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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

manual for computing compensation,
applying on C. & N. W. r'y. 7100.
Gill (R. H. K.) Psychol. aspects of
Christian experience. 818.
Gillespie (A. G.) Guide to coast artil-
lery posts. 1799.

Gillespie (G. C.) Fire insur. house
marks of the U. S. 1729.
Gillespie (W. M.) Treatise on survey-
ing, comprising the theory & the
practice. Appendix 157.
Gillette (F. L. C.)

White House cook

bk. 1625.

Gillette (W. H.)
time in acting.
Gilliam (D. T.)

Illusion of the first

Dick Devereux.

Gillilan (J. D.) Trail tales. 5388.
Gillin (J. L.) Outlines of sociology.


Gillis (S. A.) Money in fox farming.

Gillmore (I. H.)

Ollivant orphans.

(Bradley) Robert E. Lee.

Gilmer (E. M.)

Hearts à la mode.

Gilmore (F. G.)
Gilmore (J. R.)

Problem. 5732.
John Sevier as રી
builder. Appendix


Gilmore (L. E.) Gilmore (J. R.)
John Sevier as a commonwealth
builder. Appendix 158.

Gilson (F. H.) co. Music bk. ptg.,
with specimens. 7732.

Ginn & co. :

Andersen (H. C.) Hans Ander-
sen's fairy tales. 1229.
Arabian nights. Arabian nights'
entertainments. 2215.
Arnold (S. L.) Manual for teach-
ers to acc. the See & say series.
Atkinson (A. M.) Introd. to
Amer. hist.; European begin-
nings. 59.

Bernbaum (Ernest) Drama of
sensibility. 6945.

Boyce (E. M.) Enunciation &
articulation. 1999.

Carson (G. S.) Elem, of algebra.
3124, 3177.

Plane geom.

Ginn & co.-Continued.
Carson (G. S.)
4031, 4032.
Francillon (R. E.) Gods &
heroes. 5489.

pt. 1, n. s., v. 12

Heine (Heinrich)


with some of Heine's best-known
short poems. 2099.
Irving (Washington) Alhambra.

Lamb (Charles)

Tales from

Shakespeare. 6916.
Moore (J. H.) Pract. bus. arith

Scott (Walter) Lay of the last
minstrel. 6991.

Swiss family

Wyss (J. D. v.)
Robinson. 6652.

Ginsberg (L. C.) Third Amer. tour-
ney. 2377.

Ginther (Pemberton)

Miss Pat in the

Old world. 3006.
Girard trust co., trustee.
H.) Spencer Fullerton
biog. 2606.

Dall (W.
Baird; a

Girardey (Ferreol):

Catholic faith. 6463.
Sermon matter. 2422.
Giraud (Victor) Miracle français

Girling (K. P.)

eight yar old.
Givler (R. C.)
Gjerset (Knut) Hist. of the Norwe
gian people. 4265.
Glage (Max) Rechte

When Hannah var
Concious cross-section.




Glaspell (Susan) Fidelity.
Glass (Mrs. C. W.) See Glass (K.
E. P.)

Glass (Dudley) Writing for the press.

Romance in Star-

Glass (K. E. P.)

land. 3310.

Glass (M. M.)

Competitive nephew.


Gleason (A. H.) Young Hilda at the

Can such things

Gleig (G. R.) Gleig's wonderful bk.
concerning the most wonderful bk.
in the world. 2047.
Glenn (F. A.)

Byrne duplex Engl
punctuation, & corres. 6423.
Glenn (Garrard) Rights & remedies
of creditors. 961.
Glenn (O. E.)

of invariants.

Glezen (E. K.) Hymns of the faith
with psalms for the use of congrega-
tions. Appendix 181.

Glidden (A. J.) Direct reading int.
tables. 7608.

wars. 5220.

Gleeson (William)

be? 7786.

Treatise on the theory

[blocks in formation]

Golden fleece. (Drama) 5871*.
Goldingham (A. H.) Marine & sta-
tionary Diesel engines. 6125.
Goldkörner. 1582.

Goldoni (Carlo)



Goldsmith (Oliver) Deserted village.
Goldsmith (P. H.) Brief bibliog. of
bks. in English, Spanish & Portu-
guese, rel. to the republics commonly
called Latin American. 7449.
Goldstein (H. S.) Luzzatto (M. H.)
Moses Haym Luzzatto's Lah-y' shaw-
riem Tehilaw. 7751.

Golf primer on familiar rules. 7209.
Golf quiz. 5135.

Goll (H. L.) Farm & schl. problems.

Golladay (R. E.) Sermons on the
catechism. 6769.

Gomez Pallete (José) Trigonometría.

Gomme (L. J.):

Holley (Horace) Social principle.

Le Gallienne (Richard) Open let-
ter from Richard Le Gallienne
to Laurence J. Gomme. 3888.
Gomoll (Barnard) Cosmologic guide
& key. 7232.

Gonzales (J. O.) See Orts Gonzalez

Gooch (F. A.)

Representative pro-
cedures in quantitative chem. anal.

Gooch (G. P.)
Good (D. C.)

dex. 4315.

Good (J. W.) Studies in the Milton
tradition. 6965.
Good Friday. (Drama)
Good health pub. co.:
Kellogg (J. H.)



Goethe (J. W. v.) :

Goethe & Schiller's Xenions. 4363.
Hermann u. Dorothea. 1581.
Götz (Julius) Unter Habsburgs
fahnen. 7650.

Goff (John) In pastures green & by
waters still. 5389.

Colon hygiene.

Neurasthenia. 4135.
Rogers (Ethel) Sabago-Wohelo
camp fire girls. 2709.

Good Samaritan, & other Bible stories
dramatized. (Drama) 5915.
Good will pub. co. Weed (Truman)

Deborah Moses. 1319.
Good woman. (Drama) 876*.
Good word, being a little journey to
Mount Vernon, N. Y. 7529.

Goode (K. T.) First fruits, & other
poems. 347.
Goodenough (G. A.) Properties of
steam & ammonia. 4316.

Victors of peace. 1868.
Suppl. to Good's in-


Goodhue co. Williams (E. H.) Alco-
hol, hygiene & legislation. 7404.
Goodman (J. E.) Treasure Island.

[blocks in formation]


Goodyear (L. E.) Prin., rules & defi-
nitions for bookkeeping.
Goodyear-Marshall pub. co. Goodyear
(L. E.) Prin., rules & definitions
for bookkeeping. 4996.
Googerty (T. F.)
smithing. 5733.
Gorbach (A. B.) Deutscher vereins-
wegweiser von Cincinnati, O. 3091.
Gording (Röl) pseud. Sce Peterson

Prac. forging & art

Gordon (A. H.) Awakening. 442.
Gordon (Elizabeth):

Sheaf of roses. 3201.

What we saw at Madame World's
fair. 4266.

Gordon (I. L.) Log of the Ark, by
Noah. 6424.

Gordon (J. G.) Notes on water in-
spection. 492.

[blocks in formation]

Gorky (Maxim) pseud. Sce Preshkov

(A. M.)

Gorski (J. W.) Baseball & bowling
standard calculator. 1430.

Gospel trumpet co.:

Forrest (J. E.) Errors of Rus-
sellism. 6672.


Smith (F. G.) Missionary jour-
neys through Bible lands.
Soul-stirring sermons. 5797.

Goss (E. H.) Ancient Melrose. 5221.
Gottberg (Otto v.):

Helden v. Tsingtau.



u. U-bootstaten.

Gottheil (W. S.) Stereoscopic studies
of diseases of the skin. 7450.
Gottlieb (Elfriede) Ricarda Huch.

Gould (C. P.) Money & transporta-
tion in Md. 1050.
Gould (F. J.):

Heroes of peace. 94.
Victors of peace.

Gould (G. M.)


Gould (M. P.)
boy who made


Pocket medical dict.

Frank Hornby, the
$1,000,000 with a toy.

[blocks in formation]

Gozdovič (Rifat) Im blutigen Karst.

Graah-Bolander (Asta) See Bolander
(A. G.)

Grabein (Paul) Die vom Rauhen
grund. 2734.

Grace Mary. (Drama) 913.
Graefe (Albrecht) Graefe-Saemisch-
Hess handbuch der gesamten augen-
heilkunde. 2835.
Grafström (A. V.)


Grafton pub. corp.

Skånska baron.

Selfridge (V. J.)

Miracle missions.
Graham (A. J.) & co. Graham (A.
J.) Graham's bus. shorthand. 3785.
Graham (H. J.) Abstract of emer
gency revenue act of 1914. 1800.
Graham (J. B.) Handset reminis-
cences. 1340.

Graham (Stephen):

Russia & the world. 1051, 2234.
Way of Martha & the way of
Mary. 6859.

Graham (Winifred) See Cory (W. G.)

Jan.-Dec., 1915

Gray (Joseph M. M.) Old faith in

the new day.

Gray (M. A.)

Gramberg (Anton) Technische mes-
sungen bei maschinenuntersuchun-
gen u. im betriebe. 2735.
Grammar. (Drama) 5440*.
Grammes (L. F.) & sons. Guide to a Gray (M. T.)
bus. educa. 7530, 7531.

Gran (Gerhard) Norsk aandsliv i
hundrede aar. 7790.

Grand (Henri) Elfric, abbot of Eyn-
sham. Hirtenbriefe Elfrics. 3254.
Grand chapter, Order of the eastern

star, State of New York. See Order
of the eastern star. Grand chapter
of New York.

Grand lodge of Minn. See Freemasons.
Minn. Grand lodge.
Grandgent (C. H.)


Italian grammar.

[blocks in formation]

World's prayer. 2891.



Like unto a merchant.

Lure of San Francisco.

Gray (Thomas) Elegy written in a
country churchyard. 7651.
Grayson (David) pseud. Hempfield.

Great Bible renowns. 962.

Great Britain, copyright order in coun-
cil. Appendix, p. 5.
Great eastern salesmanship bureau.
Zimmerman (M. D.) Scientific bus.
college soliciting. 1838.

Great pyramid, a temple of initiation.

[blocks in formation]

Grattan (Robert) Bender's village Greendlinger (Leo)

laws. 3885.

Grau (Jacinto) Entre llamas. 5646*.
Graves (A. K.) pseud. Secrets of the
Hohenzollerns. 3359.

Graves (B. M.) Natl. Chautauqua |
assn. Mich. state summer encamp-
ment. 4052.

Graves (C. I. M.):

Man of iron. 681.

Off Sandy Hook. 4506, 5050.

Graves (E. M.) Inner beauty of the

Greene (A. M.) jr.


Greene (E. H.)


Orders of archi-

Acctg. pract. 98.

Heat engineering.


Lieberman (Harry)

Third Amer. tourney.
Greene (F. V.)

Present military situ-

[blocks in formation]

Lord's prayer.


Graves (F. P.)

Student's hist. of

[blocks in formation]

Plain & the middle Mohawk Valley.

Greene (N. L.) Historical chart of
German lit. for use in schls. & col-
leges. 910.

Greene (R. S.) Primer trilogy. 1052.
Greenfield (J. L.) Portraits & biog-
raphies of the bishops of the Metho-
dist Episcopal church, South. 5392.
Greenlaw (E. A.) Familiar letters,

[blocks in formation]

Rule against perpetui- | Greenough (H. S. J.) Songs & games

Gray (James M.) Christian workers'
commentary on the O. & N. T. 2794.

for little ones. Appendix 233.

Greenstone (Abraham) Anti-religion.

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