The American Review of Reviews, 65. sējums

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Albert Shaw
Review of Reviews., 1922

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88. lappuse - The most important question of internal administration before the American people today is whether or not this onward sweep of Federal control over the details of their local affairs shall go on. The part of that question which we are considering today is whether it is advisable to permit it to include our education. Shall we accept the doctrine that we are destined to become a great continental democracy, governed in all important public activities from Washington, or shall we try to preserve the...
332. lappuse - Be it enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for any two or more justices of the peace to cause such person to be apprehended and kept safely locked up in some secure place, and, if such justices shall find it necessary, to be there chained, if the last place of legal settlement be in such city, or in any town within such county.
340. lappuse - Science and the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the National Research Council.
255. lappuse - The right of operators and of miners to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing is recognized and affirmed. 6. The miners who are not members of a union have the right to work without being harassed by fellow workmen who may belong to unions. The men who belong to a union have the right to work without being harassed by operators who do not believe in unionism.
170. lappuse - Powell an assistant surgeon in the United States Army, with the rank of first lieutenant, to date from June 6, 1878.
255. lappuse - ... collectively, through chosen representatives, is recognized and affirmed. This right shall not be denied, abridged, or interfered with by the employers in any manner whatsoever.
70. lappuse - In the division of such railways into such systems under such plan, competition shall be preserved as fully as possible and wherever practicable the existing routes and channels of trade and commerce shall be maintained.
255. lappuse - The right of women to engage in industrial occupations is recognized and affirmed; their rates of pay shall be the same as those of male workers for the same or equivalent service performed ; they shall be accorded all the rights and guarantees granted to male workers, and the...
227. lappuse - Congress that a portion of the officers authorized are to be employed in the organization, administration, and development of the National Guard, the Organized Reserves, the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, and the Citizens
506. lappuse - In the Commission's consideration and investigation of the social evil, it found as the most conspicuous and important element in connection with the same, next to the house of prostitution itself, was the saloon, and the most important financial interest, next to the business of prostitution was the liquor interest.

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