse Brent, president,

Brent Towing Co., Greenville, Miss.; Clarke Berry, vice president,

Canal Barge Lines, New Orleans, La.; B. E. Williamson, president,

Greenville Towing Co., Greenville, Miss.; H. W. Anderson, presi-

dent, Anderson Petroleum Transportation Co., Houston, Tex.;

William Hull, counsel, Inland Towing Co., Ashland, Ky.; and

W. G. Blewett, vice president, Peabody Coal Co., St. Louis, Mo..

Cimokowski, Edwin W., Assistant General Counsel, General Account-

ing Office; accompanied by John H. Cooper, Acting Director,

Transportation Division, GAO; and Owen A. Kane, legislative

attorney, Office of Legislative Liaison, Office of General Counsel,


Corber, Robert J., counsel, National Association of Motor Bus Owners,

839 17th Street NW., Washington, D.C.; accompanied by W. Glenn

Humphrey, traffic manager, Carolina Coach Co., Raleigh, N.C.;

and Robert G. Thompson, president, Vermont Transit Co., Inc.,

Burlington, Vt....

Culpepper, C. B., secretary and general manager, Atlanta Freight

Bureau, 26 Auburn Avenue NE., Atlanta, Ga..

Ellis, Otis H., general counsel, National Oil Jobbers Council, Inc.,

1001 Connecticut Avenue NW., Washington, D.C..

Ernst, Lawrence E., general manager, National Star Route Mail

Carriers Association, 301 East Capitol Street, Washington, D.C...

Frantz, Welby M., president, Eastern Express, Inc., 1450 Wabash,

Terre Haute, Ind..

Harmanson, L. James, Jr., general counsel, National Council of Farmer

Cooperatives, 1404 New York Avenue NW., Washington, D.C....

Harriss, C. J., vice president, traffic, Continental Grain Co., 2 Broad-

way, New York, N.Y..

Haynes, James P., manager, Transportation Division, Louisville

Chamber of Commerce, 300 West Liberty Street, Louisville, Ky...

Heineman, Ben W., chairman of the board, Chicago & North Western

Railway, 400 West Madison Street, Chicago, IlI..

Heiner, Albert P., vice president, public relations and traffic, Kaiser

Steel Corp., Oakland, Calif..

Hershey, Jacob W., chairman of the board, American Commercial

Barge' Line Co., Houston, Tex., and Jeffersonville, Ind., on behalf

of Inland Waterways Common Carriers Association and Common

Carrier Conference of Domestic Water Carriers...

Loomis, Daniel P., president, Association of American Railroads,

Transportation Building, Washington, D.C...

Magdanz, Don E., executive secretary-treasurer, National Livestock

Feeders Association, 309 Livestock Exchange Building, Omaha,


Martin, Hon. Clarence D., Jr., Under Secretary for Transportation,

Department of Commerce, accompanied by Frank L. Barton,

Deputy Under Secretary for Transportation__

Mathews, Harry O., vice president, transportation and distribution,

Armour & Co., Chicago, Ill., on behalf of the National Industrial

Traffic League, Washington, D.C.; accompanied by L. J. Door,

executive secretary; and John F. Donelan, counsel___

May, Ernest R., president, Wyoming Stock Growers Association,

Nichols Building, Cody, Wyo.--

McDonald, Angus, assistant director, legislative services, National

Farmers Union, 1404 New York Avenue NW., Washington, D.C..

Mechling, F. A., executive vice president, A. L. Mechling Barge

Lines, Inc., 51 North Desplaines Street, Joliet, Ill...

Moody, Joseph E., president, National Coal Policy Conferences,

Inc., 1000 16th Street NW., Washington, D.C.--

Moses, Dr. Leon W., professor of economics, Northwestern Uni-

versity, Evanston, Ill

Nestor, William K., executive vice president, Arrow Transportation

Co., Sheffield, Ala., for Howard G. King, president, Arrow Trans-

portation Co....

Odom, L. A., attorney, Odom, Nolen & Foster, Spartanburg, S.C., on

behalf of the South Carolina Oil Jobbers Association, the South

Carolina Petroleum Haulers Association, the South Carolina

Motor Transportation Association, and the Associated Petroleum


Orrick, William H., Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division,

Department of Justice, accompanied by Joseph Saunders, Chief,

Public Counsel Section, Department of Justice..

Osbourne, Edmund D., president, Pittsburgh Towing Co., 811 Ridge

Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa..

Osterhart, Harry A., traffic manager, Gerber Products Co., Fremont,


American Association of Nurserymen, Inc., transportation com-

mittee, 835 Southern Building, Washington, D.C..

American Farm Bureau Federation, 425 13th Street NW., Washing-
ton, D.C..


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