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This Spring-as never before -your customers will need your advice on economical ways of varnishing.

Your duty is to give good advice. Tell your customers that cheap varnishes cost twice as much as good ones. Tell them that the right way to save is to let you use

Murphy Varnish

"the varnish that lasts longest"

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Design No. 18 Three Colors Color Combination No. 150

A New Source of Profit


The Acme Quality Decorators' System is a simple, quick and economical method of wall and ceiling decoration. It is a simplified method of blending, stippling, glazing and producing Tiffany blends and monotones. It enables the painter to produce modern, up-to-date designs in colors.

By the Acme Quality Decorators' System the painter or decorator can produce hand painted effects which compare favorably with the work of an experienced free-hand artist at a cost within the reach of the average home owner.

It is not possible to show in the above illustration the beauty of the color effects secured. If you are interested in knowing more about this new and profitable work, write us and we will send you free of cost color reproductions of wall decorations produced by the Acme Quality Decorators' System, together with an instruction sheet giving practical directions for producing this class of work.


Silver Bond Silica

is Rock Silica, Water Ground and Water Floated
and the most valuable "inert" for reinforcing Lead
and Zinc for the prevention of chalking and

99% per cent. PURE-Does not con

tain any trace of Lime or Iron.
It is not an adulterant.

Extraordinary results obtained when used in
accordance with the following formulas:

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Also best and standard for Liquid Metal Polish.

As Miners and Grinders we solicit your business direct, and knowing that a practical test of our SILVER BOND SILICA will secure you as a permanent consumer, we make the following offer:

One Barrel (350 lbs.) at the Ton Price 134c per pound, F. O. B. Tamms, Ills. Send for booklet "Catechism for the Painter" on Silica.


30 North LaSalle Street,

Chicago, Illinois

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Gest it with a Hammer


OOKING backward through the flight of time fifteen years, the grown children of Mr. Arthur J. Soucie, Medina, N. Y., see themselves as little tots, playing on a stairway newly finished with "61" Floor Varnish. About this, Mr. Soucie says, "Fifteen years ago I applied "61" Floor Varnish to the stairway in my home. The "61" stood up so well that I did not consider it necessary to refinish these stairs until a few weeks ago. You may be sure I refinished them with "61" Floor Varnish."

Of course the above case is exceptional; but when even an exception can be found that is as remarkable as this one, you will readily realize how very satisfactory is the average life of this enduring floor finish.

To the painter who is building a business and not merely going from job to job, there is nothing more necessary than durable ma

terials - because no matter how perfectly a job may be finished, it will bring no repeat orders if it goes to pieces before its time.

As for its cost-"61" Floor Varnish is not a low-priced product-that is, when cost is measured per gallon. Estimated per job, it is most economical, because of its great covering capacity, and because its easy-working characteristics minimize the labor cost.

That it is pre-eminently the varnish for the painter is proved conclusively by its almost universal selection by good painters all over the continent (even by those who do not always use it) for the job where quality counts.


The surpassing beauty and merit of Vitralite, the Long-Life White Enamel accounts for its use in the White House at Washington.


90 Tonawanda Street, Buffalo, N. Y.


New York Buffalo Chicago Bridgeburg, Ontario London Paris Sydney


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For years the Prussians have drunk a toast to "Der Tag," the day when the German
army should advance upon her enemies.

When they return, that remnant who remain,

Purged of all fear, made wise through pain and fire,

Think not, O Rulers, these will faint or tire,

Whom demon Anguish so inures to pain.
For in the lulls on War's ensanguined plain,

These men, obedient, keep a silent ire,.

And in their dreams looms up a conflict dire,

Lest all who bleed and die shall fall in vain.

Let not the sleepy folds of Luxury

Enmesh your eyes, ye lords who stand in power,
But be ye mindful of the approaching hour

When these your chattels turn to challenge ye:

Pale in the shell-blast, Death's boon comrades, they,
Drinking, in blood and tears,-"the Day-the Day!"

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