Acts of the Parliament of South Australia

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Government Printer, 1878

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19. lappuse - Know ye, therefore, that we of our especial grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion have given and granted, and by these presents for us, our heirs and successors, do...
9. lappuse - But this section shall not extend to vessels of any foreign state of which the laws authorise subjects of such foreign state, having patents or like privileges for the exclusive use or exercise of inventions within its territories to prevent or interfere with the use of such inventions in British vessels while in the ports of such foreign state...
20. lappuse - Lords and others of our or their Privy Council, or any six or more of them, under their hands, these our letters patent shall forthwith cease, determine, and be utterly void, to all intents and purposes, anything hereinbefore contained to the contrary thereof in anywise notwithstanding.
15. lappuse - On taxation of costs regard shall be had to the particulars delivered by the plaintiff and by the defendant ; and they respectively shall not be allowed any costs in respect of any particular delivered by them unless the same is certified by the court or a judge to have been proven or to have been reasonable and proper, without regard to the general costs of the case.
43. lappuse - Issue, and give this Act and the Special Matter in Evidence at any Trial to be had thereupon, and that the same was done in pursuance and by the Authority of this Act...
5. lappuse - ... specific performance of the requirements of this Act, or to any other remedy against them,) be liable to a penalty not exceeding twenty pounds, and to a further penalty not exceeding five pounds for each day during which any such failure continues after the first day...
43. lappuse - Plaintiff shall recover in any such Action, if Tender of sufficient Amends shall have been made before such Action brought, or if a sufficient Sum of Money shall have been paid into Court after such Action brought, by or on behalf of the Defendant...

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