Laws of Wisconsin Concerning the Organization and Government of Towns: And the Powers and Duties of Town Officers and Boards of Supervisors : with Numerous Practical Forms

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W.B. Keen Janesville, J. Sutherland, 1858 - 189 lappuses

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42. lappuse - State during the six months immediately preceding such election, and shall have declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States, conformably to the laws of the United States on the subject of naturalization, shall be entitled to vote in the township or precinct where he may reside.
9. lappuse - ... to contribute to another, to be paid or used, any money or other valuable thing as a compensation or reward for the giving or withholding a vote at such, election...
14. lappuse - The place where a married man's family resides shall generally be considered and held to be his residence...
34. lappuse - Every office shall become vacant, on the happening of either of the following events, before the expiration of the term of such office : 1. The death of the incumbent ; 2. His resignation; 3. His removal from office; 4.
42. lappuse - You do solemnly swear, (or affirm, as the case may be), that you are twenty-one years of age ; that you are a citizen of the United States, (or...
14. lappuse - Every elector shall deliver, in full view of one of the judges oF election, a single ballot or piece of paper, on which shall be written or printed the names of the persons voted for, with a pertinent designation of the office which he or they may be intended to fill.
161. lappuse - Illegitimate children shall follow, and have the settlement of their mother at the time of their birth...
33. lappuse - ... take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by the constitution of this state...
9. lappuse - White persons of foreign birth who shall have declared their Intention to become citizens, conformably to the laws of the United States on the subject of naturalization.
14. lappuse - A person shall not be considered or held to have lost his residence who shall leave his home and go into another state or territory, or county of this state, for temporary purposes merely, with an intention of returning.

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