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Explanation of Changes Shown on Schedule C


Mandatory Pay and Related Changes:

Personnel increases are attributed to the annualization of the FY '93 COLA, the prorated funding of the FY '94 COLA, an estimated locality pay increase, full funding of authorization, mertitorious and longevity increases, temporary positions, and overtime pay.

Price Level Changes:

Price level increases are attributed to inflation.

Program Type Changes:

Program increases are attributed to an increase in the Investigative Committee workload and the purchase and maintenance of equipment.




The H.I.S. budget for Fiscal Year 1994 (FY 94) proposes a level of operations of $22,906,000 which is slightly above by 0.1% ($21,000) the authorized FY 93 budget ceiling of $22,885,000.

To fund the FY 94 estimate of $22,906,000, fifty-eight percent (58%) or $13,260,00 would be derived from reimbursements and forty-two percent (42%) or $9,646,000 from appropriation. As no carryover of unobligated funds from FY 93 to FY 94 will be available, most of the burden of the funding for FY 94 impacts the appropriated source, as shown in the following chart:

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The increase of $1,507,000 needs to be placed in the perspective of the $2 million decrease from the amount requested last year for FY 93 appropriations i.e. $10,135,000 which was cut to $8,139,000. The cut, however, was off-set by the carryover of $1,371,000 unobligated reimbursements. Thus the FY 94 request represents neither a sudden nor unusual jump in funding but rather the maintenance of the FY 93 authorized level of operations. It may seem large because no compensating carryover is available.


Budgets of FY 93 (Requested & Revised) And FY 94

The following chart compares the original FY 93 request ($22,885,000), the revised FY 93 budget that corresponds to the estimated funds available ($22,260,000), and the FY 94 request ($22,906,000). The proposed FY 94 level of operations shows an increase of 2.9% ($646,000) over the FY 93 revised level.

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Salaries The FY 94 total is $14,121,000, an increase of

$1,266,000 (9.8%) over that of FY 93. The increase covers mandatory changes (annualization of 1993 pay raises, 1994 Employment Cost Index adjustment ("COLA"), 1994 Locality Pay adjustment, 1994 meritorious and longevity pay adjustments) and allowance for five additional staff.

The allocation of new staff based on workload is as follows:

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Staff Support Staff support includes training, travel telephone, and technical publications. The small reductions will be

achieved by a general consolidation of staff support.

Rental & Maintenance The increase in equipment rental and maintenance costs ($165,000, 4.6%) is a result of both inflation and new maintenance fees for equipment acquired in 1993. The software increase ($150,000, 12.9%), in addition to inflation, is for license fees for existing software which will be automatically increased by vendors when the upgrade to a higher group classification of mainframe occurs.

Purchase H.I.S. has budgeted less for equipment and software purchases than in FY 93, a reduction of $840,000 (-27.3%). In FY 94, $875,000 in equipment purchase will be for the continued expansion of the House communications network facility, and $126,000 will be for further development of the E-Mail system. The amount of $75,000 is needed for microcomputer and file server upgrades in the customer training facility, for evaluation of office systems software, and for improvements in the User

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