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Assistance Office (Hotline) troubleshooting and problem tracking systems. In continuation of their development, $80,000 will be spent in the Integrated Systems and Information Services (ISIS) and client/server technology areas, and for ongoing support of MicroMIN systems. The remainder of the equipment budget covers the buy-out of some of the currently installed mainframe disk storage devices which have approached the end of their lease-topurchase terms, the expansion of the print facility, the addition of mainframe communication hardware, and the acquisition of office equipment for H.I.S. internal use.

Software purchases include $90,000 in mainframe software additions for the E-Mail system, $95,000 for National Change of Address (NCOA) database license renewal and related software, and $70,000 for a report distribution system for the Computer Center print facility. $70,000 is budgeted for Member Customer Support software, $80,000 for client/server, ISIS, MicroMIN, and committee systems support software upgrades, $45,000 for Clerk systems software, and $25,000 for communications.

There is a decrease of $35,000 (7.7%) in the amount budgeted for supplies mainly because of a larger inventory than forecast in computer paper at the Computer Center.

External Services Most of the $75,000 (-5.7%) reduction in FY 94 costs reflect the cancellation of non-recurring tasks. In FY 93, the start-up of the 103rd Congress required outsourcing of equipment installation for office moves, for Members' staff training, and technical support for the new Members. Other FY 93 expenses that will not recur in FY 94 are for CD-Rom and Computer Originated Microfiche (COM) outsourcing.

Outside information sources, such as the online Newswire pipelines, Congressional Quarterly, Economic databases, Census, etcetera will cost approximately the same ($610,000) as in FY 93. H.I.S. pays for the Appropriations Committee's outside service bureau computer processing, which is estimated at $240,000, the

hot site backup service for the Computer Center mainframe processor, communications, and data storage will cost $100,000. The remainder of the FY 94 External Services expenditure will be for communications services such as public or packet data networks (PDN), and district office communications.


To place the FY 94 request in perspective, the funding history for the previous five years, FY 89 to FY 93, is set out in the chart below.

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On page 6 the above figures are graphed. They show a steady, contained growth. The FY 93 appropriation and reimbursement numbers reflect the reduction in funds derived from the appropriation source because unobligated FY 92 reimbursements were available and permission to obligate them was obtained. total funds available are inside the growth pattern which can also be seen in the graph on page 7.

NOTE: Capital Expenditures. The H.I.S. budgets underwrite infrastructure improvements in data communications. These include terminating equipment for frame relay service for district offices, equipment and software to operate the House


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wide fiber-optic networks, and other communication facilities that are shared by the entire House community. H.I.S.'s investment proposed for FY '94 compared with its expenditures during the three prior years is shown in the following chart.

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Although the record shows that under H.I.S.'s responsibility for management of development and acquisition, cost containment and technical reliability have been achieved, the funds do not necessarily belong in, or need to be charged against, the H.I.S. operating budget.

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Other customers are the Doorkeeper, Legislative Counsel,
Law Revision Counsel, Sergeant at Arms, Postmaster,
Members, and Parliamentary Institutions in E.Europe.

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