Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

Trois poèmes de guerre. 7717. Claudy (C. H.):

Partners of the forest trail. 6168. Tell-me-why stories about color & sound. 5629.

Clausen (J. H.) Boat of Gaeta, & other verses. 5041. Clauson-Thue (W.):

A B C universal commer. elec. teleg. 2602.

O codigo electrico telegraphico universal e commercial. 1384. Clay (G. S.) Dillon (J. F.) Law of municipal corporations. Appendix 266.

Clayton (Powell) executor, estate of Powell Clayton. Aftermath of the civil war, in Ark. 7434. Cleaveland (L. W.) pract. of Conn.

Probate law & 1888, 7622.

Clement (E. W.) Short hist. of Japer 4501.

Clements (E. S.) Flowers of mon tain & plain. 6169. Clements (P. H.)


Boxer rebellio

Clennell (J. E.)

Cyanide handb


Maine, in verse &

Cleveland (G. A.)

story. 1574.

Cleveland foundation (Survey com). Ayres (L. P.) Child accounting

in the public schls. 6653. Health work in the public schls. 6654. Bobbitt (J. F.) teach & might

Cleveland press:

Ochsner (A. J.)

surgery. 694.

What the schis teach. 6655.

New manual ₫

Wood (C. A.) Amer. encycl. & dict. of ophthalmology. 2454. 5457.

Cliff of tears. (Drama) 6988. Clifford (C. R.) Period furnishings 3683.

Clifford (F. E. de) See De Clifford (F. E.)

Clifford (N. F. de)

(N. F.)

Clifford & Lawton:

Amer. Silk jour.

terms. 4881. Clifford (C. R.)

ings. 3683.

See De Clifford

Dict. of silk

Period furnish

Room beautiful. 6362.

Clock (E. G.) Wild flowers from the mountains, cañons & valleys of Cal 6662.

Clode (E. J.):

Boardman (Joseph) Perfect lady 2880.

Drake (Maurice) Coming back of Laurence Averil. 4804. Ford (Sewell) Shorty McCabe on the job. 815.

Torchy, private sec. 6569. Howard (W. L.) Sex problems in worry & work. 3209.

Jesse (F. T.) Man who stayed at home. 4272.

My strange life. 7562. Torbett (D.) pseud. 4733.

Life. 704.

Sinners. 3154.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

in the Holy Land and KadeshBarnea. 483.

[blocks in formation]

making. 6064.

Coblenz (Sigmund) Sefer Rigeshe Coleman (R. E.)

Yehudah. 7773.

Coburn (F. D.):

Coburn's manual. 2130.

How to make money with hogs. 5914.

Cochran (J. C.)

3181. Cochran (Jerome) crete field handbk. Cockrum (W. M.) ground railroad.

Nancy's mother.

Reinforced con2272.

Hist. of the under4799.

Cocroft (Susanna) Beauty a duty. 6813.

385, 386.

Coleman (W. M.)

2227. Coley (May)

tion. 1137.

Democracy in the

Prin. of paint.

People's health.

Wild flower preserva

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Collier (P. F.) & son, inc.:

Cody (Sherwin):


How to deal with human nature in business. 4303, 4891.

How to do business by letter. 1093.

Cölestin (C.) Grüne abend. 3402. Coffin (C. C.) Drum beat of the nation. Appendix, 137.

Coffin (G. P.) Parkman (Francis) Old régime in Canada. Appendix, 397.

Coffin (H. S.):

Some Christian convictions. 5630. Ten commandments, with a Christian application to present conditions. 5042.

Cogswell (E. E.) Driving clubs of greater Boston. 360.

Cogswell (J. G.) Original drawings by the old masters. 75.

Collier's photographic hist. of the European war.

Greatest short stories.


[blocks in formation]

pt. 1, n. s., v. 12

Collins (Mrs. E. B.) See Sharkey Columbia univ. press-Continued.

(E. A. B.)

Collison (H.) Steiner (Rudolf)

Christianity as mystical fact. 139.
Collister (Ida) Kan. calendar of sen-
timents. 6901.

Colonial dames in R. I. (Soc. of)
Pyle (Katherine) Once upon a time
in R. I. 2672.
Colonial medical press. George (A.
W.) Roentgen diagnosis of surgical
lesions of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Ct. of appeals. Cases. 4800, 6459.
General assembly. Laws. 4304.
Sup. ct. Cases. 2321, 5864.
Repts. Appendix 331.
Colson (Elizabeth) What my chil-
dren love to eat. 7055.
Colton (Asa) Conference rulings of
the Interstate commerce comn. 953.
Columban (M.) Irish nuns at Ypres.

Columbia bk. of yarns. 2603.
Columbia hist. soc. Records. 4696.
Columbian univ.:

Legislative drafting research fund.
Index digest of state constitu-
tions. 4118.

Dramatic museum:
Coquelin (Constant) Art & the
actor. 6261.

Gillette (W. H.) Illusion of the
first time in acting. 6264.
Jenkin (Fleeming) Mrs. Siddons
as Lady Macbeth & as Queen
Katharine. 6267.

Faculty of political science:
Hsu (Mongton Chih)

problems. 3649.

Watarai (Toshiharu)

Stone (H. F.) Law & its admin-

[blocks in formation]


Glimpses of the cosmos.

Comstock (Sarah):


[blocks in formation]

Mothercraft. 2002.

Old roads from the heart of New
York. 5305.

Comstock (W. C.) Will higher of
God. 77.

Comstock (W. P.) Bungalows, camps
& mountain houses. 7719.

Comstock (W. T.) co. :

[blocks in formation]

Comstock (W. P.) Bungalows.
camps & mountain



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Cone (A. B.) Facts about Chicago
fires. 674.
Conference of Amer. mayors. Pro-
ceedings. 247*.

Confessions of a clergyman. 2371.
Confessions of Frederick the Great.

Confucius. Ethics of Confucius. 6171.
Congdon (E. C.) Golf primer on
familiar rules. 7209.

Congleton (S. R.) Glimpses of many
lands. 3182.

Congregational S. S. & pub. soc.:


Knight (E. W.) Some prin. of
teaching as applied to the Sun-
day-school. 6379.
Monday club. Sermons. 5674.
Rice (C. B.) Certainties and
hopes, and other sermons.
Conklin (C. D.) jr. Structural steel
drafting & elem. design. 248.
Conklin (E. G.) Heredity & environ-
ment in the development of men.

Conkling (G. W. H.) Afternoons of
April. 5377.

Conley (J. W.) In the midst of the
years. 2173.

Sup. ct. of errors. Cases. 3540.
Workmen's compensation law.

Connell (James) Some humorous ex-
periences of a globe trotter. 3079.
Conover (U. G.) How to make money
with Belgian hares. 5815.
Conrad (Joseph) Victory. 1284.
Constant (P. H. B., baron d'Estour-
nelles de) See Estournelles de Con-
stant (P. H. B., baron d')
Converse (Florence) Story of Welles-
ley. 5718.

Convict no. 6000. See Truth about the
State penitentiary at McAlester.
Convolvulus. (Drama) 1409.
Conway (B. L.) Studies in church
hist. 5480.
Conway (W. M.)
war. 7002.
Conwell (J. A.)
structor. 628.
Conwell (R. H.)

Crowd in peace &

People's med. in-

Acres of diamonds.

Conze-Krukenberg (Elsbeth)
Krukenberg (E. Conze-)


Cook (A. S.) Literary middle Engl.
reader. 5378.

Cook (C. C.) Tucker (W. L.) Studies
in Romans. 6044.

Cook (D. C.) jr. How to write stories
for boys. 388.

Cook (D. C.) pub. co. Cook (D. C.)
jr. How to write stories for boys.

Cook (E. P.) Laboratory experiments
in organic chem. 3736.

Cook (Estelle) Kindling the hearth
fire. 7518*.

Cook (S. A.) Essence & the ethics
of politics. 1526.

Cook & Turner. Macy (W. F.) Story
of old Nantucket. 3372.

Cooke (C. H.) Soldier boy's letters
to his father & mother, 1861-5. 1094.
Cooke (G. M.) Sonny Bunny Rabbit

& his friends.
Cooke (J. B.)

obstetrics. 6311.

Nurse's handbk. of

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Corpus juris. 2086, 4603.
Correspondence, credits & traffic. 80.
Corson (Geoffrey) pseud. See Sholl
(A. M.)

Cort (Cyrus) Enoch Brown sesqui-

centennial memorial services. 1001.
Cort (W. W.) Some North Amer. lar-
val trematodes. 3541.
Cortina (R. D. de la) Cortina method
of simplifying the study of the
Spanish language. Appendix 332,

Cortissoz (E. M.) Stedman (E. C.)
Liby. of Amer. lit. Appendix 361-
Cortland, Neb.


Corwin (J. H.)
Cory (H. T.)
Salton Sink.
Cory (W. G.)

Cosby (A. F.)

Ordinance no. 40.

Beauty for ashes.

Imperial Valley & the

Can a man be true?

Addenda to Cosby's
code of ordinances. 1915. 6742.
Cosmologic guide & key. 7232.
Cosmopolitan press. Ashby (W. M.)
Redder blood. 3922.

Cosmovici. Évolution de la physique

au XIXe siècle. 2131.

[blocks in formation]

Cottman (G. S.) Centennial hist. &
handbk. of Ind.


Cotton (R. C.) Military field note bk.


Cottrell (H. M.) Dry land farming in

the Southwest. 3403.

Couch (A. T. Quiller-)

Couch (A. T.)

See Quiller-

Coughlin (D. R.) Review of the
Bibles. 1095.

Coulanges (Fustel de) Ancient city.
Appendix 56.

Coulter (J. G.) Spring flora for high
schls. 768.

[blocks in formation]
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