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REQUESTED (continued)

1 - STRUCTURAL ENGINEER, GS 14 (continued): years as a temporary
position charged against various construction projects, but it has long
been clear that a permanent need exists for a staff structural

The Structural Engineer is involved in all projects requiring structural engineering input. He participates in projects from conception through completion of construction. He functions as an evaluator, designer, specifier, report writer, consultant, reviewer and inspector depending on the needs of the project. He provides engineering support for the Architecture Division, the Engineering Division, the Building Superintendents, the Construction Management Division and the Capitol Power Plant. He is responsible for the structural aspects of all projects. He is capable of working alone on several projects but also supervises a staff on larger projects. He manages larger projects that are primarily structural in nature. Such management involves establishing a scope of work, participating in interviewing and recommending the selection of consultants, negotiating consultant fees, coordination of the consultant's efforts with the AOC staff, assisting in obtaining funding for the projects and approval of payments to the consultants.

Recent and current projects:

conservation of the Statue of Freedom

repairs to the House East Monumental Stair

Cannon House Office Building Terrace repairs and waterproofing

repairs and waterproofing for the U.S. Capitol Dome

repairs to the Rayburn House Office Building Waterproofing

new loading dock infill, Jefferson Library Building

new House publishing facility

new U.S. Botanic Garden nursery facility located at D.C. Village
Conservatory study and Palm House demolition, U.S. Botanic Garden
terrace repair and restoration, U.S. Supreme Court


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elevator rehabilitation projects in House and Senate buildings
renovation of the Capitol Building "Document Room"

terrace infill, repair and renovation, U.S. Capitol

survey and repair of concrete parking structures, House Office

various projects for the U.S. Capitol Power Plant

1- ARCHITECTURAL HISTORIAN, GS 12: This position is essential for
the historic preservation and research of the facilities in the Capitol
complex. The Historian, working closely with the Curator, provides
scholarly building documentation for use by the Architecture and
Engineering Divisions. Proper care of historic buildings requires the
preservation skills provided by the Historian. He researches and
writes historic structures reports, and provides educational services
through writing, public speaking, exhibits and publications.
Historically appropriate designs are prepared by the Historian for
restoration and other improvement projects. The Historian also
provides overall scholarly support throughout the agency.


Until approximately 15 years ago, the responsibilities
accommodated by the Curator on an as needed basis. At that time, the
duties of both positions had grown so that a distinct Architectural
Historian position was created as a temporary position charged against
various construction projects. It has become clear in the ensuing
years that a permanent need exists for a staff architectural historian.

Recent and current projects:

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authored "The United States Capitol: A Brief Architectural
History," published in commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of
the United States Congress; first printing of 50,000 copies in

authored "The Dome of the United States Capitol: An Architectural History; first printing of 15,000 copies ordered by the Congress

in 1991.


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REQUESTED (continued)

prepared unpublished report for the Speaker of the House, laying
the groundwork for the possible restoration of the House Chamber;
entitled "Thomas U. Walter's Hall of the House of Representatives:
An Architectural Description of a Lost Masterpiece."
designed ceiling decoration in the restoration of the Russell
Senate Office Building Rotunda and Caucus Room.

designed color scheme of committee meeting room, including:
Interior and Insular Affairs, Longworth House Office Building;
Ways and Means, Longworth House Office Building;

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Armed Services, Russell Senate Office Building;
Veterans' Affairs, Cannon House Office Building.

consulted on U.S. Capitol West Central Front restoration and West
Terraces restoration and infills projects.

consulted on the restoration of the Statue of Freedom, U.S. Capitol

consulted on color design and restorations of several spaces in the
U.S. Capitol, including: Rooms $143 and $125; House Majority
Leader's Suite; the Board of Education Room H128; the Senate
Chamber; the LBJ Room $211, and the Secretary of the Senate Room

participates actively in discussions of publications, ceremonies,
exhibits and related activities being planned for the 1993
Bicentennial of the U.S. Capitol; will write a comprehensive
history of the U.S. Capitol as a major contribution to the
Bicentennial celebration of the building (project supported by the
U.S. Capitol Preservation Commission).

lends special expertise to outside organizations and governmental
groups interested in the Capitol and Congress such as the
"Washingtonian Project" for the Library of Congress or The
Encyclopedia of The United States Congress, a project of the
Commission on the Bicentennial of the United Constitution.



Estimate 1994

Salaries, Architect of the Capitol

Increases (continued)


REQUESTED (continued)

Specialist provides Interior Design services for Members of Congress,
Congressional Committees and their staffs and is responsible for the
technical direction of all interior design projects. This involves
advance planning, organizing, scheduling, coordinating, controlling and
furnishing technical guidance to staff architects on assigned projects.
Work includes performing or managing assignments related to the design
of interior environments in order to promote productivity, health and
welfare among Members and staff and/or the health and welfare of the
public. Interior design involves investigating, identifying and
documenting client needs; analyzing needs, proposing options and,
working with the client, developing specific solutions; developing
design documents, including contract working drawings and
specifications; and, as appropriate, managing design projects performed
in-house or by contract.

Although the present position is a temporary position charged against
various construction projects, there is a permanent need for a staff
interior design specialist. This permanent need is made more critical
because of the need to assure that Congressional staff can make use of
limited space in the most appropriate, efficient, and cost effective


Recent and current projects:

Speaker's Offices

(Personal, Ceremonial,
Conference, Dining Room)
Majority Leader's Offices
Members' Dining Rooms (House)
Senate Chamber

Russell Caucus Room

Vice President's Office

U.S. Capitol Room H-128

Supreme Court Reception Rooms

Majority Whip Offices

• Majority Leader's Offices Modular Furniture Studies Senators' Offices



Estimate 1994

Salaries, Architect of the Capitol

Increases (continued)


REQUESTED (continued)

the Assistant Architect of the Capitol provides overall management for
special projects in the Office of the Assistant Architect, prepares
authoritative technical and design reports related to selected
projects, and coordinates the work of staff and consultants toward the
completion of and appropriate communication about these projects. He
assists in the management, operation and direction of the architecture,
technical support and construction management activities and the
general business affairs of the Office of the Assistant Architect. He
manages the budgeting process in the Office of the Assistant Architect,
the professional services contract process, and the project scheduling
and reporting process. He promotes mutual cooperation and open
internal communication in activities which can be enhanced and made
more efficient as a result. He develops and recommends new management
guidelines and procedures aimed at enhancing the operation of the
Office of the Assistant Architect.

Inasmuch as these responsibilities likely will increase and not
diminish, a permanent staff position is requested to meet these duties.
Recent and current projects:

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researched and prepared internal report on site planning and other
design options for the proposed Capitol Visitor Center that drew
from findings of several prior studies; assisted in the
coordination and management of the Visitor Center conceptual design
process (physical facility plus interactive information network to
be installed in facility); will continue to coordinate the design
of the physical and information elements of the project subject to

managed House office buildings study to determine the feasibility
of courtyard additions; this included organizing a special advisory
panel of recognized architects and an exploratory design and
evaluation session, researching results of the session, Co-
authoring the appendix to the final report, and editing and
publishing the final report.


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