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Cohan & Harris. Reizenstein (E. L.) On trial. 885*.

Cohen (Friedrich):

Schlegel (A. W. v.) Briefwechsel. 4286.

Schopen (Edmund) Familie im verfassungsleben der indo-germanischen centum-völker. 4010. Cohen (H. L.) Ballade. 2172. Cohen (Hermann) Deutschtum judentum. 5863.

Cohn (C. V.) Heimat. 2931.
Coit (J. E.) Citrus fruits. 2038.
Colaw (J. M.) Schl. arith. 76.
Colby (F. M.) Outlines of gen. hist.

Vision of war.

Cole (Alfred) Hist. of Buckfield, Ox-
ford Co., Me. 7208.
Cole (E. E.) Good Samaritan. 5915.
Cole (W. M.):

Accounts; their construction & in-
terpretation. 545.

Problems in the prin. of acctg. 1667.


Colcord (Lincoln)


Coleby (W. T.) Headmaster. 6616*. Coleman (G. W.) Democracy in the

making. 6064. Coleman (R. E.) 385, 386.

Prin. of paint.

Coleman (W. M.) People's health. 2227.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

pt. 1, n. s., v. 12

Columbia univ. press-Continued.
Stone (H. F.) Law & its admin-
istration. 6545.

Studies in southern hist. & poli-
tics. 47.

Whicher (G. F.) Life & romances
of Mrs. Eliza Haywood. 5273.
Colville (W. W. J.) Philos. of Para-
celsus. 4601.

Combs (J. H.) All that's Kentucky.

Comfort (W. L.):

Lot & co. 6170.
Red fleece. 764.

Comings (S. H.) Industrial & voca-
tional educa. 4205.

Commercial club of Chicago.
(E. G.) Vocational
Europe. 767.

Commercial newspaper co. New York
commercial. America's leading
manufacturers. 2020.
Commercial paper & bills of exchange
of the world. 4892.
Commission on Christian educa. of
the Federal council of the churches
of Christ in America. See Federal
council of the churches of Christ in
America (Comn. on Christian
Complete concordance to Miscellane-
ous writings. 6814.
Complete course in photoplay & short
story writing. 4589.
Comprehensive standard

dict. 484.


Compton (F. E.) & co.
beth) Bus. builder.
Comstock (S. C.)

Glimpses of the cosmos.
Comstock (Sarah):

educa, in

Martin (Eliza-
Ward (L. F.)

Mothercraft. 2002.

Old roads from the heart of New
York. 5305.

Comstock (W. C.) Will higher of
God. 77.

Comstock (W. P.) Bungalows, camps
& mountain houses. 7719.
Comstock (W. T.) co.:

Comstock (W. P.) Bungalows,
camps & mountain houses.

Godinez (F. L.) Display window
lighting & the city beautiful.

Monckton (J. H.) Monckton's
pract. geom. 7469.

Tuthill (W. B.) Pract. lessons
in architectural drawing. 7840
Comstock pub. co.:

Needham (J. G.) Life of inland
waters. 2343.
Riley (W. A.)
entomol. 268.

Handbk. of med.

Jan.-Dec., 1915

Conant (A. F.) Complete concordance
to Miscellaneous writings. 6814.
Conant (C. A.) Hist. of modern

banks of issue.
Concise standard dict. of the Engl.
language. 4258.
Concrete-cement age pub. co.:

Cochran (Jerome) Reinforced
concrete field handbk. 2272.
Whipple (Harvey) Concrete
stone manufacture. 848.
Cone (A. B.) Facts about Chicago
fires. 674.

Conference of Amer. mayors. Pro-
ceedings. 247*.

Confessions of a clergyman. 2371.
Confessions of Frederick the Great.

Confucius. Ethics of Confucius. 6171.
Congdon (E. C.) Golf primer on
familiar rules. 7209.
Congleton (S. R.) Glimpses of many
lands. 3182.

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Convict no. 6000. See Truth about the
State penitentiary at McAlester.
Convolvulus. (Drama) 1409.

Conway (W. M.)
war. 7002.
Conwell (J. A.)

Conway (B. L.) Studies in church
hist. 5480.

structor. 628.
Conwell (R. H.)


Conze-Krukenberg (Elsbeth)
Krukenberg (E. Conze-)

Cook (A. S.) Literary middle Engl.
reader. 5378.

Cook (C. C.) Tucker (W. L.) Studies
in Romans. 6044.

Cook (D. C.) jr. How to write stories
for boys. 388.

Cook (D. C.) pub. co. Cook (D. C.)
jr. How to write stories for boys.

Cook (E. P.) Laboratory experiments
in organic chem. 3736.
Cook (Estelle) Kindling the hearth

fire. 7518*.

Cook (S. A.) Essence & the ethics
of politics. 1526.

Cook & Turner. Macy (W. F.) Story
of old Nantucket. 3372.
Cooke (C. H.) Soldier boy's letters
to his father & mother, 1861-5. 1094.
Cooke (G. M.) Sonny Bunny Rabbit

Nurse's handbk. of

& his friends.
Cooke (J. B.)
Cooke (J. E.)

Appendix 55.
Cooke (M. B.) Dual alliance. 5481.
Cooke (R. P.) Cooke (J. E.) Her
majesty the queen. Appendix 55.
Cooke (R. S.) Cooke (C. H.) Soldier
boy's letters to his father & mother,
1861-5. 1094.

Her majesty the queen.

Diseases of the

Cooksey (N. B.) Christian science un-
der the searchlight. 2085.
Cooley (E. G.) Vocational educa. in
Europe. 767.
Coolidge (Algernon)
nose & throat.
Coolidge (Dane)
Coolidge (E. D.)
Coolidge (E. L.)
ailments. 5306.
Coolidge (Susan) pseud. See Woolsey
(S. C.)
Cooper (C. S.)
Cooper (E. B.)

Desert trail. 2466.
Dreamer. 4801.
First aid in nursery


Cooper (E. P.)

other poems.
Cooper (F. C.)

Amer. ideals. 7623.
Living up to Billy.

Song of the wind, &

Richard Wagner.

Cooper (Francis) pseud. Financing
an enterprise. 3183.

Cooper (I. S.) Theosophy simplified.

Cooper (J. F.):

Spy. 1476.

Último de los Mohicanos. 7435.
Crowd in peace & Cooper (Lane) Methods & aims in
the study of lit. 6312.

People's med. in-

Acres of diamonds.

Cooper (R. T.) Jesuitism in Metho-
dism. 3307.
Cope (H. F.)
family. 1791.

Religious educa. in the

[blocks in formation]

Corpus juris. 2086, 4603.
Correspondence, credits & traffic. 80.
Corson (Geoffrey) pseud. See Sholl
(A. M.)

Cort (Cyrus) Enoch Brown sesqui-

centennial memorial services. 1001.
Cort (W. W.) Some North Amer. lar-
val trematodes. 3541.
Cortina (R. D. de la) Cortina method
of simplifying the study of the
Spanish language. Appendix 332,

Cortissoz (E. M.) Stedman (E. C.)
Liby. of Amer. lit. Appendix 361-
Cortland, Neb.


Corwin (J. H.)
Cory (H. T.)
Salton Sink.
Cory (W. G.)

Cosby (A. F.)

Ordinance no. 40.

Beauty for ashes.

Imperial Valley & the

Can a man be true?

Addenda to Cosby's
code of ordinances. 1915. 6742.
Cosmologic guide & key. 7232.
Cosmopolitan press. Ashby (W. M.)
Redder blood. 3922.

Cosmovici. Évolution de la physique

au XIXe siècle. 2131.

[blocks in formation]

Cottman (G. S.) Centennial hist. &
handbk. of Ind.


Cotton (R. C.) Military field note bk.


Cottrell (H. M.) Dry land farming in

the Southwest. 3403.

Couch (A. T. Quiller-)

Couch (A. T.)

See Quiller-

Coughlin (D. R.) Review of the
Bibles. 1095.

Coulanges (Fustel de) Ancient city.
Appendix 56.

Coulter (J. G.) Spring flora for high
schls. 768.

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