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Annual Recurring Maintenance (continued)

Leased Space in the Federal Judiciary Building.

General Annual Repairs.

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Continuing and Initiating Other Programa
Complex-Wide Fire Signaling System..
CAD Data Base Development - Grounds.
Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements
Replace and Upgrade Underground Storage Tanks.
Total Continuing and Initiating Other

Total Nonrecurring Items

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Deductions Nonrecurring Items

Construction of Police Explosives Storage Facility.
Security Equipment for Post Office Building..
X-Ray Equipment for Ford House Office Building.
Modifications to Power Plant Security System.

CAPNET LBTN Fiber Backbone.....

Renovate Senate Restaurant Pantry.

Roof Replacement, House Side, East Front.

$ 15,000

Base for 1994.



Within-grade salary advancements and other changes, GS employees.
Night differential.....

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Wage rate increases, wage board employees, January, 1993 pay raise.
Increased civilian pay act cost, January, 1993.

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Wage rate increases, wage board employees, January 1994 pay raise.
Increase civilian pay cost, January 1994.

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Contribution to retirement funds.


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DAY, WG - 4: There is a need to increase the staff
assigned to cleaning the House side of the Capitol Building due to the
expanded space provided by the Courtyard Infill project as well as the
increased workload demands placed on the labor division during normal
operating hours. The number of requests for service by the labor
division has increased dramatically over the past several years.


The day labor division provides multiple services to the occupants
of the Capitol Building. They are responsible for a wide variety of
maintenance, cleaning, and other services during their tour of duty.
Each day, staff from the day labor division are responsible for
delivering fresh ice, setting up and cleaning rooms for special
functions in the Capitol, assisting the flag flying operation,
responding to emergency cleaning calls, providing special assistance
for maintenance shops in their work when needed, cleaning the exterior
and interior windows, chandeliers, marble and woodwork, responding to
emergency cleaning calls, providing special assistance for maintenance
and project oriented consultants, as in the case of erecting and moving
scaffolding for art conservators, and other functions. The night labor
division performs most of the general cleaning of office space in the
House side of the Capitol, as well as specific cleaning programs such
as the floor cleaning program, and the proposed toilet cleaning program
for which three new positions are being requested.

The burden of this workload will extend to the new space created by
the Courtyard Infill project. An adequate number of staff is needed to
accommodate all needs on a timely basis. Frequently, day laborers must
be called away from one job to assist or begin another. As a result,

$ 113,000



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Labor Division (continued) DAY, WG-4 (continued): some service calls are interrupted 4- LABORER later in the until day. responded to while others are Additionally, when tasks are not performed within the normal working hours, laborers must stay and perform the work, incurring premium pay costs in the form of overtime.

In an effort to ensure that the Capitol Building's occupants and visitors receive prompt and competent service, approval is requested for the addition of four day labor positions to the existing staff at An additional $86,000 is also again an annual cost of $113,000. requested for the three laborer positions to assist in cleaning the existing space on the House side of the Capitol Building. justifications for these latter positions follow.

- NIGHT, WG-3: Three new night laborer positions are again
requested for the "Capitol Buildings" appropriation. These positions
were denied in fiscal years 1992 and 1993.

These new night laborer positions are required to provide for a dedicated program of restroom cleaning.

In fiscal year 1990, seven additional positions were approved for
the night cleaning crew for a dedicated program for floor cleaning.
The condition and
This program has been extremely effective.

appearance of the hallways and floors has improved significantly.


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3- LABORER NIGHT, WG-3 (continued): A new program, dedicated to cleaning restrooms in the Capitol Building, is being proposed to provide the same level of specialized service for that function. It is estimated that three additional man years are required to adequately perform cleaning tasks in all the public and other restrooms on the Building. House side of the Capitol Building. The result will be cleaner, more sanitary restrooms that serve the visitors and occupants of the Capitol cleaning has been performed. In order The restrooms will be inspected daily to ensure proper dedicated restroom cleaning program, to provide for this new a total of three additional positions are requested for the night labor cleaning division.


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Restoration of Abolished Positions

WG-10 Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic..
WG-9 Painter.......

WG-11 Elevator Mechanic...

Total, Restoration of Abolished Positions.

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5 $ 231,000

In fiscal year 1993, ten positions were reduced from the permanent authorized total of 191, resulting in a total authorized strength of 181 permanent positions for the "Capitol Buildings" appropriation.

This level of staffing cuts will seriously affect the ability to to the Capitol Building. provide essential services to the Congress, its staff and the visitors Building. This would result in service quality below levels considered to be acceptable for service delivery in the Capitol


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