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Annual Recurring Maintenance

Disposal of Solid Waste increased from $387,000 to $560,000........

This work is performed under contract, and involves the removal of solid waste from various buildings in the Capitol Complex. These include the Capitol, the House and Senate Office Buildings, the Botanic Garden and the Supreme Court Building, funding for which is provided in another appropriation. For fiscal year 1994, an increase of $173,000 is requested to cover the cost of these services. The District of Columbia increased disposal fees at the regional waste disposal site. Based on the present tonnage (approximately 4,000 tons) disposed annually, a total need of $173,000 is required. fraa"

Estimate 1994

Capitol Grounds

Increases (continued)

Gardening Division


$ 108.000

3 WG-6 Gardeners.

Total 3 new positions @ annual cost of.

3- GARDENERS, WG-6: Three new positions and an amount of $108,000 are
requested in fiscal year 1994 to provide for three gardener positions
Of this amount, $78,000 is
in the Capitol Grounds appropriation.
requested for compensation at the WG-6 level and $30,000 is for related
employee benefits.

These positions are required to maintain the additional workload
These additional areas
due to increased planting areas and beds.
the West Front Terrace.
raised plant beds on
include the new
Additionally, for the past two years, funding has been provided for
landscape improvements to the Grounds. This funding has been utilized
to plant new trees and shrubs, as well as create new flower beds and
other new landscaping features. The new gardener positions will enable
the appropriate care of the additional improvements.

$ 108,000

$ 173,000



The current water truck, a 1966 Ford, is worn out and repairs are so costly and frequent that replacement is required. A truck equipped with a 300 gallon capacity water tank and hose is required for watering the annual flowers and evergreen plantings in the numerous security planters. Such a truck is also required for the planting and proper watering of individual trees and shrubs during their first few weeks of becoming established.

Estimate 1994

Capitol Grounds

Increases (continued)

Annual Recurring Maintenance (continued)

Supplies and Materials increased from $120,000 to $123,000.

A $3,000 increase to Supplies and Materials is requested to provide
for the various items procured for the maintenance of the Capitol
Grounds. The largest increases are requested for grass seed ($1,000),
soil amendments such as peat, fertilizer and sod ($1,000) and
insecticides and fungicides ($1,000). These increases are required to
meet price level increases.


Total Annual Recurring Maintenance.

Cyclical Maintenance


Replacement of Water Truck....



Total Cyclical Maintenance.

$ 23,000



[blocks in formation]

Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements.

The main justification for this new program is found in the "Capitol Buildings" justifications on pages 5.27 5.31.

Priority work proposed for the Capitol Grounds during fiscal year
1994 will be directed toward completing the network of curb ramps
Although the core areas around the
throughout the Capitol complex.
U.S. Capitol are accessible, a substantial number of problems remain at
Individuals in wheelchairs have continued to notify
A survey will be
the periphery.
this office of the need for additional work.
conducted to identify the highest priority curb ramp projects to be
completed during the fiscal year.

Thus an amount of $50,000 is requested on a "No Year" basis and it
is proposed to allow that amount to remain in the budget base until the
completion of the program, which is estimated will take approximately
These funds are necessary to provide for materials and
labor to design and perform the necessary modifications, as well as to
seven years.
provide for additional assistance from qualified consultants.

[blocks in formation]


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[blocks in formation]

This appropriation provides for the care of the Capitol Grounds as defined in the Act of July 31, 1946, as
amended by the Acts of October 20, 1967 (40 U.S.C. 193a) and Section 739 of Public Law 93-198 (87 Stat. 825-830)
and further amended by Public Law 96-432 (94 Stat. 1851). Approximately 191 acres of lawn areas, sidewalks, streets
and roadways comprise the Capitol Grounds. Thousands of trees and shrubs, lawn irrigation systems with
approximately 10,000 sprinkler heads, underground sewer and drainage systems, terraces, retaining walls, fountains,
and reflecting pools are located on the Capitol Grounds. The landscaped areas above the two underground House
Garages, the House and Senate parking lots, the Taft Memorial, traffic signals, walk lights and demand lights, are
also maintained by the grounds force. The care and operation of the grounds' motor and other equipment is performed
by mechanics funded in this appropriation.

For many years, the Capitol Grounds comprised only the area lying between Independence Avenue and Constitution
Avenue and First Street East and First Street West and totaled 58.8 acres. In 1929-1935, the Capitol Grounds were
enlarged by the acquisition and development of the area north of Constitution Avenue, lying between that Avenue and
Union Station. This addition of 61.4 acres increased the total area of the Capitol Grounds to 120.2 acres.


With the acquisition in recent years of the Hart Senate Office Building site and the streets added by Public
Law 93-198, the streets and sidewalks added by Public Law 96-432, and the transfer of the former GSA Coal Yard,
located at 42 Eye Street, S.E., the Capitol Grounds' force now maintains a total of approximately 220 acres.

The Architect performs his duties under authority of the Acts of August 15, 1876 (19 Stat. 147), March 4, 1929
(45 Stat. 1694), and July 31, 1946 (60 Stat. 718), as amended by the Act of October 20, 1967 (81 Stat. 275) and the
Act of December 24, 1973 (87 Stat. 825-830). A regular force of 85 gardeners, helpers, laborers, mechanics, and
supervisory personnel is required for 1994. A breakdown of the force is as follows:


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

employees in care of the Grounds of House Office Buildings and Annexes, Capitol Power Plant and landscaped areas around and above underground garages, Southeast and Southwest Grounds.* employees in care of the Grounds of Senate Office Buildings, Northeast and Northwest Grounds.* employees in care of the Grounds in vicinity of Capitol Building.*


employees for tree surgery work.


employees on lawn irrigation systems.


employees for maintenance of motor and other mechanical equipment.


employees on sewer and concrete work.

[blocks in formation]


employees for direction, supervision, and clerical work.

[blocks in formation]

employees for direction and supervision of specialized planting, pruning, spraying, landscape work and gardening.

new gardener positions.*

Includes trimming, cultivating, weeding, planting, transplanting, spraying, pruning.

grass cutting, and other gardening functions.

During inclement weather, the Capitol grounds employees are used for such work as repair and sharpening of tools, repair of equipment, cleaning debris from the Capitol, and other miscellaneous cleaning work. They are also used for raking and removing leaves, snow removal, and assisting in preparing for functions, band concerts, parades, unveiling exercises and other Capitol ceremonies, Flag Day exercises, Inaugural Ceremonies, and the like.


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