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no. 23, April, 1915


American academy of political and social science, Philadelphia.

Readjustments in taxation ... Editor in charge of this volume, E. M. Patterson, PH. D. Philadelphia, American academy of political and social science, 1915.

v, 275 p. illus. 25cm. (Its Annals. vol. LVII, whole no. 147) CONTENTS.-pt. I. Introduction: Newer tendencies in American taxation, by E. R. A. Seligman.-pt. II. National taxation: The Underwood tariff act as a producer of revenue, by A. J. Peters. Some aspects of the income tax, by M. L. Schiff. Amending the federal income tax, by R. G. Blakey. British finance and the European war, by W. M. J. Williams.-pt. III. State problems and their solution: The relation between federal and state taxation, by J. E. Boyle. The Wisconsin income tax, by K. K. Kennan. The Wisconsin income tax, by T. E. Lyons. The inheritance tax, by J. Harrington. Taxation of intangible property, by A. E. James. The extent and evil of double taxation in the United States, by F. N. Judson. The central control of the valuation of taxable subjects, by S. T. Howe.-pt. IV. Local taxation: Separation of state and local revenues, by T. S. Adams. Taxation of public utilities, by D. F. Wilcox. The recent increase in land values, by S. Nearing. Assessed vs. real values of real estate in Pennsylvania, by R. E. George. The disproportion of taxation in Pittsburgh, by S. M. Harrison. Reduction of tax on buildings in the city of New York, by E. Polak. What properties should be exempt from taxation, by J. J. Murphy. The Houston plan of taxation, by J. J. Pastoriza. The heavier land tax, by A. Robinson. Annual reassessment versus the unearned increment tax, by A. D. Bernard. Municipal taxation in relation to speculative land values, by A. Shortt. Single tax, by W. S. U'Ren.Book department.-Report of the Board of directors, American academy of political science.-Index.

Mar. 1, 1915; 2c. Mar. 4, 1915; B 330945; Amer. academy of political and social science. (15-5773) 1084**

Austin, Oscar Phelps.

... Main currents in the world's foreign trade, by O. P. Austin... New York city, Educational department, West side Y. M. C. A., 1915.

cover-title, 16 p. 23cm.

At head of title: Foreign commerce courses, John Franklin Crowell, director. Lectures on exporting.

Mar. 9, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 9, 1915; A 397023; West side Y. M. C. A., New York. (15-5542)

Beck, James Montgomery, 1861-


The evidence in the case; a discussion of the moral responsibility for the war of 1914, as disclosed by the diplomatic records of England, Germany, Russia, France, and Belgium, by James M. Beck ... with an introduction by Hon. Joseph H. Choate ... Rev. ed., with additional material. New York and London, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1915. 3 p. 1., v-xxxv, 258 p. 19cm. $1.00

"Based upon an article by the Hon. James M. Beck, which came into print in the New York times' of October 25th."-Publishers' note.

Mar. 6, 1915; 2c. Mar. 16, 1915; aff. Mar. 17, 1915; A 397144; J. M. Beck, New York. Copyright is claimed on revisions and additional material (15-5752)

1915, no. 23




Blakeslee, Robert Wilson.

pt. 1, n. s., v. 12

Complete poetical and historical works of Dr. Robert Wilson Blakeslee ... Nampa, Id., Printed by Nampa leader herald, 1915.

85, 12 p. incl. illus., port. plates. 20m. $1.00

Feb. 27, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 12, 1915; A 393944; R. W. Blakeslee, Nampa, Id.


Borland, William Patterson, 1867


The law of wills and the administration of estates. Enl. ed., by William Patterson Borland ... Kansas City, Mo., Vernon law book company, 1915.

[blocks in formation]

"A revision and an enlargement of Notes on the law of wills ..." pub. 1907.-Pref. to enl. edition.

Feb. 12, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 11, 1915; A 397051; W. P. Borland, Kansas City, Mo. (15-5680)

Brennan, Michael H.


Reciprocal arcs, by Michael H. Brennan. Lancaster, Pa., Press of the New era printing company, 1915.

7 p. diagrs. 26cm.

Feb. 15, 1915; 2c. and aff. Feb. 26, 1915; A 393761; M. H. Brennan, Devils Lake, N. D. (15-5645)

Brooks, Van Wyck, 1886


The world of H. G. Wells, by Van Wyck Brooks. New York, M. Kennerley, 1915.

189 p. 191m $1.25

Feb. 6, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 6, 1915; A 397185; Mitchell Kennerley. (15-5810)

Byrum, Enoch Edwin, 1861


Startling incidents and experiences in the Christian life; narratives of the wonderful dealings of the Lord with those who put their trust in Him and of their deliverance in time of adversity, trial, and temptation. By E. E. Byrum ... Anderson, Ind., Gospel trumpet company [1915


414 p. incl. front. (port.) 181cm. Reprinted in part from various sources.

Feb. 23, 1915; 2c. Mar. 5, 1915; aff. Mar. 3, 1915; A 393851; E. E. Byrum, Anderson, Ind. (15-5664)

[Chamberlain, Oscar Henry, 1878


Salesmanship; a group of nine special articles in each of which are contained very practical and helpful suggestions for salesmen ... Chicago, Ill., The Office appliance co. [1915]

4 p. 1., 3-52 p., 1 1. illus. (port.) 16. (The pocket book series) Mar. 6, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 13, 1915; A 397103; Office appliance co., Chicago. (15-5770)


no. 23, April, 1915


Cody, Sherwin, 1868

How to do business by letter and training course in conversational English, by Sherwin Cody ... 20th ed. (120 thousand) Chicago, School of English [1914]

192 p. illus. (forms) 191cm. $1.00

Lettered on cover: Business forms edition.

Sept. 30, 1914; 2c. and aff. Mar. 12, 1915; A 393938; S. Cody, Chicago. (15-5422)

[Cooke, Chauncey Herbert, 1846–


Soldier boy's letters to his father and mother, 1861-5. [Independence, Wis., News-office, 1915]

cover-title, 97 p. 22cm.

Feb. 25, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 5, 1915; A 393858; Rodney S. Cooke, Mondovi, Wis. (15-5762)

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Review of the Bibles, by D. R. Coughlin. East Aurora, N. Y., The Roycrofters [1915]


55 p. 221cm $0.25

Feb. 19, 1915; 2c. Mar. 1, 1915; aff. Mar 5, 1915; A 397019; D. R. Coughlin, Concordia, Kan. (15-5749) 1095

Dawson, Miles Menander, 1863

Various derived tables. v. 1. One life. American experience table of mortality, by Miles Menander Dawson ... 3d ed., with logarithmic tables and select and ultimate values. New York, The Chronicle company, ltd.,


1 p. 1., xviii, 381 p. 23. $25.00

Mar. 11, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 13, 1915; A 397110; M. M. Dawson, New York. (15-5769)

Delano, Edith Barnard.



Rags, by Edith Barnard Delano New York and London, D. Appleton and company, 1915.


1 p. 1.. 18 p. 181cm.

Mar. 8, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 10, 1915; A 393919; E. B. Delano, East Orange, N. J. (15-5742)

District of Columbia. Court of appeals.


[ocr errors]

Reports of cases adjudged ... from March 2, 1914, to January 4, 1915. Charles Cowles Tucker, reporter v. 42 (to be cited as "42 App. D. C.") ... New York, Rochester, N. Y. [etc.] The Lawyers co-operative publishing company, 1915.

xxviii, 687 p. 234cm.


Mar. 22, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 25, 1915; A 398097; Charles Cowles Tucker, Washington. 1098

Dwight, Herbert Bristol.

Constant-voltage transmission; a discussion of the use of synchronous motors for eliminating variation in voltage in electric power systems, by Herbert Bristol Dwight


pt. 1, n. s., v. 12

Dwight, Herbert Bristol-Continued

1st ed., 1st thousand. New York, J. Wiley & sons,

inc.; etc., etc.) 1915.

vii, 115 p. incl front., illus., diagrs. 191TM. $1.25

Mar. 8, 1915; 2c and aff. Mar. 10, 1915; A 393923; H. B. Dwight, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (15 5657)

Evans, William, 1870


The book-method of Bible study, by Rev. William Evans... Chicago, The Bible institute colportage association [1915;

127 p. 191.


Mar. 8, 1915; 2c. Mar. 12, 1915; aff. Mar. 13, 1915; A 397087; Bible institute colportage assn. of Chicago. (15 5667)

Fowler, Ilon. Edith Henrietta.


Patricia, by Edith Henrietta Fowler (Hon. Mrs. Robert Hamilton) New York (etc.) G. P. Putnam's sons, 1915. iii, 438 p p. 194. $1.50

Mar. 6, 1915; 2c. Mar. 16, 1915; aff. Mar 17, 1915; A 397148; E. H Hamilton, G. P. Putnam's sons, New York. (15 5599)

Frank, Maude Morrison, 1870


Short plays about famous authors, by Maude Morrison Frank. New York, Henry Holt and company, 1915.

vii, 144 p. 191 m.


CONTENTS.-Introduction.-A mistake at the manor ("based on an incident in the early life of Oliver Goldsmith"-When Heine was twenty-one.Miss Burney at court.-A Christmas eve with Charles Dickens.-The fairies plea "adapted from Thomas Hood's 'Plea of the midsummer fairies' "i

Feb. 20, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 8, 1915; A 393873; Henry Holt & co. (15--5812)

Garis, Howard Roger, 1873


Bully and Bawly No-Tail (the jumping frogs) by Howard R. Garis ... illustrated by Louis Wisa. New York, R. F. Fenno & company (1915)

207 p. incl. col. front. col. plates. 20cm. (His Bedtime stories) "Appeared originally in the Evening news, of Newark, N. J."


Feb. 15, 1915; 2c. and atf. Mar. 4 1915; A 397086; R. F. Fenno & co. (15-5449)

Griffis, William Elliot, 1843


Millard Fillmore, constructive statesman, defender of the Constitution, president of the United States, by William Elliot Griffis ... Ithaca, N. Y., Andrus & Church [1915

ix. 159 n. 204cm $2.00

Feb. 18, 1915; 2c. Mar. 3, 1915; aff. Mar. 4, 1915; A 397113; W. E. Griffis, Ithaca, N. Y. (15 5696)

Halsey, Forrest.


The shadow on the hearth, by Forrest Halsey. Westerville, O., The American issue publishing company [1914; 1 p. 1., 7-156 p. plates. 194m $0.50

Dec. 30, 1914; 2c. and aff. Mar. 2, 1915; A 397133; Amer, issue pub. co (15-5593)


no. 23, April, 1915

Hough, Benjamin Olney, 1865–


First steps in exporting, by B. Olney Hough... New York city, Educational department, West side Y. M. C. A., 1915.

[blocks in formation]

At head of title: Foreign commerce courses. Lectures on exporting. Jan. 25, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 6, 1915; A 391998; West side Y. M. C. A., New York. (15-5776)

Illinois. Supreme court.


Reports of cases at law and in chancery argued and determined ... v. 265; containing cases in which opinions were filed in October and December, 1914, and cases wherein rehearings were denied at the December term, 1914. Samuel Pashley Irwin, reporter of decisions. Bloomington, Ill., 1915.

[blocks in formation]

Mar. 17, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 24, 1915; A 397263; Samuel Pashley Irwin, Bloomington, Ill. 1107

International claim agency, Pittsburgh.

Index to advertisements for next of kin, heirs at law, legatees, etc., etc., who have been advertised for to claim money and property in Great Britain and all parts of the world; also a list of intestates, testators, missing friends and relatives, creditors or their representatives, claimants, unclaimed and reclaimed dividends, citations, administrations, wills, claims, unclaimed soldiers' balances, parish clerks' notices, foreign intestates, executory notices, etc., etc., dating from 1772 to 1915 ... Comp. and alphabetically arranged and pub. by International claim agency... 5th ed. Pittsburgh, Pa. [1915]

403 p. 211cm $1.00

On cover: Missing heirs and next of kin.

Mar. 11, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 15, 1915; A 393962; Internatl. claim agency. (15-5754)

Kelly, Thomas James, 1870


A monograph of Quebec [by] Thomas J. Kelly. [Omaha, A. V. Jessen, 1914]

1 p. 1., 7 p. 18cm. $1.00

Dec. 24, 1914; 2c. and aff. Feb. 15, 1915; A 391743; T. J. Kelly, Omaha, Neb. (15-4956)

Larned, Mrs. Linda (Hull) 1853


One hundred luncheon dishes, by Linda Hull Larned. New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1915.

3 p. 1., 3-109 p. 131. $0.50

Mar. 13, 1915; 2c. and aff. Mar. 17, 1915; A 397158; Charles Scribner's sons. (15-5786)


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