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The alphabetical arrangement of the subject matter is modified in some instances by the grouping
of related topics under such headings as Agriculture, Coal, Congress, Education, Finance, Foreign
Debts, Genoa Conference, Government, Housing, Industry, Irish Free State, Politics, Railroads,
Treaties, United States, and Washington Conference. So far as space permits, cross-indexing of
topics to general headings has been used. For material involving various countries, it will be best
to look under the name of the nation. Pictures of interesting personalities are grouped under the
heading, 'Pertraits," on page VII.

Letters in parentheses signify nature of article, as (C) contributed article; (Ed.) editorial;
(L) "leading article" (digested from another source); (il.) illustrated; (R) book review.

Pp. 1-112, January; pp. 113-224, February; pp. 225-336, March; pp. 337-448, April; pp. 449-

560, May; pp. 561-672, June.

ACCIDENT prevention instruction in schools (L.), Argentina:

Farm crisis (L., il.), 549.
Adjusted compensation (See "Bonus").

Meat situation (L.), 429.
Advertising and art (C., il.), 625.

Railroads (L., il.), 430.
Advertising and uplift (L.), 202 ; progress (Ed.), Armenian conditions to-day (C., il.), 81.

Army policy revised by Secretary Weeks (C.), 285.
Agriculture :

Art in advertising (C., il.), 625.
Arizona irrigation system for the Pima Indians Atitlan Lake in Guatemala (L., il.), 201.
(C., il.), 622.

Auditory aids to motion pictures (L., il.), 215.
Changing markets for West (Ed.), 576.

Automobiles (See "Industry").
Coöperative farm marketing (C.), 161 ; in South

(C., il.), 59.

Helium safe for dirigibles (C.), 531.
Crop insurance by Government proposed (C.),

Safety appliances evolving (C., il.), 166.
Crop reporting machinery (L.), 210.

BAHAI religious cult and its founder (L., il.), 217.
Exports dwindle (Ed.), 132.

Bangs, John Kendrick, dies (Ed.), 246.
Farm and country movement, in various reports

Benes, Eduard, on Europe's problems (C., il.), 490.
(R., il.), 559.

Blanchard, C. J. Uncle Sam pays a debt to
Farm and home plans outlined (Ed.), 16.

Indians (C., il.), 622.
Farm "bloc" explained (Ed.), 124; (C., il.),

Blue-sky laws proposed in New York (Ed.), 355.

Bone, Scott C. The land that Uncle Sam bought
Farm crisis in Argentina (L., il.), 549.

and then forgot (C. il.), 402.
Farm economics under Secretary Wallace (Ed.),

Bonus roposals for World War veterans (Ed.),

232, 462, 568.
Farmers' conference at Washington (Ed.), 236;

Book improvement campaigns (C., il.), 297.
(C.), 271.

Books, new, (R.), 107; (Ed.), 125; (R.), 220,
Future prospects better (Ed.), 358.

334, 446; (Ed.), 349, 351, 419; (R.), 555, 670.
Homestead policy changed (C., il.), 291.

Botanical garden at Washington (L., il.), 332.
Irrigation on the Colorado River (C., 11.), 619. Bourgeoisie new in Russia (L.), 441.
Irrigation on the Gila River in Arizona (C., Branting, Hjalmar, Premier of Sweden (L., il.),
il.). 622.

Land utilization in America (L.), 536.

Nitrates and Muscle Shoals (c., il.), 381.

Coffee industry (L.), 94.
Policy of Europe's "succession states" (L.), Foreign commerce in 1921 (L.), 535.

Italian immigration (L.), 218.
Prices higher (Ed.), 132, 358.

Briand (See "France").
Productive power of the world (L.), 538.

British Empire:
Rain-making (L.), 104.

At Genoa conference (C.), 339, 599.
Rural credit facilities (C.), 162; (L.), 317.

Economic strains being met (Ed.), 240.
War Finance Corporation and farm credits

Egypt released from protectorate (Ed.), 349 :
(Ed.), 564.

militarism in Egypt (L.), 320.

Empire reorganizing (E.), 241, 347, 460.

Foreign trade loss (Ed.), 574.
Land of opportunity (C., 11.), 402.

Labor in war and peace (L.), 203 (See also
Problems (Ed.), 346.
Alcohol a world problem (L.), 548 (See also


Lloyd George, Premier (Ed.), 11, 339, 372, 458.

Naval policy at Washington conference (Ed.), 6.
American Legion declines in membership (Ed.),

Outlook on Europe (L.), 553.

Pacific Islands Dominion proposed (C., il.), 305.
American women making history (C., il.), 635. Parliament opened by the King (Ed.), 12.
Anglo-Japanese Alliance (Ed.), 7 (See also Political crisis passed (Ed.), 459.
"Washington Conference").

Royal influence increases (Ed.), 241.
Animal maternal instinct glandular? (L.), 662. Textile slump (L.), 330.
Animals and vegetation in Arctic (L.), 211.

War debt position criticized (L.), 321.
Anthropology's latest find (L., il.), 105.

(See also "Australia," "Canada," "India," and
Arctic fallacies exploded (L.), 667.

"Irish Free State").
Arctic's vegetable and animal resources (L.), 211. Brokerage failures numerous (Ed.), 354.


Death Valley climate recorded (L.), 552.
Delinquency among juveniles (C), 424.
Delinquency problems met in new ways (Ed.),

Desmond, Shaw. The Ireland of to-morrow and

the men who will lead her (C., il.), 492.
Dillon, E. J., forecasts Russia's part at Genoa

(L.), 534.
Diplomacy under rule of good-will (C.), 155.
Disarmament (See "Washington conference").
Doherty, William J. Helping to reconstruct a na-

tion (C., il.), 77.
Dunn, Samuel O. Will the railways be consoli-

dated (C.), 69.
ECONOMIC problems after the war (Ed.), 115;

(See also "Genoa conference").
Economics (See "Finance" and "Institute of Eco-

Education :

Accident prevention instruction (L.), 326.
Federal relation with States (L., il.), 88.
Foreign affairs and the citizen (Ed.), 456.
French educator's views of Yale (L., il.), 444.
International language question (L.), 428.
Jugoslavian needs (C., il.), 75.
Negro progress at Tuskegee (C., 11.), 648.
Nutrition studies here and abroad (L., il.), 646.
Public service a profession (C.), 616.

Teachers' housing problems (C., il.), 195.
Egypt suffers from militarism (L.), 320 ; released

from protectorate (Ed.), 349.
Electric energy costs high (L.), 213.
Ely, Richard T. A land utilization policy for

America (L.), 536; The national agricultural

conference (C.), 271.
England (See “British Empire").
Entente, Little (L., il.), 660.
FALL, Albert B., first report as Secretary of the

Interior (Ed.), 16.
Farmers' conference (See "Agriculture").
Federal Reserve Board:

Federal and State coöperation (L., 1l.), 88.
Functions well in difficult period (Ed.), 563.

Personnel (Ed.), 564.
Finance :

American financial history (Ed.), 126.
Cuba and America in economics (L.), 663.
Economic problems of Argentina (L.), 664.
French policy (L.), 443.
Money and credit in Germany (C.), 504.
Revolutionary war problems (Ed.), 126.
War Finance Corporation and farm credits

(Ed.), 564.
(See also "Budget," "Foreign Debt Problems,"

"Government," and "Railroads").
Finley, John H. Armenia to-day (C., 11.), 81.
Food prices, and women (C.), 529.
Foreign debt problems:
America and the Allies' domestic debts (Ed.),

French viewpoint (L.), 321.
Principles to be remembered (Ed.), 228.
Refunding Commission appointed (Ed.), 230.
Refunding problem (Ed.), 19.
Simonds' comments (C.), 268.

Vanderlip's remedy (Ed.), 125.

American differences (C.), 487.
Armament policy (C.), 484.
Attitude after three years (Ed.), 456; (C.),

Briand's fall and its consequences (Ed.), 121 ;

(C.), 267.
Causes trouble at Genoa (C.), 599.
Civic union (L.), 553.
Educator's impressions of Yale (L., il.), 444.
Eight-hour day (L.), 669; farm labor (L.), 93.
Financial policy (L.), 443.
French view of war debt solution (L.), 321.
Genoa attitude distrustful (C.), 488.
Naval ratio difficulties (Ed.), 457.
Paris, three years after armistice (C.), 483.
Poincaré back in power (C.), 267; (Ed.), 459.
Poincaré comments on predecessor's policy (L.,

il.), 199.
Policy criticized by Americans (L.), 653.

Washington conference reactions (C.), 485.
Frissell, Sydney D. The Southern farmer tries

cooperative marketing (C., il.), 59.
GANDHI, and India's revolution (Ed.), 349; (C.),

Brookings, Robert S., an economic leader (Ed.),

Bryce, Lord, statesman and scholar (C., il.), 275,

Bucket shops on the run (Ed.), 354.

First presented to Congress (Ed.), 14, 18.
Message of the President (Ed.), 14.
Results for the first year (Ed.), 18, 570.

System described (C.), 64.
Buttrick, Wallace. Negro progress exemplified

(C., il.), 648.

CALVERT, Robert. Helium for safe dirigibles (C.),

Canada :

New Parliament (C.), 308.
New Speaker, Rodolphe Lemieux (C., il.), 617.

Relations with United States (Ed.), 239.
Capser, L. W. Educational needs of Jugoslavia

(C., il.), 75.
Carnegie Corporation endows a new Institute of

Economics (Ed.), 578.
Cartoons, 27, 140, 252, 364, 476, 590.
Catholicism (See "Papacy").
Central American Union and Nicaragua (L.), 322.
Children and public health service (L.), 325.
Civil war (C.), 643.
Claims at Washington conference (Ed.), 9, 39.
Friendship with America (Ed.), 350.
Recovery prospects (Ed.), 349.

Settlement favorable at Washington (C.), 263.
Civic union in France (L.), 553.
Climate of Death Valley (L.), 552.
Coal Industry:

Bureau of coal economics needed (C.), 379.
Consolidation suggested (Ed.), 468.
General outlook analyzed (C.), 376.
Reorganization needed (Ed.), 244 ; for stabiliza-

tion (C.), 639.
Solutions proposed for troubles (Ed.), 467.

Supplies large (Ed.), 358.
Coal Miners :

Employment problems (L., il.), 537.
Wage agreements expiring (Ed.), 242.
Wages affect prices (Ed.), 243.

West Virginia conflict (L., il.), 311.
Coal Strike:

Early reactions (Ed.), 465.
Miners' demands (Ed.), 465.
Operators' side of strike (Ed.), 466.
Plans made to avert strike (Ed.), 357.
Public's position (L., il.), 657.

Strike at middle of May (Ed.), 581.
Coliseum at Rome to-day (L., il.), 219.
Commerce (See "Industry").
Communistic fallacies (Ed.), 567.
Congress :
Coal mine regulation proposed (Ed.), 582.
Delay explained (Ed.), 235.
Farm bloc described (L.), 89; (C., il.), 158.
Foreign debt problems (See separately).
Kenyon leaves Senate for the bench (Ed.), 237.
Merchant marine proposals of the President

(Ed.), 356.
Navy reduction (Ed.), 464.
Newberry contest settled (Ed.), 129.
Pennsylvania changes Senators (Ed.), 129.
President's message (Ed.), 13.
Problems to be solved (Ed.), 18.
Senate problems (Ed.), 128.
Session methods explained (Ed.), 14.
Tariff bill of the Senate (Ed.), 465.
Tariff situation analyzed (Ed.), 574, 577.
Tariff to be flexible (Ed.), 15, 578.
Tax problems difficult (Ed.), 570.
Tax revision should be drastic (Ed.), 20.
Work of last session (Ed.), 14.

(See also "Budget" and "Treaties").
Copper company old in Sweden (L.), 319.
Crime statistics under Prohibition (C.), 608.
Croats and Jugoslavia (L., il.), 100.
Crops (See "Agriculture").
Cuban economic relations with United States

(L.), 663.
Czechoslovakian viewpoint on European problems

(C., il.), 490.
DANCES from America criticized in Europe (L.),

Davis, James J. How immigration, laws are work-

ing (C., il.), 509.
Davison, Henry Pomeroy (Ed.), 583.


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