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pt. 1, n. s., v. 12

Rorer, Mrs. Sarah Tyson (Heston)-Continued

Savannah, New Orleans [etc., The Southern cotton oil
company, 1915.

48 p. illus. 201cm.

Jan. 2, 1915; 2c. Jan. 22, 1915*; A 391434; Southern cotton oil co.

Steffen, Martin Robert, 1882-


Special veterinary therapy, by Mart R. Steffen... Chi-
cago, American journal of veterinary medicine, 1914. ·
97 p. 20cm $1.00

Dec. 17, 1914; 2c. Dec. 26, 1914; A 393244; D. M. Campbell, Evanston,
Ill. (15-2282)


Storm, Theodor i. e. Hans Theodor Woldsen, 1817-1888.
Immensee, ed. by Charles M. Purin New York,

Chicago [etc.] C. Scribner's sons [1915]

xi, 150 p. front. (port.) 18cm. (The Walter-Krause German series)
Jan. 16, 1915; 2c. Jan. 22, 1915*; A 391425; Charles Scribner's sons.

Strayer, Paul Moore, 1871-


The reconstruction of the church with regard to its
message and program, by Paul Moore Strayer. New
York, The Macmillan company, 1915.

xii p.. 2 1.. 309 p. 191cm.


Jan. 20, 1915; 2c. Jan. 21, 1915; A 393362; Macmillan co.

Thompson, Mrs. Jeanette May, 1865-


Wild kindred of fur, feather and fin, by Jean M.
Thompson illustrated by Charles Copeland. Boston,
Chicago, W. A. Wilde company [1914]


339 p. incl. front., illus. plates. 20cm. $1.25

Sept. 1, 1914; 2c. Jan. 14, 1915; A 391345; W. A. Wilde co.

Wiley, Harvey Washington, 1844-


The lure of the land; farming after fifty, by Harvey
W. Wiley... New York, The Century co., 1915.

6 p. l., 3-368 p. front., plates, ports., diagr. 191cm. $1.40
Jan. 20, 1915; 2c. Jan. 26, 1915; A 393416; Century co.

Williams, Morris.


Stair builders' guide; a treatise on the construction of
straight flight, platform, cylindrical and eliptical [!] stairs,
explaining the theory and practice so the average build-
ing mechanic may understand it, with examples of work
ranging from the simplest to the most complex forms, by.
Morris Williams. New York, David Williams company,

256 p. illus., diagrs. 23cm. $1.50

Dec. 23, 1914; 2c. Jan 2, 1915; A 393352; David Williams co.


no. 5, Febrúary, 1915


The art work of Louis C. Tiffany. Garden City, N. Y.,
Doubleday, Page & company, 1914.

5 p. l., xv-xxxi, [1], 90, 121 p. col. front. (port.) plates (part col.) 32cm.
Dec. 24, 1914; 2c. Jan. 13, 1915; A 391337; Doubleday, Page & co.

Ashley, Roscoe Lewis, 1872-


Ancient civilization; a textbook for secondary schools,
by Roscoe Lewis Ashley New York, The Macmillan

company, 1915.


xxi, 363 p. front., illus., double pl.. maps (1 double) 194cm
Jan. 27, 1915; 2c. Jan. 28, 1915*; A 393426; Macmillan co.

Babson, Roger Ward, 1875-



Business barometers used in the accumulation of mon-
ey, a text book on applied economics for merchants, bank-
ers and investors, by Roger W. Babson. (7th ed.)
Wellesley Hills, Mass., Babson's statistical organization
(incorporated) 1914.

445, 11 p. fold, charts, tables (part fold.) 193cm. $2.00

Jan. 1, 1915; 2c. Jan. 29, 1915*; A 391507; R. W. Babson, WeHesley
Hills, Mass. (15-2520)

Baden-Powell, Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth, 1857-


The reminiscences of a spy, by Lieutenant-General Sir
Robert Baden-Powell. New York and London. C. Brown,

1 p. 1., 42 p.

[blocks in formation]

Jan. 6, 1915; 2c. Jan. 8, 1915; A 391274; R. Baden-Powell, /. Curtis
Brown, New York. (15-2649)

Barber, Samuel, 1848-


Boston common; a diary of notable events, incidents,
and neighboring occurrences, by Samuel Barber... Bos-
ton, Christopher publishing house [1914]

.5 p. 1., 191-288 p. 201cm. $2.00

Dec. 30, 1914; 2c. Jan. 14, 1915; A 393261; S. Barber, New York.

Brown, Robert Wood, 1867- ed.


Book of Louisville and Kentucky. Edition 1915, with
pictures... Robert W. Brown, editor. [Louisville, Ky.j
Louisville convention and publicity league, 1915.

115 p., 1 1. illus. 20cm. $0.25

Jan. 18, 1915; 2c. Jan. 6, 1915; A 391408; Louisville convention and
publicity league, Louisville. (15-2658)

Casement, Sir Roger, 1864-


The crime against Europe; a possible outcome of the
war of 1914, by Sir Roger Casement. Philadelphia, The
Celtic press, 1915.

-cover-title. 28 p. 301m.


Jan. 13, 1915; 2c. Jan. 15, 1915; A 391365; Joseph McGarrity, Phila
delphia. (15-2489)



Printed February 19, 1915


pt. 1, n. s., v. 12

Proceedings of the Conference of American mayors on

public policies as to municipal utilities... Philadelphia,

American academy of political and social science, 1915.

vi, 357 p. 25cm. (On cover: The annals of the American academy of

political and social science. vol. LVII; whole no. 146)

CONTENTS.-Introductory: Remarks at reception of Thursday evening,

November 12.-pt. I. Practical utility problems: Remarks of R. Blanken-

burg. Fundamental planks in a public utility program, by D. F. Wilcox.

The regulation of municipal utilities, by N. T. Guernsey. Philadelphia's

transit problem, by A. M. Taylor. Municipal lighting rates, by R. Palmer.

Interlocking directorates, by L. D. Brandeis. Open discussion.-pt. II. The

regulation of utilities: The regulation of public utilities, by C. H. Harri-

son. Some present-day issues of public utility regulation, by E. W. Bemis.

What certain cities have accomplished without state regulation, by S. P.

Jones. A constructive policy for public service corporations, by C. Day.

What regulation must accomplish if it is to be permanent, by J. M. Eshle-

man. Open discussion.-pt. III. Local and state regulation of municipal

utilities: Remarks of J. P. Mitchel. The advantages of state regulation,

by H. Erickson. The distribution of functions between local and state

regulation, by M. R. Maltbie. The case for home rule, by C. E. Merriam.

State and local regulation in Pennsylvania, by I. W. Stratton. Concluding

remarks of J. P. Mitchel.-pt. IV. Municipal ownership and operation:

Municipal ownership, by N. D. Baker. Municipal ownership-the testi-

mony of foreign experience, by F. C. Howe. Pasadena's municipal light

and power plant, by C. W. Koiner. South Norwalk's municipal electric

works, by A. E. Winchester. The hydro-electric system in Toronto, by

H. C. Hocken. Some limitations and objections to municipal ownership,

by C. M. Rosecrantz. Open discussion.-pt. v. Executive session: Re-

marks of R. Blankenburg. Remarks of C. A. Prouty. Municipal owner-

ship and operation of water-works, by M. N. Baker. Why I believe in

municipal ownership, by R. Crosser. The utilities bureau, by F. Frank-

furter. Report of committee on recommendations. Open discussion.-

pt. VI. Holding companies and the public welfare: Holding companies and

the public welfare, by C. F. Mathewson. Public advantages of holding

companies, by F. T. Homer. The public welfare and the holding com-

pany, by J. P. Goodrich.-Book department.-Index.

Jan. 15, 1915; 2c. Jan. 28. 1915; B 328484; Amer. academy of political

and social science. (15-2605)

Conklin, Charles Denton, 1885-

Designing heating and ventilating systems; the prac-
fical application of the engineering rules and formulas in

Three things, by Elinor Glyn. New York, Hearst's in-

ternational library co. [1915]

Hare, Walter Ben.

Aug. 15, 1914; 2c. Aug. 17, 1914*; D 37866; W. B. Hare, Springfield, Mo.


Bibliography: p. 16); "Reading course": p. 177-207.

Jan. 8, 1915; 2c. Jan. 11, 1915; A 393346; R. H. Hess, Madison, Wis.

Hessler, John Charles, 1869-

The first year of science, by John C. Hessler...

ton, Chicago, B. H. Sanborn & co., 1914.

xiii, 484 p. illus. (incl. charts) 19. $1.25


Das volk in waffen; vaterländisches liederspiel in vier
bildern, von Paul Oskar Höcker. Berlin und Wien, Ull-
stein & co. [1914]

2 p. 1., 7-107, [1] p., 1 1. 211.

Dec. 10, 1914; 1c. Jan. 14, 1915; D 39418; Ullstein & co.

Huiginn, Eugene Joseph Vincent.


The graves of Myles Standish and other Pilgrims, rev.
and enl., by E. J. V. Huiginn. Beverly, Mass., The au-
thor, 1914.

4 p. 1, 1131-218 p. illus. (map) plates, port. 201cm. $200
Enlarged from a pamphlet having same title, published in 1892.

Dec. 23, 1914; 2c. Jan. 8, 1915*; A 391277; E. J. V. Huiginn.


The Panama canal and international trade competition,

by Lincoln Hutchinson ... New York, The Macmillan
company, 1915.

x p., 2 l., 283 p. fold. map. 201m. $1.75

Jan. 27, 1915; 2c. Jan. 28, 1915*; A 393424; Macmillan co.


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