Metallurgy: An Introduction to the Study of Physical Metallurgy

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D. Van Nostrand Company, 1914 - 368 lappuses

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8. lappuse - Van Nostrand's Chemical Annual. A HANDBOOK OF USEFUL DATA FOR ANALYTICAL, MANUFACTURING, AND INVESTIGATING CHEMISTS, AND CHEMICAL STUDENTS. Edited by John C. Olsen, MA, Ph.D., Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn; with the co-operation of Eminent Chemists.
5. lappuse - Crown a,to. 31$. 6d. net. An archaeological encyclopaedia of the implements, ornaments, weapons, utensils, etc., of the prehistoric tribes of North America. The work is the result of twenty years
8. lappuse - Law, Patents, etc. Building in London. BY Horace Cubitt, ARIBA, etc. A Treatise on the Law and Practice affecting the Erection and Maintenance of Buildings in the Metropolis, with Special Chapters dealing respectively with the Cost of Building Work in and around London by HJ LEANING, FSI, and the Valuation and Management of London Property by SYDNEY A. SMITH, FSI ; also the Statutes, Bye-laws and Regulations applying in London ; cross-references throughout.

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