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To War Revenue Act and Federal
Income Tax Law

I. War Revenue Act

Abatement of excess profits tax, claim for
Administrative provisions of War Revenue Act
Contracts preventing addition of tax to purchase price
Dealer, definition of

Extension of present administrative provisions
Installment payments of income and excess profits taxes
Payment, forms in which may be made

Penal provisions

Regulations by Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Returns by taxable persons...

Use of stamps already on hand

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Cameras, war excise tax on


"Capital" defined for purpose of excess profits tax.

"Capital," how to determine average
Capital stock, stamp tax on issue of.
Capital stock, stamp tax on sale of..
Carbonic acid gas, tax on
Cards, playing, stamp tax on

Carriers transporting their own commodities, subject to tax..
Casualty insurance, tax on

Chewing gum, tax on

Cigars, Tobacco and Manufactures thereof, war tax on:


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Contracts preventing addition of tax to purchase price.
Conveyances, stamp tax on......
Cosmetics and toilet articles, tax on

Custom house entries, stamp tax on

Custom house entries for withdrawal, stamp tax on.

Date stamp taxes are effective......
Date tax on cigars, tobacco, etc., is effective.
Date War Revenue Act is effective....

"Admission" for admission tax

"Business" for excess profits tax..
"Capital" for excess profits tax.......
“Corporation” for excess profits tax.

"Domestic" for excess profits tax...
"First taxable year" for excess profits tax
“Fiscal year” for excess profits tax
"Foreign" for excess profits tax
"Net income" for excess profits tax.
"Prewar period" for excess profits tax.
"Taxable year" for excess profits tax...


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"Trade" and "business" for excess profits tax..
"United States" for excess profits tax..
Distilled spirits:

Additional tax on

Alcohol, regulations in regard to..
Apparatus, installation of

Imports of spirits, prohibition of.
Manufacture, regulations of
Penal provisions

Perfumes containing spirits
Rectified spirits

Retailer, spirits in possession of

Stamp regulations

Transfer of spirits



Estate Tax:


Tax does not apply to estates transferred as result of death while in
military service of U. S. or as a result of injuries received in such

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Ethyl alcohol, regulations in regard to

Excess profits tax:

Administrative provisions

Commissioner to make necessary regulations...

Extension of administrative provisions of law of this Act..
All activities of corporation or partnership deemed a single business..
Assessment of tax, basis of....

Bond from claimant

Claim for abatement

Collection of tax on which abatement is claimed...
Business, law applies to every


Corporations exempted from income tax, and partnerships and in-
dividuals engaged in same business

Government officials


Income from weekly premium payment insurance.


Foreign corporations and non-resident aliens, whose income is less

than $3,000

Business with nominal capital.

Deductions allowed

Tax of 8 per cent. on income of..

"Capital" defined:


For domestic corporations and partnerships

For foreign corporations and partnerships and nonresident aliens..
For individuals

How averaged

Capital invested cannot be determined, in case..

Deduction and net income, proportion between to be determined by
Commissioner of Internal Revenue

Deduction from war excess profits, how to determine...

Deductible percentage to be determined by Commissioner of Internal

Domestic corporations

Domestic partnerships and citizens or residents of U. S..

Foreign corporations and nonresident aliens....

Where average prewar income cannot be determined..

Where business is a reorganization or combination of one in existence
during prewar period...


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Where business was not in existence during prewar period..........
Where business yielded no net income during prewar period..
Where net income was relatively low during prewar period...


For corporations and partnerships..
For individuals

For nonresident

"First taxable year"

"Fiscal year"



For 1913

For taxable year

"Net income" for nonresident aliens and foreign corporations.
"Prewar period"
"Taxable year"

"Trade or business"

"United States"

Munitions manufactures, tax of Sept. 8, 1916, on, lowered to 10 per

aliens and foreign corporations.

Net income of corporation, how to determine.

For 1911 and 1912


Net income of individuals and partnerships, how to determine..
Repeal of Excess Profits Tax of March 3, 1917................

Taxes paid thereunder credited toward war excess profits tax of
October 3, 1917...

Returns by foreign partnerships and individuals
Trades with nominal capital

Deductions allowed to......

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Musical instruments

Patent medicines and remedies

Sporting goods

Express transportation

Extension of present administrative provisions of new taxes..
Extracts, tax on

Express transportation

Freight transportation

Facilities furnished by public utilities and insurance, war tax on..
Facilities of public utilities, tax on..





Messages by telephone, telegraph or radio

Passenger transportation
Pipe line transmission of oil

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General provisions of War Revenue Act....

Date Act is effective ...

Invalidity of any section

Repeal of special preparedness fund of Act of March 3, 1917..

Importation of distilled spirits prohibited....

Income tax amendments...




Dividends are deemed to be paid out of net income of taxable year..
Excess profits taxes assessed may be deducted from net income of
taxable year for income tax purposes.....

Exemption, specific personal, allowed only to citizens or residents of
the United States..


Foreign interest and dividend payments; collectors of, must furnish
information as to recipients.

Funds withheld under Act of 1916, release of..............

Income and excess profits taxes paid during taxable year not deductible
from net income:

Citizens or residents.

Nonresident aliens





By brokers of customers and their profits and losses
By corporations of dividends paid and recipients thereof
Of fixed and determinable payments in excess of $800...

Of interest payments on bonds, mortgages and deeds of trust,
regardless of amount


Penalties for refusal to furnish or for fraudulent.

Interest paid on debt incurred in purchase of tax-exempt securities
is not deductible from net income:


Citizens or residents.

Nonresident aliens

Obligations of United States issued after September 1, 1917, exempt
from income tax only to extent provided for in act authorizing

Partnerships may fix their own fiscal year.


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Fiduciaries need make none for income not in excess of $3,000..... 75
Nonresident aliens must file, to obtain credits and deductions..
Requirement that nonresident aliens file, to obtain benefit of specific
personal exemption (no longer allowed them) repealed...
Specific personal exemption:


Allowed only to citizens and residents of the United States......


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