The Classical Journal, 19. sējums

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Classical Association of the Middle West and South, 1924

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214. lappuse - ... talia per clipeum Volcani, dona parentis, miratur rerumque ignarus imagine gaudet attollens umero famamque et fata nepotum.
204. lappuse - Datur haec venia antiquitati, ut miscendo humana divinis primordia urbium augustiora faciat; et si cui populo licere oportet consecrare origines suas et ad deos referre auctores, ea belli gloria est populo Romano ut cum suum conditorisque sui parentem Martem potissimum ferat tam et hoc gentes humanae patiantur aequo animo quam imperium patiuntur.
243. lappuse - Swallows certainly sleep all the winter. A number of them conglobulate together, by flying round and round, and then all in a heap throw themselves under water, and lie in the bed of a river.
267. lappuse - ... [Also did the glorious lame god devise a dancing-place like unto that which once in wide Cnossus Daedalus * wrought for Ariadne of the lovely tresses. There were youths dancing and maidens of costly wooing, their hands upon one another's wrists. Fine linen the maidens had on, and the youths well-woven doublets faintly glistening with oil. Fair wreaths had the maidens, and the youths daggers of gold hanging from silver baldrics.
204. lappuse - Quae ante conditam condendamve urbem poeticis magis decora fabulis quam incorruptis rerum gestarum monumentis traduntur, ea nec adfirmare nec refellere in animo est. Datur haec venia antiquitati, ut miscendo humana divinis primordia urbium augustiora faciat...
156. lappuse - Increased ability to understand the exact meaning of English words derived directly or indirectly from Latin, and increased accuracy in their use 4.
211. lappuse - Hoc illud est praecipue in cognitione rerum salubre ac frugiferum, omnis te exempli documenta in inlustri posita monumento intueri; inde tibi tuaeque rei publicae, quod imitere, capias, inde foedum inceptu, foedum exitu, quod vites.
134. lappuse - And Phoebus flying so most shameful sight, His blushing face in foggy cloud implyes, And hides for shame.
211. lappuse - Sed haec et his similia, utcumque animadversa aut existimata erunt, haud in magno equidem 9 ponam discrimine : ad illa mihi pro se quisque acriter intendat animum, quae vita, qui mores fuerint, per quos viros quibusque artibus domi militiaeque et partum et auctum imperium sit...
565. lappuse - The crow doth sing as sweetly as the lark, When neither is attended; and, I think, The nightingale, if she should sing by day, When every goose is cackling, would be thought No better a musician than the wren. How many things by season seasoned are To their right praise, and true perfection ! — Peace, hoa ! The moon sleeps with Endymion, And would not be awaked ! [Music ceases.

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