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profitable purposes, no part of the net income of which inures to the benefit of any private stockholder or member;

Tenth. Farmers' or other mutual hail, cyclone, or fire insurance company, mutual ditch or irrigation company, mutual or cooperative telephone company, or like organization of a purely local character, the income of which consists solely of assessments, dues, and fees collected from members for the sole purpose of meeting its


Eleventh. Farmers', fruit growers', or like association, organized and operated as as a sales agent for the purpose of marketing the products of its members and turning back to them the proceeds of sales, less the necessary selling expenses, on the basis of the quantity of produce furnished by them;

Twelfth. Corporation or association organized for the exclusive purpose of holding title to property, collecting income therefrom, and turning over the entire amount thereof, less expenses, to an organization which itself is exempt from the tax imposed by this title; or

Thirteenth. Federal land banks and national farm-loan associations as provided in section twenty-six of the Act approved July seventeenth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, entitled “An Act to provide capital for agricultural development, to create standard forms of investment based upon farm mortgage, to equalize rates of interest upon farm loans, to furnish a market for United States bonds, to create Government depositaries and financial agents for the United States, and for other purposes.

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Fourteenth. Joint-stock land banks as to income derived from bonds or debentures of other

Income accruing to political subdivisions of U. S. exempted

4. Deductions allowed to domestic corporations

joint-stock land banks or any Federal land bank belonging to such joint-stock land bank.

(b) There shall not be taxed under this title any income derived from any public utility or from the exercise of any essential governmental function accruing to any State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, or any political subdivision of a State or Territory, nor any income accruing to the government of the Philippine Islands or Porto Rico, or of any political subdivision of the Philippine Islands or Porto Rico: Provided, That whenever any State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, or any political subdivision of a State or Territory, has, prior to the passage of this title, entered in good faith into a contract with any person or corporation, the object and purpose of which is to acquire, construct, operate, or maintain a public utility, no tax shall be levied under the provisions of this title upon the income derived from the operation of such public utility, so far as the payment thereof will impose a loss or burden upon such State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, or a political subdivision of a State or Territory; but this provision is not intended to confer upon such person or corporation any financial gain or exemption or to relieve such person or corporation from the payment of a tax as provided for in this title upon the part or portion of the said income to which such person or corporation shall be entitled under such contract.


SEC. 12. (a) In the case of a corporation, joint-stock company or association, or insurance company, organized in the United States, such net income shall be ascertained by deducting from the gross amount of its income received within the year from all sources

First. All the ordinary and necessary ex- Expenses penses paid within the year in the maintenance and operation of its business and properties, including rentals or other payments required to be made as a condition to the continued use or possession of property to which the corporation has not taken or is not taking title, or in which it has no equity.

depreciation and

Second. All losses actually sustained and Losses, charged off within the year and not compensated exhaustion by insurance or otherwise, including a reasonable allowance for the exhaustion, wear and tear of property arising out of its use or employment in the business or trade; (a) in the case of oil and gas wells a reasonable allowance for actual reduction in flow and production to be ascertained not by the flush flow, but by the settled production or regular flow; (b) in the case of mines a reasonable allowance for depletion thereof not to exceed the market value in the mine of the product thereof which has been mined and sold during the year for which the return and computation are made, such reasonable allowance to be made in the case of both (a) and (b) under rules and regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury: Provided, That when the allowance authorized in (a) and (b) shall equal the capital originally invested, or in case of purchase made prior to March first, nineteen hundred and thirteen, the fair market value as of that date, no further allowance shall be made; and (c) in the case of insurance companies, the net addition, if any, required by law to be made within the year to reserve funds and the sums other than dividends paid within the year on policy and annuity contracts: Provided, That no deduction shall be No deduction for allowed for any amount paid out for new build- allowed ings, permanent improvements, or betterments made to increase the value of any property or



insurance companies;

regulations for

A percentage of

interest paid

except that

incurred in

purchase of tax exempt Recurities

estate, and no deduction shall be made for any amount of expense of restoring property or making good the exhaustion thereof for which an allowance is or has been made: Provided further, That mutual fire and mutual employers' liability and mutual workmen's compensation and mutual casualty insurance companies requiring their members to make premium deposits to provide for losses and expenses shall not return as income any portion of the premium deposits returned to their policyholders, but shall return as taxable income all income received by them from all other sources plus such portions of the premium deposits as are retained by the companies for purposes other than the payment of losses and expenses and reinsurance reserves: Provided further, That mutual marine insurance companies shall include in their return of gross income gross premiums collected and received by them less amounts paid for reinsurance, but shall be entitled to include in deductions from gross income amounts repaid to policyholders on account of premiums previously paid by them and interest paid upon such amounts between the ascertainment thereof and the payment thereof, and life insurance companies shall not include as income in any year such portion of any actual premium received from any individual policyholder as shall have been paid back or credited to such individual policyholder, or treated as an abatement of premium of such individual policyholder, within such year;

"Third.* The amount of interest paid within on Indebtedness, the year on its indebtedness (except on indebtedness incurred for the purchase of obligations or securities the interest upon which is exempt from taxation as income under this title) to an amount of such indebtedness not in excess of the sum of How determined (a) the entire amount of the paid-up capital stock

*As amended October 3, 1917.

bearing debt

non-par stock


outstanding at the close of the year, or, if no capital stock, the entire amount of capital employed in the business at the close of the year, and (b) one-half of its interest-bearing indebtedness then Preferred stock outstanding: Provided, That for the purpose of not interest this title preferred capital stock shall not be considered interest-bearing indebtedness, and interest or dividends paid upon this stock shall not be deductible from gross income: Provided further, Value of That in cases wherein shares of capital stock are issued without par or nominal value, the amount of paid-up capital stock, within the meaning of this section, as represented by such shares, will be the amount of cash, or its equivalent, paid or transferred to the corporation as a consideration for such shares: Provided further, That in the Debt secured by case of indebtedness wholly secured by property subject to sale property in ordinary collateral, tangible or intangible, the subject of corporation's sale or hypothecation in the ordinary business of business such corporation, joint-stock company or association as a dealer only in the property constituting such collateral, or in loaning the funds thereby procured, the total interest paid by such corporation, company, or association within the year on any such indebtedness may be deducted as a part of its expenses of doing business, but interest on such indebtedness shall only be deductible on an amount of such indebtedness not in excess of the Bonds issued actual value of such property collateral: Provided with guaranty further, That in the case of bonds or other in- interest debtedness, which have been issued with a guaranty that the interest payable thereon shall be free from taxation, no deduction for the payment of the tax herein imposed, or any other tax paid

of tax free

pursuant to such guaranty, shall be allowed; and Interest paid by in the case of a bank, banking association, loan or deposits

trust company, interest paid within the year on deposits or on moneys received for investment and secured by interest-bearing certificates of indebt

bank on

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